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Studying at Tabriz University

Studying at Tabriz University


Tabriz (the third largest city in Iran) is located in the northwestern region of Iran and is the capital of East Azarbaijan province. In this city, there is Tabriz University, which is one of the good universities in Iran.

Introduction of Tabriz University

The University of Tabriz is a public university with an area of ​​275 hectares and affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Tabriz University has 21 faculties, 29 educational centers, 10 research institutes Also, this university has 50,000 active students, 1,000 international students, 819 professors, 780 faculty members, and 800 employees (except faculty members).

Untile now , this center has published 23778 articles and 27 specialized journals in domestic publications and congress.
Tabriz University, one of the oldest universities in Iran, was established in 1326 with the same name and started its activity, but after a few years, the name of the university was changed to “Azarabadgan University”. Finally, in 1978 and after the Islamic Revolution, the name of the university was changed to “Tabriz University”. This university consists of Ares International Campus and Tabriz Self-Governing Campus [other branches are public universities that receive tuition fees for accepting students, which were established with the aim of preventing the migration of students abroad].
This university is now the largest educational center in the west and northwest of the country. Student admission is done in all levels:

4 associate degrees
164 BSc programs
322 MSc programs
209 PhD programs

University rank

According to its performance and activity, as well as its scientific position compared to other universities in the world, Tabriz University has taken the 9th rank among the universities of the country, as well as the 801st-900th rank among the world’s universities in the Times ranking system.

Studying at Tabriz University

This university has 21 faculties, which include:
Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages
Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Faculty of Planning and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
_Makarantar Mathematical Sciences
_Makarantar Chemistry
Faculty of Education and Psychology
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Advanced Technologies Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
_Makarantar Physics
Faculty of Agriculture
Ahar Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Marand Technical College
Miyaneh Technical College

Tuition Fee

DegreesAnnual Tuition (in Dollars )
M.Sc. of Dentistry7,600$
Double Bed Dormitory25$ each term
Three - Bed Dormitory22$ each term
Four - Bed Dormitory20$ each term
University Food5$ daily

Majors of Tabriz University

In Tabriz University, there are various programs at the PhD, MSc, continuous and non-continuous BSc levels.

Professional Doctorate:
Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Reproduction Technologies

Lyrical language and literature
Mystical language and literature
Persian Language and Literature
_English Language Teaching
French language and literature

Western Philosophy
Persian Language and Literature
Resistance Literature
Comparative Philosophy
Philosophy of Art
Ancient Languages of Iran
Veterinary Parasitology
Veterinary Histology
Clinical Biochemistry
Food Quality Control
_English Language Teaching
_English Language and Literature
French Language Teaching
French language and literature

Continuous Bachelor’s:
French language and literature
Turkish language and literature
_English Language and Literature
Meat Hygiene and Inspection
Meat Hygiene and Inspection
Persian Language and Literature

Non-continuous Bachelor’s:
Veterinary Laboratory Science

other majors :
_Mechanical Engineering
_Civil Engineering


Environmental Research Institute
Social Research Institute
Tabriz Basic Science Research Center
Geotourism Center
Institute of History and Culture of Iran


Entertainment services

One of the most important features of Tabriz University is its welfare amenities. Tabriz University has 4 dormitories, sports facilities with well-equipped equipment and holding competitions in many fields, a research center and a scientific hub, including a growth center, technology units, an industry relations office, a planetarium [a building with a dome-shaped roof that is From projector, lens, prism and mirror, the night sky is displayed as luminous points], Research Institute of Applied Physics and Astronomy, Botanical Garden, Zoological Museum, Museum of History and Culture of Iran, Institute of Social Research, Research Department of Geography, Institute of Human Sciences – Islamic is a research center for basic sciences and…

Studying at Tabriz University

University Honors

Tabriz University is the first Iranian university that is part of the executive board of the World Universities Union
Winning the first place in the comprehensive exhibition of the 30-year achievements of the Nizam (In 1987)
Receiving a certificate of appreciation from the vice president for developing green space and promoting this culture

Geographical location

The main door of Tabriz University is on Golgasht Street, which is located in the vicinity of Imam Reza Hospital, Central Engine House, Faculty of Dentistry, Sakad, Faculty Hall of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. The presence of the subway in this area has made it easier to move around the city.

University Address

Adireshi: 29 Bahman Blvd.,Tabriz, Iran

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In which grades does Tabriz University accept students?
    This university accepts students in all levels.
  2. Is it possible to hold a course in English?
    Yes, if the number of students is more than ten.
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