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Studying at Semnan University

Studying at Semnan University


Semnan University, as the largest comprehensive university in the province, is in charge of monitoring and evaluating higher education in the province. More than 45 years have passed since the first higher education center in Semnan started its activity. Our team has made Studying at Semnan University easier by providing compelete information.

Introduction Studying at Semnan University

Semnan University as the designated and mother university of Semnan province next to Damghan University , was established in 1353(1974) as the first higher education center in Semnan city with more than half a century of educational, research and technological activity and it is known one of the biggest universities of Iran by having area over 800 hectares, 5 educational faculty, several research groups and institutes, Science and Technology Park, university campus(international), virtual education centers and about 400 faculty members, 14000 students in various study levels, close to 300 majors, with Medical Science University.

So far, this university has had about 50,000 students in line with the education and training of the followers of science and knowledge, of which more than 10,000 of these dear ones are in post-graduate studies and hundreds of them are non-Iranian students. Based on the analyzes carried out by this center so far it has published 11,559 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. Semnan University is the owner and publisher of 12 specialized journals, and 21 conferences have been organized by Semnan University so far. In addition, so far 7515 international articles have been extracted from this center.

Studying at Semnan University

University rank

Semnan University has proper rank in prestigious national and interntional rankings such as ISC , Shanghai, Times, Leiden, U Rap, US News, etc., and dozens of professors and researchers of this university are among the top 1% and 2% of the world’s scientists.

This university has placed in ”Higher Education institue of Times” among top Asian institues for several years in row. The “Higher Education Institute of Times” ranking system of Asian universities includes a total of 928 institutions from 36 Asian countries and 65 Iranian institutions in the list. According to this, in the 2023 edition, Semnan University was ranked 401-500 in Asia and 1200-1500 in the world.


  • • Faculty of Humanities
  • Basic science faculty
  • Technical faculty
  • New sciences and technologies faculty
  • Veterinary, natural resources and agriculture faculty
  • Art faclty


  • Electrical and computer engineering faculty
  • Chemical,oil and gas engineering faculty
  • Industrial engineering faculty
  • Civil engineering faculty of Semnan University
  • Mechanical engineering faculty
  • Materials engineering and metallurgy faculty
  • Mathmatics, statistics and computer science faculty
  • Physics faculty
  • Chemistry faculty
  • Basic science faculty(Biology group)
  • Humanities science faculty
  • Economics, management and administrative sciences faculty
  • psychology and educational science(located in Mahdishahr)
  • Farsi literature and foreign languages faculty
  • Tourism faculty
  • Petroleum faculty
  • Biotechnology faculty
  • Nanotechnology faculty
  • Aerospace engineering faculty
  • New energy engineering faculty
  • Architecture and urban planning faculty
  • Art Department
  • Veterinary medicine and animal husbandry faculty
  • Desertology faculty
  • Natural resources faculty
  • Veterinary faculty of Mahdishahr

Affiliated centers

  • The representative institution of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Semnan University
  • Semnan University academicians’ field, Semnan University Charitable Foundation
  • Mobilization of Semnan University professors
  • Audit board of Southern Alborz Region Universities (Semnan and Damghan University)
  • Secretariat of higher education monitoring and evaluation board of Semnan Province
  • Science and Technology Park of Semnan University
  • Laboratory of human interaction and information of Semnan University
  • Center for the growth of technological units of Semnan University
  • Industry relations office
  • Center of modern sciences
  • The center of flourishing creativity
  • Intellectual property and patent consulting office
  • Entrepreneurship center
  • Technical skill development center
  • Network security center

Research institues and research centers

  • Advanced material research institue
  • Research institue of advanced building technology
  • Institue of technology information
  • Advanced calculation center

Studying at Semnan University

Amphitheater and center library of university

The design of amphitheater building and center library of Semnan University that are being constructed in the main website of this university has published in magazines and international credible websites as”Top conept of architecture and art ”. Evolo magazine and website of United States of America which only deals with innovative designs and very high artistic value in the 21st century, has examined this design very detailed.

Recently the Arthitectural credible website has announced the amphitheater and center library design as the most visited cultural design worldwide in 2012 next to desings of the biggest architects of the world such as Zaha Hadid, Norman Fuster, Steven Hall and the BIG Team.

This design has been placed in the desired list next to Maxi Rome Museum by Zaha Hadid, winner of the best building of the year in 2010 at the World Architecture Festival.

In this project, the volume of university library collection and its hall have been tried to be kept as a statue or memorable photo. The cross knot and chafd in the facade show the volume visually connected. While dark fixed glasses with triangular shape make the place bright and actually it somehow plays with light and shadow. this elements make a peaceful place by reducing the sunlight especially in hot and dry summers of Semnan.

The amphitheater includes 1000 seats and assembly hall has 100 to 200 seats, multipurpose space, waiting space and etc..

The library includes reading section, special seats for reading newspaper, multilingual storage, Internet cafe, reference collection hall, office, the space of exquisite books and etc..

Designing of amphitheater and library of Semnan University was done by architectural consulting engineers”Mooj-e-Noo” in 2006 and it is being built in a land of 8 thousand square meters.


Tuition fees at Semnan University


Science and Technology Park of the university

The establishment of the Science and Technology Park of Semnan University was among the approvals of the Iranian government delegation during the provincial trips to Semnan Province in 2006 to establish the second Science and Technology Park of Semnan Province named “Semnan University Science and Technology Park” next to Semnan University.

The Science and Technology park of Semnan University is one of the Science and Technology Parks that is located in Semnan Province. This park was established in 1386(2007). The Science and Technology Park of Semnan has the following centers:

  • The Growth of Technology Units center of Semnan
  • The Growth of Technology Units – Mahdishahr Unit (Aghmari)
  • Industry relations office
  • Entrepreneurship center
  • Modern Science Center(Kids and Teenagers Science Park)
  • The center of flourishing creativity
  • Intellectual property consulting center
  • Office of research projects
  • Office of Intellectual Property and Tchnology Transfer
  • Idea development and future studies center

Publications and magazines of university

  • Magazine of modeling in engineering
  • Andishe Science Magazine(applied chemistry)
  • Faculty of Humanities Science Magazine(scientific – developing)
  • Magazine of Fiqh and Islamic Law Studies
  • Specialized Quarterly Journal of Rhetorical Linguistics Studies
  • Clinical Psychology Magazine
  • Modern ideas in Management Magazine
  • Econometric Modeling Quarterly
  • Veterinary Laboratory Research Magazine
  • Applied Art Journals
  • Studies in Arabic language and etiquette
  • International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and its Applications
  • Journal of Rehabilitation in Civil Engineering
  • Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Research
  • Transportation infrastructure engineering
  • Iranian Journal of Cognition and Education
  • Mechanics of Advanced Composite Structures
  • Advances in Nanocomposite Research


Studying at Semnan University

Entertainment services

  • Fajr sports hall with a capacity of 3500 people
  • Natural grass field and running track
  • Artificial grass number one and two and Farhikhtegan dormitory
  • Shooting hall
  • Gym
  • Kusar hall(women)
  • Beach soccer field
  • Cycling road of Farzanegan dormitory
  • Wellness station available in the dormitories
  • The set of outdoor sports spaces in Farhikhtegan dormitory (volleyball, basketball, etc.)
  • Sports and health counseling center
  • Spirometry center
  • Sport science center
  • Health and wellness center
  • Indoor hall for women

Geographical location

Semnan University is located in Sokan neighbourhood of Semnan and on Mehrab street. In terms of geographical location,This place is near centers including electrical engineering college and computer and library and the amphitheater of the university and civil engineering faculty of Semnan University and Islamic Azad(Semnan branch).

Address: Semnan, Sokan, Mehrab street

University website:

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