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Studying in Isfahan

Studying in Isfahan


In this article, we are going to examine the city of Isfahan from various sides so that you can continue your studies in Isfahan with peace of mind.

Studying in Isfahan


It is a historical and touristic city in the center of Iran. This city is the capital of Isfahan province and the third most populous city in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad. This city is also the 14th most populated metropolis in the Middle East. The population of the city is about 5120850 people. This city is famous for its beautiful Iranian architecture, covered bridges, unique mosques and minarets. This has caused it to be nicknamed half of the world in popular culture. Naqsh Jahan Square is an outstanding example of authentic Iranian architecture. This city has 15 urban areas. Among other historical monuments of this beautiful city, we can mention Minarjanban, Thirty-three Bridges, Khajo Bridge, Chehel Seton Palace, Ali Qapu Mansion, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Zayandeh Rood, Vanak Church, Chaharbagh School and Abbasi Hotel.

This city has many religious attractions in the city. Like: Monasteries, museums, churches, synagogues, cemeteries and etc. The city of Nafef Jahan has active industries, such as Iran’s large aircraft manufacturing companies, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Oil Refinery, Isfahan Optics Industry, Snova, Polyacryl and Isfahan Iron and Steel.

Studying in Isfahan


Isfahan, which is located on the main roads of the center of Iran, has a wide transportation network compared to other cities in Iran. The international airport of this city, which is called Shahid Beheshti Airport, is located in the northeast of the city and 18 kilometers from the city. Isfahan railway station, which is one of the best railway stations in Iran, is also part of this wide network. Like other Iranian cities, this city has a fleet of buses within the city and terminals outside the city. It also has 5 separate metro lines.

Entertainment venues

Roya-ha amusement park as a game park hosts many tourists every year. City Center is the most famous commercial welfare tourism center of this city. Safeh Forest Park on the slopes of Safeh Mountain is one of the forest parks with facilities such as cinema, bowling, cable car and amusement park. Other recreational places in this city include Najwan Forest Park, Absar Water Park, Bam Shahr and Fadak Garden. Also, this city has 9 cinema campuses. Also, this city has 3700 hectares, that is, 37 million square meters of urban green space; Having 24 square meters of green space per capita, it has the highest rank in Iran’s big cities.

Studying in Isfahan

International communication

The only currently active consulate in Isfahan:

Flag of Russia.svg Russia



There are 67 academic and scientific centers in Isfahan province and 140374 students and 6244 professors work in these centers. Based on the research, 176284 scientific articles including 28,996 journal articles, 69198 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 28996 international articles have been extracted from this center. Regarding the top universities in Isfahan province, including Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology, and Najaf Abad Azad University, we have given the necessary explanations for registration in these centers. To get more information about these centers, you can read the article of study in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, study in Isfahan University of Technology, and study in Najaf Abad Azad University.

Studying in Isfahan

  • If you are planning to study in Isfahan, without a doubt, this city can be a suitable option for you, because the cost of studying in this city is lower than in other big cities like Tehran, etc. But the accommodation costs may be a problem for you. Therefore, it is better to use hostels and guesthouses in the city to stay in this city.
  • Isfahan University and Isfahan University of Technology are among the best and most prestigious universities in Iran, and the degree they provide to students at the end of the academic year has a special prestige and status among other countries. These universities have provided the best educational facilities and services for students, including libraries, laboratories, recreational and sports complexes, restaurants and other educational and welfare facilities.
  • This city is the third largest and most populated city in Iran. This city is known as the cultural capital of Islamic history. Also, due to the presence of beautiful Iranian architecture and beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, beautiful tunnels, palaces and mosques, it has been nicknamed half of the world in Iranian culture. Therefore, this city can be an attractive and researchable choice for students of various fields.
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