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Studying at University of Tehran

Studying at University of Tehran


Maybe you have been asked what things are needed to study in Tehran University. Questions like: The cost of tuition fees, fields of study, different degrees, the cost of a dormitory or stay in Tehran and many other things. In this article, we want to answer all your questions once and for all so that you can make the best decision for your further education


University of Tehran is known as the best university in Iran.
Tehran University was founded in 1934 by Professor Mahmoud Hasabi. Currently, Tehran Public University continues to operate with 25 campuses and faculties.
This university has about 15 dormitories, 111 bacholar majors , 177 master’s majors and 156 doctoral majors . Also, there are approximately 1,500 faculty members and 50,000 students in Tehran University
The location of this university is in the Revolution Square of Tehran, and you can easily use BRT or metro to get to this university. On the other hand, most of the faculties of this university are in the area of ​​the revolution, where you can also use a taxi.

Published articles

The total number of local scientific articles: 77574 articles .

Number of international articles: 72129 articles.

Franchise owner and publisher of 114 specialized magazines

Rank of University of Tehran

University of Tehran is the first and best university in Iran; This university ranks first among universities in Iran and is ranked between 301-400 in the Shanghai ranking system in 2020. It also ranks 801-1000 in the Times ranking

Studying at University of TehranResearch centers

• Petroleum Engineering Institution
• Central Eurasian Studies Center
• Applied Management Research Center
• Nano Science and Technology Research Center
• International Desert Research Center
• Biochemistry and Biophysics Research Center
• Kohin Soil and Water Protection Research Center
• International Cooperation Center
• North American and European Studies Institution
• Women’s Studies and Research Center
• Advanced Characterization Research Center
• Public Policy Studies Center
• Energy Law Studies Center

Research institutes

• Culture and Art Research Institution
• Psychology and Educational Sciences Institution
• Applied Research of Iranian Culture Institution
• Research in Energy Management and Planning Institution
• Economic Development and Research Institution
• Comparative Law Institution
• Dehkhoda Dictionary Institute and International Center for Persian Language Education
• Public Law Institution
• Criminology Research Institution
• National Language Research Institution
• History of Science Research Institution
• Vehicle, Fuel and Environment Research Institution
• Water and Soil Environmental Research Institution
• Water Institution
• Geography Institution
• Archaeology Institution
• Geophysics Institution
• Social Studies and Research Institution

• The scientific Center of Technical Faculties

• Upgrade of Heavy and Rresidual Oil
• Surface Engineering and Corrosion Protection in Industries
• Materials in Low Energy Technologies
• Making Nano Silicon Devices
• Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
• Applied Electromagnetic Systems
• Photogrammetry Engineering in Dealing with Natural Disasters

Tehran University tuition fee table

رشته تحصیلیمقطع مورد نظرطول مدت دوره تحصیلقیمت شهریه(سالیانه به ریال)
رشته‌های ادبیات و علوم انسانیکارشناسی4 yersRial314,000,000
رشته‌های ادبیات و علوم انسانیکاشناسی ارشد2 yersRial608,000,000
رشته‌های ادبیات و علوم انسانیدکتری3 to 4 yersRial819,000,000
سایر رشته هاکارشناسی4 yersRial346,500,000
سایر رشته هاکارشناسی ارشد2 yersRial692,000,000
سایر رشته هادکتری3 to 4 yersRial882,000,000
دامپزشکیدکتری حرفه‌ای6 yersRial532,000,000
رشته تحصیلیمقطع مورد نظرطول مدت دوره تحصیلقیمت شهریه(سالیانه به یورو)
کارشناسی ارشدعلوم انسانی، حقوق2 سال€1,500
کارشناسی ارشدسایر رشته ها2 سال€2,000
دکتری(آموزشی-پژوهشی)علوم انسانی، حقوق4 سال€2,000
دکتری(آموزشی-پژوهشی)سایر رشته ها4 سال€2,500
دکتری(پژوهش محور)علوم انسانی، حقوق3 سال€2,333
دکتری(پژوهش محور)سایر رشته ها3 سال€3,000
رشتهمقطععراق-سوریه-لبنان-فلسطین-یمن (مبالغ به یورو سالیانه)دیگر کشورها (مبالغ به یورو سالیانه)
علوم انسانی، اجتماعی و رفتاریکارشناسی€2,000€3,000
علوم انسانی، اجتماعی و رفتاریکارشناسی ارشد€2,200€3,200
علوم انسانی، اجتماعی و رفتاریدكتری€2,400€3,400
زبان وادبیات فارسیکارشناسی€1,400€2,100
زبان وادبیات فارسیکارشناسی ارشد€1,540€2,240
زبان وادبیات فارسیدكتری€1,680€2,380
هنر، مهندسی، علوم پایه، کشاورزی ودامپزشکیکارشناسی€2,400€3,600
هنر، مهندسی، علوم پایه، کشاورزی ودامپزشکیکارشناسی ارشد€2,600€3,800
هنر، مهندسی، علوم پایه، کشاورزی ودامپزشکیدکتری€2,800€4,000
خوابگاه ویژه متاهلین-200$ ماهانه200$ ماهانه
خوابگاه ویژه مجردین-100$ ماهانه100$ ماهانه
مهمان پذیر-15$ روزانه15$ روزانه

List of majors offered

In the following article, we have provided you with a list of all majors that can be studied in Tehran University so that you can make the right choice according to your desired majors .

List of faculties

Tehran University consists of 25 faculties and 9 campuses. Of course, keep in mind that the meaning of campus does not mean self-governing campuses. The campus in this university refers to the total of several faculties. The faculties and campuses of Tehran University are as follows:

Studying at University of TehranCampus of technical faculties

The introduction of Tehran University is not limited to scientific fields and activities. Candidates can study according to their favorite field in Tehran University campuses. One of the campuses of Tehran University  is the  technical faculty campus. Candidates can choose a suitable field among  215 majors  in this campus. The technical faculty campus has more than  750 faculty members  and  5000 students  study in this campus. Tehran University Technical Faculty campus has about  45,000 graduates  The technical faculty campus consists of the following faculties:

• Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering
•Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
• Faculty of Civil Engineering
• Faculty of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
• Faculty of Technical Caspian
• Faculty of Engineering Sciences
• Faculty of Industrial Engineering
• Faculty of Chemistry
• Faculty of Mining Engineering
• Faculty of Surveying and Geomatics Engineering
• Faculty of Fouman Engineering
• Faculty of Environment

Abu Rihan Campus

Aburihan campus  is also a collection of different faculties located in Tehran University. Aburihan Campus of Tehran University consists of the following faculties:

• Agro-Technology Department
• Food Science Technology Department
• Food Science Technology Department
• Animal and Poultry Sciences Department
• Irrigation and Drainage Department
• Agronomy and Plant Breeding Sciences Department
• Entomology and Plant Pathology Department

Regional campuses

Tehran University is also considered an international university that has many international students. These students usually study in the regional campuses of Tehran University. The regional campuses of Tehran University are:

• Alborz campus
• Aras International Campus
• Kish International Campus

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Another faculty of Tehran University  is Faculty of Veterinary  Medicine. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine consists of various groups and many students are studying in this faculty. The departments of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are as follows:

• Department of Animal and Poultry Health and Nutrition
• Department of Basic Sciences
• Department of Internal Medicine
• Department of Food hygiene and Quality Control
• Department of Microbiology and Immunology
• Department of Surgery & Radiology

Science campus

Another campus of the university  is Science Campus  and consists of the following faculties:

• Faculty of Mathematics
• Faculty of Statistics and Computer Science
•Faculty of Geology
•Faculty of Biology
• Faculty of Chemistry
• Faculty of Physics
• Faculty of Biotechnology

• Faculty of Fine Arts

Fine art campuses in Tehran University are for all fields related to art. The Faculty of Fine Arts accepts students in various fields of art such as  architecture, music, graphics, theater,  etc. Faculties of fine art campuses are:

• Faculty of Urban Planning
•Faculty of Architecture
•Faculty of Performing Arts and Music
•Faculty of Visual Arts
•Faculty of Industrial Design

• Faculty of Humanities

The humanities campus consists of the following faculties:

• Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
• Faculty of Literature and Humanities
• Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies
• Faculty of Law and Political Science
• Faculty of World Studies
• Faculty of Islamic Thoughts

Agriculture and Natural Resources Campus

Agriculture and Natural Resources Campus of Tehran University is affiliated to Tehran University and is located in Karaj. The faculties of this campus are:

Farabi campus

Another campus of Tehran University that we mention in the introduction of the university is  Farabi Campus.  Farabi campus is located in the city of  Qom  and consists of the following faculties:

• Faculty of Theology
•Faculty of Law
• Faculty of Engineering
• Faculty of Management and Accounting

Social and behavioral sciences

The department of social and behavioral sciences of the university consists of the following faculties:

• Faculty of Economics
• Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
• Faculty of Geography
• Faculty of Psychology and Education
• Faculty of Social & Behavioral Sciences
• Faculty of Entrepreneurship
• Faculty of Management

Studying at University of Tehran

Address : Tehran – Elkhebal Square – Elkhebal St. – 16 Azar St. – Central Organization of Tehran University

Frequently asked questions about the Tehran University

  1. Is it possible to register Iraqi doctoral students in this university?
    Yes, but some fields are education-oriented.

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