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Studying at Shiraz University of Technology

Studying at Shiraz University of Technology


Shiraz University of Technology is a public university located in Fars province (the fourth most populous province of the country) in the city of Shiraz. The contents of this article will help to make a better and easier decision regarding the subject of studying at Shiraz University of Technology.


This university is the second state university in the east of Shiraz, which dates back to the Pahlavi era. since its establishment, it started working as a faculty of electronics industry and this process continued until 1382  . Finally, the name was changed to Shiraz University of Technology. The new campus of this university is in the new city in the northwest of Shiraz.

1810 students, 120 professors are working in Shiraz University of Technology and 2337 scientific articles, 3 conferences and 98 faculty members have been extracted from this university center. Shiraz University of Technology has 2 research institutes and 1 research center.

The laboratories of this faculty operate in two categories: educational laboratories and research laboratories. From the educational laboratories of this faculty, we can mention electronic, logic circuit  and computer architecture laboratories.

The joint scientific cooperation between Shiraz University of Technology and GRAMFC research laboratory of Picardy Jules Verne University (Université de Picardie Jules Verne) of France has started in 2016.

Shanghai ranking of Shiraz University of Technology

According to the announcement of the Shanghai ranking system, Shiraz Industrial Institute in the subject of electrical and electronic engineering along with the universities of Shiraz, Tarbiat Modares Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan Industrial, Science and Industry of Iran, and Ferdowsi Mashhad ranked 401-500 among the universities of the world and ranked 6 among Iranian universities  It is took it from itself. It is also ranked 501-600 in the Times ranking system.

Studying at Shiraz University of Technology


_Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
_Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
_Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
_Faculty of  Chemical, Oil and Gas Engineering
_Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science
_Faculty of  Mathematical Sciences
_Faculty of Physics
_Faculty of  Chemistry
_Faculty of  Industrial Engineering
_ Faculty of  Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Shiraz University of Technology Tuition Fee

DegreesAnnual TuitionDuration
Bacholar1,000$4 years
Masters1,000$2 years
PhD3,000$3-4 years


_Electrical Engineering
_Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mathematics
_Civil Engineering
Materials Engineering
Aerospace engineering
Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
Electrical and power engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Pure Mathematics
To get the files of Shiraz University of Technology majors  and desired degrees , download the file below.

Majors  of Shiraz University of Technology

Studying at Shiraz University of Technology


The presence of Shiraz University of Technology in the Times global ranking system for 4 consecutive years (from 2019 to 2022) with a rank (rank between 601-800)
The best master’s thesis in mechanics by the Iranian Mechanics Association in 1995
The best Ph.D of dissertation in mechanics by the Iranian Mechanics Association in 1398
The best national research institute in 1394
IEEE top researcher in 2013
Winning the Usern award, specially for the best young scientists and researchers in the world, by a member of the university faculty
Selection of the country’s best researcher in the field of technical engineering in 1994 and 1998 from the academic staff of the university
Da sauransu.

Welfare Amenities 

Dormitory: This university has two sets of dormitories (ّFemales and males) which are located in the university campus.

Males’ dormitory (capacity 430): 4 blocks of this dormitory are Modares, Razi, Ibn Sina and Chamran. The facilities of the boys’ dormitory include study hall, TV room, computer center, green space,   buffet and sports equipment for the green space.
Females’ dormitory (capacity 190): The 2 blocks of this dormitory are Yas and Narges. The facilities of the dormitory for girls are north of the study hall, buffet, green space, volleyball and basketball sports field, TV hall and equipment for the green space.

Library:The central library of Shiraz University of Technology was established with the aim of collecting, maintaining and organizing printed and electronic materials and resources for use in education and research, as well as helping researchers to obtain the required information through cooperation with other research centers in various departments. And it has 34000 volumes of Persian and Latin printed books with scientific-university, general, etc. subjects, which are classified according to Dewey’s decimal system.
Users can use the facilities of the physical space, they are also able to use the many features of the library portal, including renewal, reservation, book search, downloading electronic books, personal library, asking the librarian, etc. remotely. (Study halls with the possibility of providing services to about 70 for females and 100 for males in two separate halls for sisters and brothers. During exams, the study halls operate around the clock.)

Studying at Shiraz University of Technology

Geographical location

This center is located in Shiraz’s Faraz neighborhood and Modares Blvd. And in terms of geographical location, it is near the physical education hall of Shiraz University of Technology,  the library of Shiraz University of Technology,   the dining hall of Shiraz University of Technology,   the mosque of the University of Technology (mosque)  and  the professors’ parking lot and The university administration  is located

Address of Shiraz University of Technology

Address: Fars province, Shiraz, Modares Blvd., Shiraz University of Technology
The office of Tehran address: Elkhebal St., north side of Darvaz Dolat metro station, No. 10 Karimi Alley

Common Questions about Studying at Shiraz University of Technology

  1. Which documents are required to register at Shiraz University of Technology?
    Passport, photo, transcripts, degree, resume, motivation letter, recommendation letter.

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