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studying at the ilam university

studying at the ilam university


Ilam univrsity, one of govermental universities affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, and located in ilam and the most important university in this city.studying at the ilam University is one of the things that atract the students from all corner of the world to iran.


ilam university,the most authentic govermental universities affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran,located in ilam. This university was established in 1355 as the only independent faculty of animal husbandry and a subsidiary of Razi University of Kermanshah, then in 1371 it officially started its activities independently.

This university is considered one of the best public universities in the country by accepting students in 120 fields of study at all levels of study from associate degree to doctorate. In this article, we are going to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of studying in this university for you to get to know Ilam University better.

Currently, 7,000 students and 199 professors are working in this center. Based on the analysis, this center has published 5,712 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. The conference was organized by Ilam University. In addition, 4380 internationally recognized articles have been extracted from this center. In 1402, Ilam University researchers have published most of their articles with the keywords “nanoparticles” and “peas”.

studying at ilam university

University rank

According to the latest results announced by the Webometrics ranking system in July 2021, Ilam University was ranked 3042 in the world and 76 in the country, including all universities and research centers in the country, including comprehensive, industrial and art universities, Islamic Azad universities, research institutes and universities of medical sciences. to win the country.

tuition fee of studying at the imam khomeini University

DegreeAnnual Tuition
Humanities Bachelor480$
Science Bachelor580$
Master Humanities900$
Master Science1,100$
Ph.D. Humanities1,160$
Ph.D. Science1,560$


  • Literature and Humanities Faculty
  • faculty of islamic science and research
  • faculty of Paraveterinary medicine
  • Basic Sciences Faculty
  • faculty of engineering
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • faculty of Oil and Gas


  • electrical engineering
  • Renewable energy engineering
  • Architectural engineering
  • Architecture and energy
  • Geography and urban planning
  • Computer engineering – software
  • Computer engineering – algorithms and calculations
  • chemical engineering
  • oil
  • Chemical engineering – separation processes
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil engineering – structure
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Associate of Veterinary Medicine
  • laboratory science
  • Discontinuous laboratory sciences
  • Food hygiene
  • Science and engineering of food industries
  • Veterinary bacteriology
  • Veterinary histology
  • accounting
  • Theoretical economics
  • Commercial economy
  • Economic sciences
  • Energy economy
  • economic development
  • Business Management
  • Organizational Behavior Management
  • Management – human resource development trend
  • Management – transformation orientation
  • marketing management
  • Management – strategic
  • Business management – entrepreneurship
  • Persian language and literature
  • Arabic language and literature
  • English language and literature
  • General Linguistics
  • teaching English
  • Sociology – research
  • Law
  • history
  • The history of Shiism
  • Cultural studies
  • Iraqi studies
  • Sports science
  • Orientation sports management (strategic management in sports organizations)
  • Animal science engineering
  • Animal science – Poultry nutrition
  • Animal science – animal nutrition
  • Animal science – Livestock and poultry physiology
  • Horticultural science engineering
  • Science and engineering of horticulture-fruit trees
  • Horticultural science and engineering – vegetables
  • Horticultural science and engineering – medicinal plants
  • Horticultural science and engineering – ornamental plants
  • Physiology and improvement of fruit trees
  • Production engineering and plant genetics
  • agrotechnology – Physiology of crops
  • Agro technology – ecology of agricultural plants
  • Genetics and plant breeding
  • Rural development
  • Entrepreneurship – new business
  • water engineering
  • Engineering of water structures
  • Soil resource management (soil resource trend and land evaluation)
  • Fertility management and soil biotechnology (soil biotechnology trend)
  • Nature engineering
  • Watershed science and engineering
  • Desert management and control
  • Forestry engineering
  • Forest science and technology engineering
  • Forest management
  • Forest biology
  • Biosystem mechanical engineering
  • Biosystem mechanical engineering (design and construction)
  • Biosystem mechanical engineering (renewable energies)
  • Biosystem mechanical engineering (post-harvest technology)
  • Agricultural mechanization engineering (systems management and analysis)
  • Agricultural Mechanization Engineering (Energy)
  • Agricultural mechanization engineering (recycling and waste management)
  • Medicinal plant
  • Plant pathology
  • Islamic philosophy and theology
  • Islamic philosophy and theology
  • Quran and Hadith Sciences
  • biotechnology
  • Microbiology (pathogenic microbes)
  • Systematic plant sciences and ecology
  • Microbiology (pathogenic microbes – cellular and molecular)
  • pure chemistry
  • Mineral chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

studying at ilam university

Entertainment services

  • Ilam University has a library with an area of ​​600 square meters and about 7000 books.
  • The location of Ilam University is such that it is possible for students and professors to come and go from all parts of the city and surrounding cities of Ilam with the transportation of this university, easily and without traffic.
  • It has laboratories of biochemistry, parasitology, microbiology, preparation of microscopic sections and a research laboratory.


Having different facilities is one of the most important factors that have a great impact on increasing the satisfaction of current students and attracting new incoming students. One of the best and most important facilities that Ilam University provides to students is the construction of well-equipped and separate dormitories for male and female students and even for student couples. Undergraduate students for a maximum of 4 years, associate degree students for a maximum of 2 years, master’s students for a maximum of 2 years, and doctoral students for a maximum of 4 years can live in the dormitories. The list of dormitories is as follows:

  • Khalil Jafari dormitory
  • Nizamuddin Ansari dormitory
  • Al Ghadir hostel
  • danesh dormitory
  • Abhitzadeh dormitory
  • Rezainejad dormitory
  • Andisheh dormitory
  • Motahari dormitory
  • Bint Al-Hoda dormitory
  • Vermaziar dormitory

One of the other and special advantages of these dormitories is having a large library with 80,000 Persian and Latin book titles and 2,000 graduate student theses, printed magazines, and databases. All students can reserve and read their desired books in person and even online using the electronic system installed and designed by the university. In addition, they can read up to 20 pages of theses in different fields of study and get ideas for further research.

studying at ilam university

Geographical location

The National University of Ilam is located in Ilam, on the student boulevard, the boulevard of pajohesh. The nearest bus station to this place is University Bus Station, which makes it easy for public transportation users to reach this place.


Ilam city, Daneshjo Boulvard,pajohesh boulvard


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