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Studying in Tabriz

Studying in Tabriz


The city of Tabriz is one of the old cities of Iran due to the existence of educational centers such as: Tabriz State University, Sahand University of Technology, Technical and Vocational and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. Studying in Tabriz which is a suitable city for students to study. If you intend to study in Tabriz, stay with us to explore this city.

Studying in Tabriz


One of the big city in Azarbaijan region and the capital of East Azarbaijan province. The population of Tabriz is nearly 1,643,960 people, which is the fifth most populous city in Iran.

The language and dialect of the people of this city is Turkish with Tabrizi accent. Tabriz is one of the oldest cities in the world, which was the national or regional capital of Iran during different governments and the second national capital of Iran during the Qajar rule. In 1500, during the Safavid dynasty, this city was known as the fifth most populous city in the world, and its population was equal to Istanbul – the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Tabriz general information


If you plan to travel and study in Tabriz, you can easily travel to Tabriz by air and land.

Tabriz has Shahid Madani International Airport in its heart. International flights of this airport include flights from Tabriz to Erzurum, Izmir, Sparta, Istanbul, Hamburg, Baku, Baghdad, Tbilisi, Jeddah, Dubai, Damascus and Medina.

Tabriz railway is one of the important stations of Iran, which has an international line between Tabriz and Nakhchivan. Tabriz – Tehran, Tabriz – Mashhad lines can be mentioned among the internal lines of Tabriz railway.

The city of Tabriz now has two terminals, including the central terminal and the northwest terminal. Of course, the central terminal of Tabriz is the first terminal in Iran.

The first way of Tabriz metro line 1 was opened on a roud 8 km start from Ilgoli station to Ostad Shahryar station with two city trains (10 cars) on 5 Shahrivar 94. Tabriz is the fourth city to have a subway in Iran.

Recreation and tourism places

The city of Tabriz has a beautiful green environment and a view due to the good and pleasant weather it has during the year. Tabriz has 132 active parks, among these parks, Shah Goli Park is known as the most famous park of Tabriz and a symbol of this city. Tabriz has been one of the old cities in the film and cinema industry. Iran’s first movie theater was established in Tabriz in 1279 under the name Cinema Soli.

Tabriz universities

Studying in Tabriz

Azerbaijan University was established in 1324 AD during the autonomous government period of Azerbaijan, by order of Seyyed Jafar Pishevari. After that, Tabriz University was established in 1325 with the approval of the National Council. The naming process of Tabriz University is as follows: In 1326 (the year the university was established), the name “Tabriz University” was chosen for this university. After a few years, the name of the university was changed to “Azarabadgan University”.

After the Islamic Revolution in 1357, the name of the university was changed again to “Tabriz University”. After some time, “Tabriz University of Medical Sciences” was separated from it. Currently, Tabriz is the second university city in Iran. To get more information about these centers, you can read the article study inTabriz University of Medical Sciences and also the study article of study in Tabriz University.Tabriz attractions

Why study in Tabriz?

  • If you are planning to study in Tabriz, without a doubt, this city can be a suitable option for you because the cost of studying in this city is lower than in other big cities like Tehran, etc. But the accommodation costs may be a problem for you. Therefore, it is better to use hostels and guesthouses in the city to stay in this city.
  • Tabriz University is one of the best and most prestigious universities in Iran, and the degree they provide to students at the end of the academic year has a special prestige and status among other countries. This university has provided the best educational facilities and services, including libraries, laboratories, recreational and sports complexes, restaurants and other educational and welfare facilities for students.

Introduction of Maragheh city

Maragheh is the second largest city in East Azerbaijan province. Maragheh is known as the Astronomical Capital of Iran and the Garden of Iran is one of the ten historical and oldest cities of Iran. Our goal in presenting the study article in Maragheh is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather and tourism conditions of this city.

Maragheh is derived from the Turkish word “Mar-e-agha” which means “place of elders”. Maragheh has mild summers and cold winters due to its proximity to the Sufi Chai River and the slopes of Mount Sahand. Snowing in Maragheh from December to mid-March, as well as spring rain, which is popularly known as Nissan, from early spring to mid-May. The language of the people of this city is Azerbaijani Turkish and their religion is the majority of Muslims and Shiites.

Education in MaraghehEducation in Maragheh

The prestigious academic centers of this city are Maragheh University and Shahid Madani University. For more information, you can refer to the article of study in Maragheh University and study in Shahid Madani University.

Maragheh universitiesRecreation and tourism places

The existence of many tourist centers in Maragheh city, green gardens and streets with strong and towering trees has made this city become one of the popular tourist destinations among tourists and many tourists travel to this city every year. The presence of an observatory in this city is one of the factors of its fame.
Kobud Dome
The house of Ashraf al-Muluk Nabai Vand
Maragheh Observatory
Ohadi Maragheh cemetery
Mehr Temple
Soorkh Dome
Goyge Castle
Ghaffarieh dome
Hovance Church
Round tower
Sarcheshme bridge of Mordagh village
Jamal Abad Castle hill
Maragheh petroglyphs museum
Ilkhani Museum
Gur Dag Waterfall
pigeon cave
Goshyesh spring

Maragheh attractionsHotels

Maragheh Grand Hotel
Alliance Hotel


Ohadi Maraghei
Khajeh Nasir-o-din Toosi
Chrdah masoom
Maragheh Central Library

General information about MaraghehCommercial complexes

Kobud Stylish Boutique Commercial Complex
Maragheh big dried fruit market
Jam Jam Mall
Mehr shopping center
Antique commercial complex
Melki shopping center
Ati Center
City Star Shopping Center
Atiyeh Commercial Complex
Amirkabir Mall

Introducing the city of Sahand

One of the new built cities in East Azarbaijan province, Sko city, Sahand city (hight of 1600 meters from the sea) is located, which was introduced as an independent city in 1387. The purpose of building this city was to reduce the massive population of Tabriz, which was welcomed by the people. In the census of 1395, the city of Sahand had a population of 82494. The language of the majority of the people of Sahand, like the cities of Azerbaijan, is Azerbaijani Turkish.

Study in Sahand

Sahand University is one of the prestigious academic centers of this city. You can refer to the article on study in Sahand University for more information.


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