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Studying at Babol University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Babol University of Medical Sciences


Babol University of Medical Sciences is located in Babol city and Mazandaran province, this university was the first university of medical sciences in the north of the country. Stay with us for more information about studying in this university.


After the victory of the Islamic Revolution the implementation of the university expansion policy, the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education sent a specialized medical delegation of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education to Mazandaran region through a letter in May 1984. This board announced their agreement to establish the first medical science center in the north of the country. Babol University of Medical Sciences was established in 1984 and is one of the best universities of medical sciences in the country. This university is responsible for providing healthcare services in the cities of Babol, Babolsar and Ferdyunkanar in Ramsar province. The previous name of this university (before the establishment of medical sciences in Sari, until the seventies) was Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.

Currently, 351 faculty members and 4342 students are working in this university. Based on the research done, this university has so far published 1356 scientific articles in domestic journals and congress. Babol University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is the owner and publisher of 5 specialized journals, and so far 9 congress have been organized by Babol University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. In addition, so far 4426 international articles have been extracted from this center.

Studying at Babol University of Medical Sciences

University rank



_Faculty of Medicine
_Faculty of Dentistry
_Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
_ Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
_Faculty of Iranian Medicine
_Faculty of Public Health
_ Faculty of Rehabilitation
_ Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery

Research Institutes and Research Centers

_ Health Research Institute
_ Reproductive Health and Infertility Research Center
_ Children’s non-communicable diseases research center
_ Cell and Molecular Biology Research Center
_Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center
_Research Center for Social Factors Affecting Health
_ Dental Materials Research Center
_Cancer Research Center
_ Oral Health Research Center
_ Movement Disorder Research Center

Tuition Fee of Babol University of Medical Sciences

DegreeAnnual Tuition
M.D. , D.D.S.At least 4700$
MBBS, BDSAt least 4700$
M.Sc , B.ScAt Least 3700$
Ph.DAt least 5700$
Persian CoursesAt least 500$

Medical Training Centers

_ Shahid Yahainejad Medical Education Center
_ Shahid Beheshti educational and therapeutic center
_ Ayatollah Rouhani educational and therapeutic center
_ Amirkola Children’s Educational Therapy Center
_ Shahid Rajaei educational and therapeutic center
_ Fatima Al-Zahra Infertility Training Center
_ 17 Shahirivar educational and therapeutic center
_ Omid specialized and super-specialized clinic

Studying at Babol University of Medical Sciences

Educational groups

Faculty of Medicine: Educational Departments of Basic Sciences:
_ Immunology
_Medical Biotechnology
_Clinical Biochemistry
_ Social medicine
_Medical Genetics
_Anatomical sciences
_ Pharmacology and toxicology
_Medical Physics
_ Medical Physiology
_ Mycology and parasitology
_Public education
_ Islamic teachings

Educational groups of clinical sciences:
_ Pathology
_ Skin
_General Surgery
_Obstetrics and Gynecology
_ Neurosurgery

Faculty of Dentistry (specialized groups):
_ Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
_Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
_Oral and Maxillofacial Disease
_ Root Treatment
_ Pathology
_Pediatric Dentistry
_ Gum and Implant Diseases
_ Oral Health and Social Dentistry
_ Prosthesis

Faculty of paramedicine:
_ Educational Department of Laboratory Sciences
_ Anesthesia Department and Operating Room and Medical Emergencies
_Educational Department of Radiation Technology

Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery:
_ Department of Internal and Surgical Nursing
_ Department of Health and Children’s Nursing
_Educational Department of Midwifery and Counseling

Faculty of Health:
_ Department of Environmental Health Engineering
_ Department of Public Health and Geriatric Health
_ Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Faculty of Rehabilitation:
_ Department of Audiology
_Department of Speech Therapy
_ Department of Physiotherapy

Faculty of Iranian Medicine:
_ Educational Department of Iranian Medicine
_ Educational Department of History of Medical Sciences

Ramsar Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery:
_ Pediatric and Geriatric Nursing
_ Internal-Surgical Nursing

Studying at Babol University of Medical Sciences

Welfare Amenities


Geographical location

Babol University of Medical Sciences and Healthcare Services is located in Murad Bey neighborhood of Babol and in University Square, Nurse Street. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as justice and special governorship of Babol city, Imani gas station, Ayatollah Rouhani hospital and Ghadir pool.

Contact With University

Address: Ganj Afrooz St., Mazandaran, Babol
Babol University of Medical Sciences.
University Official Websites:

Frequently asked questions about studying at Babol University of Medical Sciences

Where is the address of Babol Medical Sciences Boys’ Dormitory?
This hostel is located on Vali Asr Blvd., Golestan 19, between Zhanbazan 2 and 9.

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