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Studying in Ahvaz

Studying in Ahvaz


Ahvaz is the capital of Khuzestan province (meaning Sugaristan), which is the third largest city in Iran. Khuzestan has 20 cities and 47is a city Our goal in providing information about studying in Ahvaz is to define and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourist, etc. conditions in this city. This province is bordered by Lorestan province from the north, Isfahan province from the northwest, Ilam province from the northwest, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces from the east and southeast, Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces from the south, and the Persian Gulf from the west to Iraq.

Studying in AhwazAhvaz

Ahvaz is located in the southwest of the Iran and is considered one of the industrial and oil-rich cites . The climate of Ahvaz city can be divided into two mountainous parts (northern and eastern parts of the city) and plains (southern areas). According to the geographical location of this city, Ahvaz is known as one of the cities of four seasons, which has its own beauty at any time of the year.
Ahvaz people speak Persian and Arabic languages. According to the available statistics, 36% of the people of this city are Arabs and 16% of them are from Ler Bakhtiar tribes. The population of Ahvaz is registered with 3746772 people and 644040 households.

General information of Ahvaz
The souvenirs of this city
are buriya weaving or mat weaving, kapu weaving, carpet weaving, dates, arde, halva, pickles such as port pickles, etc.
Industrial factories, oil companies, strategic transit axis and mother factories are located in this city.

Studying in Ahvaz

There are 69 academic and scientific centers in Khuzestan province, and Jundi Shapur University of Medical Sciences is one of the most prestigious academic centers in this city. This university ranks 92 among all universities in the country. For more information, you can refer to the article of studing in Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences].
Khuzestan universities have the privilege of 49 specialized journals. 89787 scientific articles and 14114 journal articles, 54073 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 14114 international articles have been extracted in the academic centers of Khuzestan province.

Ahvaz universities

Recreation and tourism places

Ahvaz city is one of the unique tourist cities of Khuzestan province. In Ahvaz, 9 bridges have been built on the Karun river (the full water river in Iran), that’s why Ahvaz is known as the city of bridges. When the Karun River enters Ahvaz, this city is divided into two eastern and western parts. The possibility of shipping in Karun and supplying drinking water to Ahvaz city are other reasons for the importance of Karun.
_Black bridge
_Naft Sefid Bathroom
_Se Ghosh University
_White Bridge
_Abdul Hamid Bazaar
_Mapar’s house
_Moin al-Tajjar House
_Kohsaran Sangi Tappe cemetery
_Preparatory school for boys
_Kianpars natural bridge
_Karun River
_Naderi St.
_Lashkar Abad
_Abashar Ahvaz (7th Bridge)
_Tomb of Ali Ibn Mahziar

Tourism in Ahvaz

Health centers

_Golestan Hospital
_Imam Khomeini Hospital
_Shahid Rajaei Hospital
_Begai Hospital
_Milad Hospital
_Mehrgan bording clinic
_Amir al-Mominin Hospital
_Fatima Al-Zahra Hospital
_Apadana Hospital
_Aria Hospital
_Salamat Hospital
_Arvand Hospital
_Abuzar Children’s Hospital
_Mehr Hospital
_Razi Hospital
_Asibitin Ayatollah Taleghani
_Ayatollah Karmi Hospital
_Sinai Hospital
_Asibitin Shafa


_Pars Hotel
_Oxygen Hotel
_Zagros Hotel
_Karon Hotel
_Iran hotel
_Persia Hotel
_Naderi Hotel
_Aramesh Hotel
_Soumya Hotel
_Iranika Hotel
_Neyshekar hotel
_Hedye Hotel
_Marmar Hotel


central Library
_Sardar Shahid Ali Hashemi Public Library
_Shahid Shafi’i Library
_Shahid Beheshti Public Library
_Shahid Rajaei Library
_Shahid Chamran Central Library
_Shahid Bahnar Library
_Shahid Muftah Library
_Shahid Motahari Library
_Shahid Dastghib Library

Shopping Centers

_Negin Shopping Center
_Royal shopping center
_Setila shopping center
_Zaytoon shopping center
_Tashrifat shopping center
_Maziar City Center
_Zohreh shopping center
_Imam Reza Bazar
_Kianpars Tower commercial complex
_Karon shopping center
_Abdul Hamid Bazaar
_Imam Khomeini Bazaar
_Kaveh Bazaar
_Nakhl Passage
_Oyster market
_Hirad city center
_Marv Bazaar

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