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Studying in Lorestan University

Studying in Lorestan University


Lorestan Province It is from the western provinces of Iran. This province has an area of ​​29,308 square kilometers and a population of more than 1,760,000 people. This province is the thirteenth province of the country in terms of population; Khorram Abad is the capital of the province. Lorestan is a mountainous land and except for a few limited plains, it is covered by Zagros mountains. Lorestan University is a public university in Khorramabad city, province Lorestan and it was established in 1356. In the following, we will make it easy for you to study in Lorestan University by providing complete materials.


University of Lorestan This university is one of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology university in Iran where is located in suburbs of Khoram Abad.This university,in 1343(1964),with the title ((Lorestan Higher Education Center)) affiliated with Jondi Shapoor of Ahavz has started its activity by accepting 100 students in Physics,Chemistry,Math and Biology majors. After revolution,by seperating from Shahid Chamran University of Ahavz has been continueing its activity known as ((Lorestan Higher Education Center)).

In the year 1367 Shamsi(1988), the comprehensive plan for the Lorestan University was compiled and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education and the Planning and Budget Organization. The executive activities for establishing the university began in the year 1369 Shamsi(1990), and finally, in 1372 Shamsi(1993), it was promoted to Lorestan University.

Currently,9000 students and 503 professors are active at this center.Based on the conducted analyses, this center has published 9178 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences by now. Lorestan University owns and publishes 11 specialized journal and 8 conferences have been organized by Lorestan University until now. In addition, 2760 credible international articles have also been extracted from this center so far. In 1402(2023),researchers from Lorestan University published the majority of their articles using the keywords “Iran” and “pest.”

Studying in Lorestan University

University rank

According to the latest published results of the prestigious Times ranking, the global ranking of Lorestan University is 1000-1200 and it is ranked 20 among 37 Iranian universities with a national ranking of 20. Also, 173 universities from 19 Islamic countries are included in this ranking. This university is recognized as the 7th best university in Iran in the ranking of Iranian universities in the fields of basic sciences. This educational center has also been able to take the 11th place among 38 Iranian universities in the ranking of engineering and technology fields.

Tuition fee at Lorestan University


Literature and Humanities

This faculty has 12 educational groups and more than 80 full-time faculty members. Also according to the recent statistics presented by wbesite of this faculty,1995 student are studying in this faculty.


This faculty has established in 1994 in west of Khoram Abad. This faculty has 10 educational groups and According to the latest information provided by this faculty’s website, 1800 students are studying at this college.

Basic Science

This faculty owns 78 faculty members and 11 masters majors,24 bachelor majors,16 Ph.D majors have been being taught.

technical and engineering

The Engineering faculty has been established in 1382(2003) and has 8 educational groups.

Veterinary Medicine

This college was established in 1372(1993) on a foundation equivalent to 6000 square meters. At the moment,over 12 various training cources are being taught.

Faculty of Management and Economics

This college has launched its activity with only two majors in 1384(2005) and at this moment has 16 faculty members.

Educational Centers

  • Higher education center of Noor Abad
  • Higher education center of Pol Dokhtar
  • Higher education center of Oshtor
  • Higher education center of Koh Dasht

Studying in Lorestan UniversityMajors

Humanities majors groups

  • Natural Geography-Climatology
  • Geography Science
  • Economical Science
  • Mangment
  • Educational Psychology
  • General Psychology

Basic Scienece majors

  • Geology
  • Petrology
  • Organic, Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry
  • Plant Physiology
  • Biology-Plant Science
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Majors of Technical and Engineering group
  • Electrical Engineering

Majors of Agriculture and Natural Resources Group

  • Soil Science
  • Livestock Nutrition
  • Animal science
  • Marine structures
  • Water science and engineering
  • plant breeding
  • Physiology of agricultural plants
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Ecology of agricultural plants
  • Forestry and forest science
  • Language Majors group
  • Persian Language and Literature
  • _Arabic literature

Entertainment services

  • Multipurpose hall
  • Martial arts and wrestling hall
  • Ping Pong hall
  • Fitness hall
  • Chess home
  • grass field
  • Running studium
  • open space complex next to the women’s dormitory
  • Health Station


One other sagnificant and noticeable factors for students especiallyfor non-native girls students is Amenities and accommodation of universities. We should mention this point that This university has a set of female and male dormitories inside the university, and several independent affiliated dormitories throughout the city of Khoram Abad.

Studying in Lorestan University

The library of university

Those interested in university libraries should know that Lorestan University has a library unit of collection made by 63,000 books. This unit has started its work in 1977 in fields of basic sciences, humanities, technical and engineering, and agriculture, it has rich resources of the finest Persian and Latin books. The total number of printed Persian and Arabic books in this center amounts to 49,000 volumes, and the total number of Latin books is also about 14,000 volumes.

Geographical location

Lorestan university is located in Khoram Abad and on Imam Khomeini avenue ,Sepid Dasht road of Khoram Abad. In terms of geographical location, this place is close to centers such as the second period of Shahid Nasiri Elementary School and Alachigh Tourism Complex.

Address: Khoram Abad,Imam Khomeini avenue ,road of Khoram Abad,Sepid Dasht



The university website:

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