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Studying in Shiraz

Studying in Shiraz


In this article, we intend to examine the issue of studying in Shiraz for the convenience of your choice. We tried to examine the city of Shiraz from important and influential angles on students’ education. we will examine education in Shiraz.

Study in ShirazShiraz

Shiraz is one of the big cities of Iran and the capital of Fars province. The population of Shiraz is about one million and eight hundred people, which has made this city the fifth largest and most populous city in Iran.

General information about Shiraz


Due to its location in the center of the country, Shiraz has a wide transportation network compared to other cities in Iran. Shahid Dastghib International Airport is the most equipped airport in the country after Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. Shiraz railway station, which was established in 1390, is now one of the best railway stations in Iran. Like other Iranian cities, Shiraz has a bus fleet and a terminal. Also, this city currently has an active metro line.

Tourist Attractions

Shiraz is known as one of the most important tourist and tourism centers of Iran and is known for its many historical attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. From historical attractions In the city of Shiraz, you can visit Samikan Fire Temple, Hafez Mausoleum, Khajovi Kermani Mausoleum, Saadi Mausoleum, Karim Khan Citadel, Jahannama Garden, Eram Garden, Takht Garden, Chihlton Garden, Delgosha Garden, Afifabad Garden, Narenjestan Qavam Garden, Haftton Garden, Salehi House, Mortaz Well. Ali, Bagh Neshat Bathhouse, Bagh Ilkhani Mansion, Bagh Neshat Mansion, Divankhane Mansion, Kolafrangi Bagh Nazar Mansion, Nasirul Molk Mosque, Abu Nasr Palace, Flecks Castle, Agha Baba Khan School, Khan School, Pars Museum, Haftanan Museum and Bahram relief in Baram Delak. did

Among the natural attractions of Shiraz city are the Kohmera Sorkhi waterfall, Barmdelak, Qalabandar Park, Bemo National Park, Shiraz Bird Garden, Pirbanab, Joshak Spring, Khargan Spring, Richi Spring, Dasht Arjan Lake, Maharlo Lake, Roknabad, Qara Aghaj River, Qalat Village, Sabzposhan Mountain, Ateshkodeh sightseeing, Chahmeski sightseeing, Cheshme Salmani sightseeing and Haftbarem sightseeing.

There are many religious attractions in Shiraz, such as the tomb of Imamzadegan, which has shaped the social and economic structure of this city over the centuries. It is said that during the Abbasid caliph Ma’mun’s time, a number of children and descendants of Musa bin Jafar – the seventh Imam of the Shiites – had taken refuge in Shiraz. According to different narratives, they died a natural death or were killed by the Abbasid ruler. After many years, some of these tombs were identified and became Shiite shrines. Shahcheragh shrine in Shiraz city is one of the religious places of Iranians in Shiraz city.

Due to the geographical location of Shiraz, this city is green space It is big and suitable. Drak Mountain Park is one of the largest parks in Iran, located in the city of Shiraz and on the slopes of Drak Mountain in the northwest of this city. Azadi Park, Jahanma Bagh and Barak Luna are other green spaces in Shiraz.

The existence of an international exhibition in Shiraz, as the largest exhibition center in the south of the country, can be a suitable place for tourists. Shiraz International Exhibition currently has a space of 1.7 square kilometers in the form of 6 indoor halls and three halls under construction and an open exhibition space of 3,000 square meters.

Universities of Shiraz

International communication

Currently active consulates in Shiraz:

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Iraq Iraq

Studying in Shiraz

If we want to name one of the biggest and best universities in the country, Shiraz State University is one of them. This university includes several different faculties, including engineering, science, agriculture, veterinary medicine, literature and humanities, art and architecture, law and political sciences, educational sciences and psychology.

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is 70 years old. Shiraz University of Technology, Faculty of Telecommunication Industries of Iran, Faculty of Electronics Industry, Shahid Bahnar Technical Faculty, Hafez Higher Education Center of Shiraz and Pasargad Higher Education Center of Shiraz are among other universities of Shirazand. Dear students, we have provided valuable information about Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz University and Shiraz University of Technology. For more information, you can refer to the articles on study in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, study in Shiraz University and study in Shiraz University of Technology.

Shiraz attractions

Why study in Shiraz?

  • If you intend to study, Shiraz can be a relatively suitable choice for you because the cost of study in this city is a little lower than other cities in Iran. But the cost of staying in this city can cause problems for you. Therefore, to stay in Shiraz city, it is better to look for student dormitories.
  • Shiraz University is one of several prestigious universities in Iran, whose degree it gives to students at the end of the study period is recognized among other international countries.
  • Shiraz universities are equipped with the best educational facilities, including libraries, laboratories, student clubs, special places for artistic activities and other student activities.
  • Shiraz is full of many cultural and historical buildings. These historical buildings are very old in Shiraz. The existence of these cultural and historical attractions can be attractive and worthy of research and reflection for students who study in Mashhad’s cultural and artistic fields.
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