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Studying in Kerman

Studying in Kerman


Kerman (it means that the land of effort and work) is one of the big cities in the southeast of Iran, which is the largest province of Iran. Our goal in presenting the article on Studying in Kerman is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourism, etc. conditions of this city.

Studying in Kerman


In the 1395 census, Kerman has 537718 people and is registered as the ninth most populous province of Iran (currently having 23 cities) This city is one of the scientific and medical hubs of Iran, where organ transplants are performed. Kerman, with an altitude of 1756 meters above sea (the fourth highest provincial capital of Iran), has a cooler temperature than its surrounding cities. This city is located in a desert area and is surrounded by the provinces of Khorasan, Yazd, Sistan Baluchistan, Hormozgan and Fars.

Due to its size and location and occupying 11% of the country’s area, this city has a variety of desert climates (Shohdad and the outskirts of Bam city), semi-tropical climates (Kohnouj and Jiroft areas) and temperate and cold climates (areas mountainous).

General information of Kerman
Handicrafts in Kerman, like other cities of Iran, have a great variety, which can be mentioned as woven carpets, wood mesh, broad woven, khos, wood maraq and etc. The souvenirs of this city are pistachios, Kamach Sohan, Klumpeh, Muscati Sirjan, Sohan Zarand, Falodeh and Quto.

Studying in Kerman

There are 58 scientific and academic centers in Kerman, and 110683 students and 4163 professors work in these centers. Base on research, 74291 scientific articles including 9713 journal articles, 39887 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 9713 international articles have been extracted from this center. Kerman University of Medical Sciences is one of the prestigious academic centers of this city. You can read the article for more information refer to study at Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

Universities of Kerman

Recreation and tourism places

Kerman, with a history of thousands of years, has about 660 registered national works (7 works registered in the UNESCO world heritage), which have exposed the rich culture, history and art of Iranians. The city of Kerman is known as the jewel of Iran’s plateau desert. The ancient, natural, cultural attractions are:

  • Prince Mahan’s garden
  • Ganj Ali Khan Bath (Museum of Anthropology)
  • Kerman market
  • Bam Citadel
  • Pardisan Ghaem forest
  • Shahdad desert
  • Zoroastrian Fire Temple (Museum of Zoroastrian Anthropology)
  • Ganj Ali Khan collection
  • Mushtakieh Tomb (Mushtakiyeh Dome)
  • Vakil Bath
  • Ganj Ali Khan School and Caravanserai
  • Sardar Bazaar
  • Moidi glacier
  • Herandi House (Herandi Museum Garden)
  • Takht Dargah Qoli Bey
  • Malik Mosque
  • Jame Mosque (Mozaffari Jame Mosque)
  • Gand Jebeleeh
  • Girl’s Castle
  • Malik Mosque
  • Fathabad Garden (Beglerbigi Garden)
  • Ganj Ali Khan Mosque
  • Ganj Ali Khan Mint
  • Ekhtiari market
  • and etc.

Tourism in Kerman
Another tourist attraction of Kerman is the geological landscape, which was created due to the wind blowing and shifting sands and is less common in other regions. It is also one of the most attractive forms of geomorphology in Kerman.

Health centers

Afzalipur Hospital
Hazrat Fatima (S) Hospital
Martyr Dr. Mohammad Javad Bahnar Hospital
Honorable Hospital
Al-Zahra Hospital
Ayatollah Kashani Hospital
Razia Firouz Hospital
Seyyed Al Shahada Hospital
Shafa Hospital
Shahid Beheshti Hospital
Imam Hossein (AS) Hospital
The Prophet’s (PBUH)
Mehrgan Hospital
Nooriya Hospital
Javadalaime Clinic Hospital
Saman Al Hajjaj Clinic Hospital
and etc.


Pars Hotel
Gwashir Hotel
Jahangardi Hotel
Akhan Hotel
Hezar Hotel
Gahangardi complex
Kermania Hotel
Assam Hotel
Hiva Hotel
Klias Hotel
Naz hotel
Parsin Hotel
Pooya Hotel
Vakil Caravanserai Hotel
and etc.


Mofatteh public library
Markazi library
Imam Reza Library
Shahid Beheshti Library
Herandi Public Library
Public Library of Mosque
Motahari Library
Public library of Masjid al-Nabi (PBUH)
Shahid Motahari Public Library
Shahid Bahonar Public Library
Marwa Library
Seyyed Javad Shirazi Public Library
Shahid Abbas Sultanzadeh library
Yazdani Fard Public Library
and etc.

Shopping Centers

Saleh Al Mahdi Commercial Complex
Setare Bazar
Shafa Commercial Complex
Ganj Ali Khan market
Phaeton shopping center
Atlas shopping center
Emerald Passage
and etc.

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