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Studying at Shahid Madani University

Studying at Shahid Madani University


Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan is one of the universities of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in East Azerbaijan. Our purpose of writting this article is to describe the topic of studying at Shahid Madani University, history, Times’s rating of this center, introduction of available courses, faculties, dormitory fees and etc. Deciding on education is an important issue because the path of our life in the future is determined by this index.


At first, Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan started its activity under the name of Tabriz Teacher Education in 1367. In 2001, due to the change in the aims of this center, it changed its nature, and finally in 2012, under the new name Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan, it continued its educational and research activities as the second comprehensive university of East Azerbaijan Province.
Shahid Madani University has 6707 students, 399 professors and 270 faculty members. Based on the research, 3707 scientific articles in domestic publications and conferences [number of 1179 journal articles and 2528 conference articles] and 3153 internationally valid articles have been extracted by this center. Shahid Madani University has organized 23 conferences and it is the owner and publisher of 4 specialized magazines.

Ranking of Shahid Madani University

The Times ranking system, one of the most famous international ranking systems of universities and higher education centers, was published for the first time in 2004 in cooperation with The Times and Kiwas, in order to compare and rank universities and their scientific standing. This collaboration continued until 2010. Finally, by ending thier cooperation, they signed a cooperation agreement with Reuters Institute. According to the announcement of the results of this institution in 2023, Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan was ranked 601-800.

Studying at Shahid Madani University


_Faculty of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Technical Engineering
School of Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Literature and Humanities
Faculty of Education and Psychology
Theology School

Research institutes

Molecular simulation laboratory
Institute of applied studies of power systems
Research institute of mental and social health
Resilient Smart Networks Research Laboratory 

DegreesMajorshalf-year tuition (in euros)
BacholarOther majors420$
MastersOther majors730$
PhDOther majors890$


The courses available in Shahid Madani University are as follows:
Persian Language and Literature
Contemporary Persian literature
_English Language Teaching
_English Language and Literature
English Language Translation
Arabic language and literature
Arabic language translation
Mystical literature
Ghanaian literature
Islamic theology and teachings (Islamic philosophy and theology/religions and mysticism/Quran and hadith sciences)
Islamic word
Philosophy of Religion
Pure Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Biology (Cell and Molecular Sciences/ Plant Physiology/ Developmental Cell)
Civil engineering (structure/earthquake/soil/water)
_Electrical Engineering
_Mechanical Engineering
-Computer Engineering
_Information Technology
Agricultural Engineering
Physiology of physical activity and well-being
Applied sports physiology
Information science and epistemology
Research training
Agricultural entomology
Agricultural biotechnology
To get the complete list of Shahid Madani University courses and desired study level, download the file below.

Courses of Shahid Madani University

Studying at Shahid Madani University

Welfare Amenities 

Dormitory Library: In order to promote the culture of studying and spending free time for students, three dormitory libraries were set up in three dormitory complexes in the summer of 2013. The books available in these libraries are non-curriculum and all executive and management affairs of the library are the responsibility of the students and support and purchase of resources are the responsibility of the central library.
Study halls: Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan libraries have 5 study halls with the possibility of providing services to about 500 people. During exams, study halls provide services to students until the late hours of midnight.
There are two reference sections in the collection of libraries of Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan, one is located in the central library and the other is located in the faculty of literature. These departments aim to provide up-to-date reference sources, including more than 9114 volumes of written reference sources, including all kinds of bibliographies, encyclopedias, encyclopedias, biographies, historical and geographical sources, and general and specialized dictionaries, especially in humanities, theology, engineering and It is basic science. Reference books can only be used in libraries.
Dormitory: The dormitories of Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan are located inside the university campus, and this center offers daily non-native students , native cities (including the cities of Tabriz, Esko, Khosrow Shahr, Sahand, Azar Shahr, Bonab, Gogan, Ajab Shir and etc.) ..) offers dormitory facilities.
PhD students are accommodated in 2-person rooms, undergraduate students are accommodated in 4-person rooms, and undergraduate students are accommodated in 10-person suites that include 6-person and 4-person rooms.

Studying at Shahid Madani University

Geographical location

Shahid Madani University is located in East Azarbaijan, Azarshahr city, Mamqan section and Tabriz road, Azarshahr, and in terms of geographical location, this place is near centers such as the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Azarbaijan Tabriz University bus station, Siyar Canari Cafe and public parking. has taken. The first and only university has a dedicated train in Iran.

Address of Shahid Madani University

Address: East Azarbaijan province, Tabriz, 35 km from Tabriz road, Maragheh, Shahid Madani University

Common question about Studying at Shahid Madani University

  1. How to receive tuition fees in Shahid Madani University?
    This university receives tuition fees in Tomans.
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