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Studying at Shahid Rajaee University

Studying at Shahid Rajaee University


Shahid Rajaee University is a public university in Tehran, is affiliated to the Ministry of Education and under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This is  a strategic university and the only university in the country that is responsible for providing technical personnel for conservatory teachers. In the following article, we will read about Studying at Shahid Rajaee University.

Introduction Studying at Shahid Rajaee University

This university started working in 1353 (1974 AD) as a school for Americans in Tehran, then in 1359, with the merger of Tehran Institutes of Technology, it was established under the name of Islamic Revolution Complex under the supervision of the Office of Higher Technical and Vocational Schools of the Ministry of Education. In the years 1361 to 1363, the Shahid Andarzgo teacher training center was opened in this complex with religious and Arabic courses at the post-diploma level.

After that, this complex was renamed to Islamic Revolution Higher Technical Education Center and in addition to training courses for technicians and technical teachers at the associate level, it also received the license to run non-continuous undergraduate courses for technical secretary (at the bachelor level). In 1372 with a license The Higher Education Development Office of the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education was established in this center.

According to the suitable facilities and capabilities of the complex, in 1376 the Higher Technical Education Center and the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education were merged, and with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education and the approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, this complex was upgraded to a university and the name was Shahid Education University. Rajaei was placed on it and continued to work jointly under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Based on the analyzes carried out, this center has published 6905 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. Shahid Rajaee Tarbiat University is the owner and publisher of 11 specialized journals, and so far 31 conferences have been organized by Shahid Rajaee Tarbiat University. In addition, 2154 internationally valid articles have been extracted from this center. In 1402, the researchers of Shahid Rajaee Tarbiat University published most of their articles with the keywords “students” and “education”.

Studying at Shahid Rajaee University

University rank

Shahid Rajaei Technical Secretary Tarbiat University has entered the Times International Ranking since 2020 and is ranked +1000, but this university is also ranked in terms of various indicators. For example, it is ranked 1390th in the education sector, 702nd in the research sector, 1400th in the international outlook sector, and 186th in the industrial income sector.

Also, in the ranking list of domestic universities based on the production of scientific data, which shows the ranking of 139 public universities in 1400, Tarbiat Debir Shahid Rajaei University is in the 31st place in the country.

Tuition fees at Shahid Rajaee University



  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Materials Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences
  • Mechanical engineering faculty
  • Faculty of Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning
  • Humanities science faculty
  • Faculty of Sports Sciences
  • Faculty of Basic Sciences


  • Electronic Engineering
  • Power engineering
  • telecommunication Engineering
  • Control engineering
  • Computer architecture
  • Software and information technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Civil engineering, structure and earthquake orientation
  • Water oriented civil engineering
  • geotechnic
  • _Civil engineering
  • Mapping tendency
  • Biotechnology, material engineering
  • Wood industry engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Solid mechanics engineering
  • Solid mechanics engineering
  • Solid mechanics engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Urban
  • Urban Design
  • Video Connection
  • Graphics
  • Education and theology
  • English Language
  • Persian the literature
  • Educational Science
  • Sport physiology
  • Movement behavior
  • Sport Managment
  • Mathmatics
  • Physics
  • chemistry

Studying at Shahid Rajaee University

Research institues and research centers

  • Science and Engineering Education Research Center
  • New Technologies Research Institute
  • Scientific Association of Environmental Education
  • Specialized science education library

Also, some specialized and sub-specialized research laboratories of the university are:

  • Process control laboratory
  • Microelectronics laboratory
  • Data analysis laboratory
  • Power Electronics and New Energy Laboratory
  • Research and development laboratory of software systems
  • Fuel cell laboratory
  • Laboratory of Neurological and Cognitive Sciences
  • Laboratory of new technologies
  • Advanced nanocomputing laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Structural Engineering and Earthquake Laboratory

Entertainment services

  • Amphitheater
  • buffet
  • Restaurant
  • Printing center
  • pool
  • gym
  • Bank
  • Library
  • grass field
  • tennis court
  • Laboratory


  • Hervey dormitory (sisters)
  • Mubarakabad dormitory (sisters)
  • Azgol (brothers) dormitory
  • Tarasht Dormitory (Brothers)
  • Hafez (brothers) dormitory
  • shahid Madani Hostel (Brothers)
  • Dormitory is optional (brothers)

Studying at Shahid Rajaee University

Geographical location

Shahid Rajaee University is located in Loizan neighborhood of Tehran in the northeast of this great city. The exact address is Tehran-Loizan- Shahid Shabanlu St. – Shahid Rajaei Education University. The city access for Shahid Rajaei University can be considered as bus, metro and taxi.

  • Rajaei University Metro Station: Hossein Abad Metro Station on Line 3 of the Tehran Metro is the closest station to Shahid Rajaei University, and it is about 2 kilometers from the station to the University.
  • Bus line of Tarbiat Moalem Rajaee University, Tehran: It can be said that the route of the bus station has determined a closer route for students and teachers in the university. By getting off at the Chahar hundred station of Loisan, your distance to Tarbiat Moalem University is about 300 meters.

To reach Shahid Rajaei University of Tehran by car, you have to cross Imam Ali highway in the north. So if you need a map of Shahid Rajaei University of Tehran in Wiz application software, click here. The phone number of the university for urgent calls is also as follows.


Shahid Shabanlou St., Loizan-Tehran-Debir Shahid Rajaei Education University




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