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Studying at the Persian Gulf University

Studying at the Persian Gulf University


Persian Gulf University A state university and the largest higher education center in the province Bushehr is located in the city of Bushehr and was formed following the visit of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei to Bushehr province in the winter of 1370 and his approval in Bushehr province. In the following article, we will read about Studying at the Persian Gulf University.


This university started accepting students in two fields of civil engineering and mechanical engineering under the name of Bushehr University in Mehr 1371. Persian Gulf University has 9 research centers and 8 faculties, this university also has 5 educational, cultural and student vice-chancellors, research and technology, planning and development, human resources and support. Currently, 97 courses are being taught in this university, of which 92 courses are 31 at the undergraduate level, 56 at the master’s level, and 13 at the doctoral level.

Due to its geographical location and proximity to the blue waters of the Persian Gulf and the huge oil and gas facilities of the South Pars region, this university is considered as the development band of the province. The Cultural Revolution officially changed its name to “Persian Gulf University”. This university is the first public university affiliated to the Ministry of Science in Bushehr province.

Currently, 5887 students and 221 professors are working in this center. According to the analysis, this center has published 4519 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. So far, 8 conferences have been organized by Persian Gulf University. In addition to this, 1852 internationally valid articles have been extracted from this center. In 1402, Persian Gulf University researchers have published most of their articles with the keywords “rhetoric” and “repairs and maintenance”.

Studying at the Persian Gulf University

University rank

Persian Gulf University has been ranked 49th among Iranian universities with a global ranking of 1200-1500. 35 comprehensive universities from Iran are present in this list. In 2023, the Persian Gulf University will rank third especially in terms of industrial income, fifth in terms of international prospects, and eighth in terms of international students (compared to twenty 1 of 2022) among 39 young universities in Iran. In terms of other criteria such as research with rank 17, citations rank 25, and education rank 35 among 39 young universities of Iran.

Tuition fees for Studying at the Persian Gulf University

Field of StudyBacholarMastersPhD


Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences

Faculty of Literature and Humanities, as the third faculty of this universitiy, started its educational-research activity in 1374. The location of this faculty was first located in a building outside the university campus and it was moved to the current building in 1379. This faculty has responded to the needs of the province and the country with an educational space of 10,000 square meters and about 4,000 students in 24 disciplines. This faculty accepts students in the fields of history, psychology, Persian language and literature, English language and literature, information science and knowledge, Arabic language and literature, physical education.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering is the first faculty of this universitiy, which started its activity in October 1371 by admitting 34 students in the field of mechanical engineering and 35 students in the field of civil engineering. The Faculty of Engineering has been one of the successful and pioneering faculties in this universitiy during its twenty years of existence. This faculty is active with 1500 students studying in 13 different disciplines and 10,000 square meters of teaching space and 37 full-time faculty members.

Faculty of Intelligent Systems Engineering and Data Science

The Faculty of Intelligent Systems Engineering and Data Science was established by abstracting and integrating the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and mathematics and statistics from the Faculty of Basic Sciences and was approved by the University’s Board of Trustees in October 2018. This faculty consists of electrical engineering, computer engineering, mathematics and statistics and it started its activity in September 2019.

Faculty of Science and Nano and Biological Technology

The Faculty of Nano and Biological Sciences and Technology was first established as the Faculty of Basic Sciences in 1375 and accepted students in the fields of statistics, mathematics, biology, geophysics, chemistry and physics at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.

Based on the resolution of October 2018, the board of trustees of the university, while consolidating and transferring the fields of biotechnology, marine environment, and marine chemistry from the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technologies, with the fields of this faculty, its title was changed to the Faculty of Marine Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. At the same time, the fields of mathematics and statistics were also separated from this faculty and by merging with the fields of electrical engineering and computer engineering, a new faculty was established and launched under the title of Faculty of Intelligent Systems Engineering and Data Science.

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, as the fourth faculty, started its activity in Barazjan city by creating the field of horticultural sciences. Currently, this faculty has 4 fields of study at the master’s level and 4 fields of study at the undergraduate level and 24 faculty members.

Faculty of Art and Architecture

Faculty of Art and Architecture of Persian Gulf University started in 2004 with the admission of students in Bachelor of Architecture. Inspired by the old architecture of Bushehr, this faculty was built in the historical context of Bushehr known as “Kuti” neighborhood and next to the building of “Nozari” mansion, which belongs to the Qajar period. This building was built by owning 20 dilapidated buildings and on a land with an area of ​​3950 square meters. The architecture of this university is a combination of traditional and modern architecture, which, according to experts, gives a special identity to the old context of Bushehr

Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering

Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering, located in the Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, is the most important official scientific, educational and research center in Bushehr province, which provides specialized training in the field of petroleum, gas and petrochemical engineering with the aim of training the human resources needed for oil and gas facilities. and the existing petrochemical (in the province) pays. This faculty was established in the northeast side of Bushehr Persian Gulf University. The construction of this college started in 1982 on a land area of ​​5,700 square meters with an infrastructure of 8,000 square meters, and after that the infrastructure of the project increased to 12,000 square meters.

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, considering the central role of the sea in the development of Bushehr province and with the aim of training students in fields related to the sea, the Faculty of Marine Science and Technology officially opened its scientific activity in October 2013 by accepting the first course of master’s students in marine biotechnology. has started

Currently, the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Techniques is located in a part of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, and students use the educational and laboratory facilities available in the Persian Gulf Research Institute and the Faculty of Basic Sciences. The Faculty of Marine Sciences and Techniques is an interdisciplinary faculty, which is coordinated with the establishment and development of the faculty in cooperation with other faculties and the university study center, as well as memorandums with specialized marine centers such as the National Institute of Oceanography, the Environment Agency, Fisheries, and the Ports and Maritime Organization, etc.

Faculty of Business

In 2018, the Faculty of Business of the University was approved by the Board of Trustees by abstracting the fields of Business Management, Industrial Management, Accounting and Economics from the Faculty of Literature and Humanities. This faculty is designed with the aim of playing a role in the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of the university, and considering the brilliant history of Bushehr province in the field of trade and business, it can revive the brilliant history of Bushehr and train successful and world-class business managers in the process. To play a role in national and regional development.

College of Engineering Jam

Jam Faculty of Engineering was opened as one of the faculties of Bushehr Persian Gulf University, which was opened in the central part of Jam city – in Shahrem Shahrek Campus – and started working with two fields of computer engineering, software and industrial engineering. This faculty currently has these two fields and is going to continue its work by adding other fields in the coming years. Currently, about 400 students are studying in this faculty, and 8 people are working as faculty members.


Studying at the Persian Gulf University


  • statistics
  • Energy Economy
  • Accounting
  • Pure Mathematics
  • chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Fisheries science and engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • _Civil engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Nano physics
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Ship architectural engineering – ship hydromechanics and…

Entertainment services

  • Government non-governmental hostels of brothers and sisters
  • Self service
  • Commuting to the university
  • gym
  • Prayer room
  • Internet system
  • Laboratory
  • Library



  • Yadgar 1 dormitory
  • Yadgar Do Dormitory
  • Yadgar Se Dormitory
  • Yadgarchahar Hostel (Taleghani)
  • Yadgar Panj dormitory (doctoral students)
  • Yadgar Six dormitory (Blood Transfusion)


  • Kausar complex
  • Kausar Chahar (graduate students)
  • Kausar Panj (Kuti)

Studying at the Persian Gulf University

Geographical location

Persian Gulf University Bushehr is located in Bushehr University neighborhood and on Persian Gulf Street, Mahini Blvd. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as Jazere Shopping Center, Arman Hypermarket, Bushehr Persian Gulf Public Library, Kapel Pizza and Bostan Shaghab Restaurant.


Bushehr, Gulf of Fars St


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