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Studying at Sahand University

Studying at Sahand University


Sahand University of Technology is one of the top universities of technology in Iran. We have mentioned information such as history, majors, amenities and honors in this article to make it easier for people to decide to Studying at Sahand University.


Sahand University is mentioned as the first industrial university after the Islamic Revolution, established in 1368 by Dr. Mohammad Ali Keinjad. Current members of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and Engineer Mirhossein Mousavi, the Prime Minister at the time, with the aim of training specialized and committed human resources needed by the country’s industries as well as It was established to meet the research and development needs of industries.

Sahand University has 3922 students, 155 professors and 200 faculty members. Base on research, 4314 scientific articles in domestic publications[540 مقاله ژورنالی و 3774 مقاله کنفرانسی] and conferences, 4250 internationally valid articles have been extracted from this center. Sahand University of Technology is the owner and publisher of 1 specialized magazine. 

The rank of Sahand University

The president of Sahand University of Technology from the presence of this university in the system Times ranking announced that based on the ranking results of 2023 Rank 1001_1200 among 1662 top universities from 99 countries  And the 10th rank among 58 Iranian universities and the first rank among the universities of East Azarbaijan province has been assigned to this university.

Studying at Sahand University


Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
_Faculty of Material and Metallurgy Engineering
Faculty of Petroleum Engineering
_Faculty of Mathematics and Applications
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
_Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Medical Engineering
Faculty of polymer engineering
Faculty of Mining Engineering
_Faculty of Basic Sciences

Cibiyoyin Bincike

Nano Structure Materials Research Center
Reactor and Catalyst Research Center
Research Institute of Polymer Materials
Device analysis research and service center
_Center for the Growth of Technology Units
Earthquake Research Center
Science and Religion Studies and Research Center

Tuition table of Sahand University of Technology

In Sahand University of Technology, a non-Iranian student must pay $50 to begin the registration process.

DegreesAnnual Tuition

It should be noted that the teaching method in Sahand University of Tabriz is in the form of research education and they have a comprehensive exam.

Majors of Sahand University of Technology

Materials engineering, the identification and selection of engineering materials
Casting material engineering
Nanotechnology, the trend of nanomaterials
Metallurgical engineering and materials, welding orientation
Materials engineering, corrosion and protection of materials
Materials engineering_ metal extraction trend
oil discovery
Energies systems
Train’s power systems machine
Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion
Aerospace structures
Electrical engineering, control orientation
Functional Design _ Mechanics of solids
particle physics
Plasma physics
Dense material
Pure Mathematics
applied mathematics (optimization)
Geotechnical engineering
Civil Engineering – Earthquake
Structural engineering
Electrical engineering majoring in telecommunication systems
Mining engineering_mineral processing trend
Mining engineering_mineral extraction trend
Download the file below to get information related to courses and degrees.

courses of Sahand University of Technology

Studying at Sahand University

Dr. Ali Akbar Babalu was chosen as the young scientist of the country by the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Selection of national model professor from Sahand University of Technology
Selection of university professors as the best provincial researchers
Membership of 20 university professors in international and national scientific and research assemblies and circles
Being among the top universities of the country in the Consortium for the increase of extraction from oil reservoirs
Achieving the top ranking in the national market and obtaining the top ranking in the country in terms of manufacturing laboratory and industrial equipment
Achieving the first ranks in the country’s postgraduatr’s and master entrance exams
Taking the best designs in Science to Action Festival
Selection of the physical training department of the university as the best department in the last 7 years by the Ministry of Science
Election of the Scientific Association of Electrical-Control Engineering in the field of research projects as the chosen position in the movement festival

Welfare Amenities

Central Library: This library started its main activity at the same time as the establishment of the university in 1368. The main purpose of university libraries is to provide faculty members, students and researchers with access to organized scientific information for the development of knowledge. The central library of the university was established in order to meet the educational, research, research, cultural needs of professors, students and employees, the task of collecting and organizing a collection of books, magazines, articles, research reports, visual and audio materials, information bank, electronic resources and It provides other resources needed by research groups and currently has more than 1600 members.
Dormitory:  Dormitory Affairs Department; Sahand University of Technology, having more than two thousand people in its dormitory capacity, the management of two dormitories of brothers and sisters is carried out under the department of dormitory affairs. The dormitory for students is different according to education level, gender and city of residence. Services, feeding automation system, placement system are other facilities that the university provides to its students.

Studying at Sahand University

Geographical location

Sahand University of Technology is located in Sahand city on Farzangan street, Ghazi Tabatabai street. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as Melika Complex and Behran Driving School. The closest bus station to this place is Mohibi Dormiterybus station, which makes it easy for public transportation users to access this place.

Address of Sahand University of Technology

Address: Tabriz, Sahand New City, Farzangan St., Shahid Qazi Tabatabai Blvd.

Common questions of Studying at Sahand University

  1. What is the method of receiving tuition fees in Sahand University?
    This university receives tuition in Tomans

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