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Studying at Maragheh University

Studying at Maragheh University


Maragheh University is a government educational center located in East Azerbaijan province. Stay with us to learn about the admission and Studying at Maragheh University.


Maragheh University is a university affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, which was established in 1366 in the eastern part of Maragheh city. This university accepts students from all levels every year. 3700 students, 115 professors and 134 faculty members work in this university.
This university started with one field at the beginning of its establishment year, but with the passage of time and physical development, it increased its fields of study and became a faculty. Then, development and progress was able to gain a favorable scientific position  compared to the universities of the country.
Based on research, 1749 scientific articles in domestic publications and conferences [422 journal articles and 1327 conference articles] and 1870 internationally valid articles have been published from this center. Maragheh University is the owner and publisher  of 2 specialized journals.

University rank

According to the Times Ranking Institute in 2022, Maragheh University is ranked 301-400 in the field of engineering sciences.

Studying at Maragheh University

Centers and faculties

_Faculty of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Engineering
_Faculty of Human Sciences
Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Center

Maragheh University’s tuition fees 

DegreesDurationAnnual Tuition
Bacholar4 years750$
Masters2 years1,000$
PhD3-4 years1,500$


Teaching English
Geography and urban planning
Physical Education
Mathematics and applications (applied mathematics)
Applied Chemistry
Cell biology, molecular and microbiology
pure chemistry
Cell, molecular and biotechnology biology
Nano science and technology (nanochemistry)
Pure mathematics and analysis
Pure mathematics and algebra
Pure mathematics and geometry
Applied mathematics and numerical analysis
Chemistry and organic chemistry
Chemistry and physical chemistry
Biotechnology and microbial orientation
Chemistry and analytical chemistry
Biology of plant sciences and plant physiology
Chemistry and mineral chemistry
Biology and genetics
Civil Engineering and (Civil _ Water Engineering)
Materials engineering and industrial metallurgy
Chemical engineering
Mechanical engineering and manufacturing
Materials and nanomaterials engineering (nanotechnology)
_ Civil and Hydraulic Structures Engineering
Polymer engineering and polymer industries
Biosystem mechanical engineering
Technology of plant production (agriculture/horticulture)
Agricultural Engineering (Horticultural Science/Plant Medicine/Soil Science/Agronomy and Plant Breeding)
Download the following file to get the complete list of fields and study level you want.

Maragheh University Majors 

Studying at Maragheh University


Dr. Mahdi Esrafili, a member of the scientific faculty of the Chemistry Department, was selected as the country’s leading chemist by the Iranian Chemistry Association and was included in the list of the top 1% of Iranian scientists based on ESI
Placement of eight academic staff members of Maragheh University in the list of top 2% scientists in the world according to Scopus
Selection of the selected researchers of Maragheh University as the best researchers of the province
Achieving the first place in student publications in the category of cultural articles and the second place in the category of humanities articles in the section of selected works and winning the sixth title among the universities of the Ministry of Science and winning the eleventh title among the universities of the whole country with 5, nominated to receive an award in the festival of student publications of the universities of the whole country Headline Festival 1
_ Honoring the scientific associations in the 11th heat treatment national competition and winning the first place

Welfare Amenities 

Central Library: Maragheh University Library was established in 1366 and then moved to a new building in 1390 and since its establishment with the expertise of its librarians and staff. The library has played an important role in university research and education.
Dormitory There are 6 dormitories for males and females in Maragheh University, where about 1300 students from different cities live.

Studying at Maragheh University

Address of Maragheh University

Address: East Azarbaijan, Maragheh, Mader Square, Prof. Kanadi Blvd., Golshahr Township

Common Questions about Studying at Maragheh University

  1. Are foreign nationals who have graduated from the schools of the Islamic Republic of Iran have the possibility to register as non-Iranian studen
    No, it is not possible and the way of accepting them is like Iranian applicants.
  2. Are Afghan students able to study in Maragheh University?آ
    Yes, but the university will only help in speeding up the process of getting a study visa.
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