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Studying at Imam Khomeini University

Studying at Imam Khomeini University


Imam Khomeini University with an area of ​​230 hectares that located within Qazvin city attracts international students in all levels to achieve its goals. In this article, we have discussed the topic of studying at Imam Khomeini University Continue with us

Introduction to Studying at Imam Khomeini University

This center began its educational activity in 1983 under the name of the International Islamic University, and in 1991 it was merged with the Dehkhoda Complex for Higher Education by a decision of the Minister of Science at that time and its name was changed to Imam Khomeini University.
Currently, there are 7930 students, 516 professors and 320 faculty members working in this university. Based on research that done this center has 85 scientific articles in local newspaper and conference 3099 journal articles   و 5473 congress articles ] and has published 3190 internationally recognized articles, and is also the owner and publisher of 20 specialized magazines. 21 conferences have been held in this university until now .

Studying at Imam Khomeini University
Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, said about Imam Khomeini University: This university is the reputation of the system
For the first time, this university was ranked 601-800 in the 2020 Times ranking system and was among the top universities in the world.


Faculty of Technical Engineering
Faculty of Literature and Humanities
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Persian language teaching center
_Faculty of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Islamic Sciences and Research
Institute of Future and Researches

Studying at Imam Khomeini UniversityMajors

_Political Science
_Civil Engineering
_Mechanical Engineering
-Computer Engineering
Persian Language and Literature
Arabic Language and Literature
_English Language and Literature
_Electrical Engineering
_Quran and Hadith Sciences
_Industrial Management
Agricultural biotechnology
Islamic History and Civilization
_Sports Science
Islamic Jurisprudence and Laws
Materials and Metallurgy Engineering
Mathematics and Applications
English Language Translation
and etc.
To get the complete list of majors of Imam Khomeini University and the desired section , download the file below .

Majors of Imam Khomeini University

Tuition fee of Imam Khomeini University

TitlesMajorsAnnual Tuition ( in Dollars )

Entertainment services

Dormitory: Currently, this university has 10 dormitories:
_Five dormitories dedicated to male students
_ Four dormitories dedicated to female students
_ A dormitory dedicated to married students
Also there is a dormitory with a capacity of 350 students is under construction
Library; University central library with an area of ​​4062 square meters which is located in the western part of the university mosque and facing the central hall. This library has more than 105,000 of Persian, Arabic and Latin books.

Studying at Imam Khomeini UniversityUniversity Honors

_Cooperation with world universities
_ Cooperation with the University of Valencia, Spain
_ Cooperation with universities of the Russian Federation
_ Cooperation with Shanghai International University, China
and etc.

Geographical location

 Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin is located in Elahiya neighborhood of Qazvin and on university boulevard, Ghadir boulevard, and in terms of geographical location, it is located near places such as Qazvin Center of Radio and Broadcasting, Velayat Hospital and the country’s car relief cooperative.

University Address

University Address ; Imam Khomeini International University, Ghadir Boulevard, University Boulevard, Elahia, Qazvin 


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