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studying in sari

studying in sari


Sari the capital of Mazandaran province, is located in the north of Iran with a history of 5 thousand years. Our goal in presenting the article on studying in Sari is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourism, etc. conditions of this city. In the following, we will discuss the details of daily life in order to study in this city.

studying in sari


Sari is known as one of the ancient cities in Iran. This city is located in the foot of the Alborz mountains and is one of the most populated cities in Iran. From the east to the city of Surak, from the northeast to Neka, from the north to the sea of Mazandaran and Joibar, from the west to Qaimshahr and Swadkoh, and from the south to the city of Semnan. there is a way Administratively, this city is divided into three urban areas, and as a political and administrative center, there are the most important governmental and judicial institutions of Mazandaran province

Sari is located in the foothills of the Alborz mountain range, in two plains and foothills, and has 6 central parts, North Rudpi, Rudpi, Chahardange, Dodange, Kalijan Rastaq. In summer, it has a mild and humid climate, and in winter it is relatively cold and dry, but this city has a milder climate than other northern cities. According to meteorological statistics, despite the drought, the amount of rainfall has decreased.

The symbol of this city is the clock tower. The dialect of the people is Saravi. According to the census of 1395, the population of this city was 509820 people. The non-native population in the city is few, and the majority of the population of this city are native people (Tabari ethnicity). Most of the Muslim people follow the 12 Imam Shia religion.

General information of Sari

studying in sari

There are 77 scientific and academic centers in Mazandaran province. Owner of 59 specialized scientific journals, 99787 scientific articles including 13682 journal articles and 57399 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 13682 international articles have been extracted. Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences is one of the prestigious academic centers. You can refer to the article of study at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences for more information.

Sari universities


Sari has Dasht Naz International Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in Iran. Rail way [the first city that the national railway passed through], road way, air way and sea way are among the communication ways with this city that travelers can choose for their trip. Due to the attractions inside the city and the small size of the cities, there is no public transportation system. Taxi is used as the main means of public transportation in this city.

Recreation and tourism places

Due to the presence of many tourist attractions, the city of Sari is introduced as the fifth most touristic city in Iran and is considered one of the most important tourist centers of Iran. Due to its proximity to the Caspian Lake, it has a great variety of animal life. Diverse living conditions are another unique attraction of this city.

  • Fazli Palace
  • Mianshe Lak
  • Oben waterfa
  • Alandan Lake
  • Badab Surat springs
  • Dasht Naz protected area
  • Chort Lake
  • Shahid Rajaei Dam
  • Shahid Zare forest park
  • Hamidabad lagoon
  • Dasht Naz
  • Khazarabad
  • National Park
  • The house of Ramdani
  • Ministerial bath
  • Shah Abbasi Grand Mosque
  • Bola waterfall
  • Tajan River
  • Imam Zadeh Abbas
  • central Mosque
  • Double Rasket tower
  • Kolbadi House and Museum
  • Fazeli Palace
  • Sardar Jalil’s house
  • Niloofar Abi garden
  • and etc.

Tourism in Sari

Health centers

Hekmat Hospital
Velaeat Hospital
Bu Ali Sina Hospital
Imam Khomeini Hospital
Fatima Zahra Hospital
and etc.

Hotels and residences

Salar Dareh Hotel
Badale Hotel
Asram Hotel
Naranj Hotel
Navid Hotel
Asman Shahr Hotel
Galesh nomadic ecotourism residence
Surat spring eco-tourism resort
Mah June ecotourism residence
Ghorbani House
and etc.


Irshad library
Public Library of Ahl al-Bayt (AS)
Azadegan Public Library
Ibn Shahrashob Saravi public library
Shahid Seyyed Mojtaba Alamdar Public Library
Mazandaran National Library
Central student library
Rojman study hall
and etc.

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