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Studying in Babolsar

Studying in Babolsar


Babolsar city is one of the beautiful cities of Mazandaran province. In past, this city was called Mashhadsar, and people believe that Mashhad Sabz was its older name. Our goal in presenting the article on studying in Babolsar is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourism and conditions of this city. All our efforts are that by reading this article, you can make your most important decision in the easiest possible way.

Studying in BabolsarBabolsar

Babolsar Located between the Alborz mountain and the edge of the Caspian Sea, Babolsar is divided into two western and eastern parts by the Babolroud river passing through the middle of the city. Babolsar is bordered with Fereydunkanar from the east and Babpl from the south. Sari and Mahmoud Abad are also cities close to this city. The history of this city goes back to 900 years ago, when the core of the city was formed as a settlement by the Babelrud river. According to the census in 2015, the population of this city is equal to 59,966 people. The annual rainfall in this city reaches 886 mm. The coastal city of Babolsar is sharji in hot summer days and also in winter with snow and rain. Air humidity decreases a lot in the cold season of the year. The dialect of most of the people of this city is Mazandarani. The people of Babolsar are of Tabari ethnicity. Rice farming, fishing and renting a villa are the occupations of people in this city. Among the souvenirs of this city, we can mention local pickles, grown olives, fish, jams and local vegetables. Turning, carpet weaving, pottery and tailworks, mat weaving and inlaying are handicrafts of this city. Behnmir, Hadi Shahr, Ermich Kala, Azan Abad, Esfandiar Mahalle and Afratakht are the districts and villages of this city.General information of BabolsarStudying in BabolsarThere are 77 academic and scientific centers in Mazandaran province and 117771 students and 5878 professors work in these centers. Base on research, 101818 scientific articles including 14960 journal articles, 58152 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 14960 international articles have been extracted from this center. Mazandaran University is one of the prestigious academic centers of Mazandaran province in Babolsar city. You can refer to the article of studying in Mazandaran University for more information.

Universities of Babolsar

Recreation and tourism places

The city of Babolsar has a long history in terms of tourism and was a destination for foreign tourists before the Islamic Revolution. It also welcomes many tourists from different places every year. This city is one of the most important tourist cities in Mazandaran province. suspension bridge Shi Elim waterfall Galeshkala village Babulrud River Babolsar Zoo The coastal area of Mayrood Kerfun tourist area Arab Khel rubber dam Imamzadeh Ibrahim Narjes Historical School Ancient clock tower Statue square Coastal wharf Azizak Lagoon Kheil mountains Sar Hammam village Park and boating pier Ancient hills Armich Kala Spay Kalay Kareem Kala Sharmeh Kala and etc.

Tourism in Babolsar

Health Centers and Hospitals

Shahid Rajaei Hospital Hazrat Zainab Hospital Shafa Hospital and etc.


Mizban hotel Shuka Hotel Behesht Afra Hotel Se Kaj Hotel Hotel Shafaq Hotel Delkade Hotel Gulfham Hotel Saat Tower Hotel Khazarshahr tourist hotel Mitchka Hotel Laden Hotel and etc.


Amir Pazvari Public Library Public library of the city Library and cultural and artistic center of unknown martyrs Shahid Salehi Library Central Library and Document Center of Mazandaran University The library of the late Rahim Mohseni and etc.

Shopping Centers

Axin shopping center European shopping center Persia Business Complex Khanevade Bartar store Rooz Bazar Royal Mall commercial complex Iran linen store Tamasha shopping center Babolsar commercial complex Saadi Center Babolsar commercial complex and etc.


Souse Kebab restaurant Nah restaurant Luso Restaurant Halim and Ash Molana Mizban restaurant Rosa Bianco Restaurant Torang restaurant Cebu restaurant Mato Plus Restaurant Ficano Italian Restaurant Garden restaurant Mehr and Mah restaurant Darya Kenar traditional restaurant Mr. Mahiche restaurant and etc.
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