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Studying at Shahrekord University

Studying at Shahrekord University


Shahrekord University Shahrekord University is a public university located in Shahrekord, the capital city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. It is among the top universities in Iran. This city is the highest center of the province in Iran and is known for its proximity to Mount Damavand. The weather in Shahrekord is mild during summers and very cold during winters. Join us to experience the joy of studying at Shahrekord University.

Introduction to Studying at Shahrekord University

The initial step towards establishing Shahrekord University was taken in Khordad month of 1356 (June 1977) with the establishment of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry in a rented building located in the University Square. After the Cultural Revolution ended and universities reopened in 1362 (1983), the Faculty of Animal Husbandry was transformed into an Agricultural College. It continued its work as a subsidiary of Isfahan University of Technology, accepting 30 students in two fields of agricultural affairs and animal affairs at the associate’s degree level.

In 1367 (1988), the Agricultural College was upgraded to a Higher Education Complex, and on January 6, 1370 (December 27, 1991), with the approval of the Council for the Expansion of Higher Education in the country, the Higher Education Complex of Shahrekord was transformed into “Shahrekord University”. Currently, this institution has 8,200 students and 321 professors actively engaged in its activities.

According to the conducted analysis, this institution has so far published 9,522 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. Shahrekord University owns and publishes 8 specialized journals, and it has organized 26 conferences. Additionally, this institution has extracted 7,326 valid international articles. You can find more accurate information and statistics about Shahrekord University below. In the year 2023, researchers from Shahrekord University have published the most articles with keywords “Iran” and “comparison”.

Studying at Shahrekord University

University rank

Shahrekord University. In 2017, it was listed for the first time in the list of the top one percent of universities in the world, as well as among the world’s effective engineering universities. It also achieved the highest number of one percent ISI top articles among the comprehensive universities in the country. Rank The latest ranking of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings was released in 2023, and the University of Shahrekord was ranked in the 1,200-1,001 range among 1,799 universities in the world that met the eligibility criteria for this ranking. This is the fourth consecutive year that the University of Shahrekord has been included in this ranking.

Some of the other achievements of this university include winning the gold medal at the first exhibition and festival of top inventions and innovations, ranking second in the Sheikh Bahai Festival, ranking third in the Iranian National Youth Festival, winning the gold medal at the World Olympiad of Nano Electronics in South Korea, and ranking first in the Iranian Youth Festival in the agriculture section at the largest information and communication technology exhibition in the world, CEBIT, as one of the three official and scientific representatives of Iran, obtained by the technology units of the growth center and technology units of Shahrekord University.

The tuition fees at Shahrekord University

Gradeeducational groupAnnual Tuition ( in Dollars )


Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

This faculty offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and computer science.

Faculty of Literature and Humanities

In the year 81 (2002), this university admitted students for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in the field of Persian Language and Literature. The following year, the university admitted students for the Bachelor’s program in the fields of Translation and Ancient Languages. During the years 83 to 88, the fields of physical education, sports physiology, narrative literature, and corrective movements were added, and from 90 until now, the fields of law, archaeology, religions and mysticism, and pure literature have also been added to it.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Although this faculty began its activity by admitting the first general veterinary doctoral students, today it is more active than ever. This university offers master’s programs in the following fields:

  • Food Hygiene
  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Bacteriology
  • In the doctoral level, in the fields of:
  • Veterinary
  • Midwifery and reproductive diseases in animals.
  • Internal diseases of large animals

Ph.D. in Food Hygiene and Poultry Diseases, with a focus on Bacterial Activity.

Faculty of Basic Sciences

The Faculty of Basic Sciences initially started its activities with two majors: Biology Education and Mathematics Education. Currently, it is active in three levels of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in four educational groups: biology, genetics, physics, and chemistry.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering of this university was established as the third faculty of this university. In the northern part of the university, you can see this faculty. Shahrekord State University accepts the following fields of study at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer Engineering

Faculty of Agriculture

The first nucleus of the state university of Shahrekord was founded due to its Faculty of Agriculture. In this faculty, you will find various agricultural facilities such as a greenhouse, livestock unit, computer lab, and various laboratories. Gradually, this faculty started its activities in various fields:

  • Plant Production Engineering
  • Animal Production Engineering
  • Water Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Engineering
  • Continuous Bachelor’s Degree in Soil Science Engineering

and today it accepts students in over 16 specializations at the master’s level and 15 specializations at the doctoral level.

Faculty of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Resources at Shahrekord University was established with three educational groups: Range and Watershed Management, Forest Sciences, and Fisheries. Interested students can pursue their studies in three undergraduate programs: Range and Watershed Engineering, Forest Engineering, and Fisheries. Additionally, they can continue their studies in the fields of Range Management, Watershed Management, and Forest Management at the master’s level in this faculty.

Faculty of Arts in Farsan

This faculty, in 1382(2003), admitted 52 students in the fields of visual arts (from associate degree to bachelor’s degree). In addition to the mentioned majors, it also took the initiative to graduate students in the second semester of 84-83.
Currently, the bachelor’s degree in carpets with three trends in design, dyeing and other underlays, and the field of handicrafts with the trends of pottery, wood and painting are active. The number of faculty members in the carpet and handicraft groups is currently 5 people, who are full-time and in each semester, about 30 guest lecturers work in the faculty.

Studying at Shahrekord University

Research institutes

  • Animal Embryo Technology Research Institute
  • Biotechnology Research Institute
  • Zoonotic Diseases research institute
  • growth center
  • Water and Nano Resources Research Center
  • Innovation Acceleration Center and APA Specialized Center

Entertainment services

Shahrekord University has provided various welfare, sports, and educational facilities to enable students to engage in the study of sciences in a dynamic environment. In the following, the facilities of that university are introduced

The library of Shahrekord University and the documentation center have provided a suitable environment for research and study for students. Furthermore, each faculty has various educational facilities such as libraries, laboratories, and high-quality specialized workshops.

Swimming pool, football field, sports halls for various sports disciplines such as volleyball, basketball, futsal, etc. have created a suitable environment for students to exercise. Some of these sports facilities are located in the university dormitory complexes.


Shahrekord University has 4 dormitories for girls and 4 dormitories for boys, each of which provides a standard space for every student. It’s interesting to know that the student dormitories of this university have a national ranking in terms of quality.

  • female dormitory
  • Valayat Dormitory (for boys)
  • Shahid Rajaei Dormitory
  • Girls’ Dormitory
  • Mowlavi Student Dormitory
  • Ma’raj Student Dormitory
  • Yas Married Students Dormitory
  • Sadr Girls’ Dormitory

Studying at Shahrekord University

Geographical location

Shahrekord University (University and Higher Education Institute) is located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Shahrekord city, on Shahid Hossein Ali Torabi Boulevard, near Rahbar Avenue. And in terms of geographical location, it is situated near Shahrekord University shopping center and Rahbar Boulevard bus station. Furthermore, this complex is one of the good universities in this area. Restaurants located near this university, such as Taha and boy’s Predecessor, are popular choices for students to have their meals.

Address: Rahbar Boulevard, Shahid Hossein Ali Torabi, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.

website of the university:

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