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Studying at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


Mashhad is the capital of Razavi Khorasan province located in the northeastern part of Iran. The city of Mashhad has been favored by Muslims for a long time due to the presence of the holy court of Hazrat Reza (a.s.) and Mashhad welcomes many guests and immigrants every year. Also, this city is of special importance in terms of scientific and cultural status.
There are many prestigious universities in this city, one of them is Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. In this article, we intend to state the admission and study conditions at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.


Mashhad University of Medical Sciences was established in 1946. This university is one of the most successful and largest educational, health and treatment centers.
Currently, 8300 students, 911 students and 920 faculty members work in this center. Based on the research done , so far 8377 scientific articles in domestic publications and congress,[5396 journal articles و 2981 congress articles ] 20760 internationally valid articles have been extracted from this university. Also, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is the owner and publisher of 30 specialized journals, and 39 congress have been organized by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

University rank

In 2023 Shanghai ranking , Mashhad University of Medical Sciences succeeded in ranking 801 to 900 in the major of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, in the major of public health in the rank 151 to 200, and in the major of clinical medicine in the rank 301 to 400. It is an important place.
Also, this university ranks 601-800 in the Times ranking.

Studying at Mashhad University of Medical SciencesFaculties

_Faculty of Public Health
_Nursing and Midwifery
_Faculty of Medicine
_Faculty of Paramedical Sciences
_ Faculty of Pharmacy
_Faculty of Dentistry
_Faculty of Iranian and Complementary Medicine
_Faculty of of Nursing,Guchan .
_Kashmir Health Higher Education Complex
_Dergz Medical Emergency Training Center
_International Campus


_ Ibn Sina Hospital , Mashhad
_ Omolbanin Hospital, Mashhad
_ Imam Reza Hospital
_ Omid Hospital ,Mashhad
_ Khatam Al-Anbiya Hospital , Mashhad
_ Dr. Sheikh Hospital , Mashhad
_ Dr. Shariati Hospital, Mashhad
_Taleghani Accident Hospital, Mashhad
_ Shahid Hashminejad Hospital , Mashhad
_ Kamyab Hospital , Mashhad
_ Ghaem Hospital ,Mashhad
_Organ Transplantation Hospital, Mashhad
_ Razavi Hospital , Mashhad
_ Bint Al-Hadi Sadr Hospital , Mashhad
_ 17 Shahrivar Hospital , Mashhad
_ Pastor Hospital , Mashhad
_ Farabi Hospital , Mashhad
_ Alavi Hospital , Mashhad
_ Akbar Children’s Subspecialty hospital

Research centers

_Comprehensive Research Laboratory
_Application of Biomedicine
_Patient Safety
_Mouth, Jaw and Face Diseases
_Pulmonary Diseases
_Rheumatic Diseases
_Bu Ali Research Institute
_Molecular Pathology of Cancer
_Nuclear medicine
_Cancer Surgery
_Endoscopic Surgery
_Vascular Surgery
_Targeted Drug Delivery
_Psychiatry and Behavioral Siences
_Medical Genetics
_Salek skin
_Medical Toxicology
_Metabolic Syndrome
_Sinus and Endoscopic Surgery
_Pharmaceutical Sciences
_Social Factors Affecting Health
_Complications of Kidney Transplant
_Refractive Defects of the Eye
_Medicinal Herbal Pharmacology
_Medical Physics
_Infection Control and Hand Hygiene
_Microbial Resistances
_Nursing and Midwifery Care
_UNESCO International Center for Basic Medical Sciences and Human Nutrition
_Religion and Health Research Center
_Dental Materials
_Nano Technology
_Comprehensive Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
_Growth Centers
_Development Units

Tuition fee of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

TitleAnnual Tuition (in Dollars )Duration ( in years )
Medical Specialty4000$-5000$4-5
Dental Specialty8000$-9000$3-4
Short-Course4,000$More than a year

Other coasts

Service typeDormitorySelf FoodTransportationpayment Period
Special service9$15$5$One Month
Normal service4$5$1$monthly
Family service15$21$2$Monthly for 4 persons


_Radiology Technology
_Laboratory Sciences
_Speech Therapy
_Health Information Technology and Medical Records
_Clinical Pharmacy
_Traditional Medicine
_Medicinal Chemistry
_Pharmacodynamics and Toxicology
_Drug Control
_Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
_Oral diseases and diagnosis
_Oral Pathology
_Jaw and Face
_Dental Prostheses
_Oral Surgery
_Jaw and Gums
_Pediatric Dentistry
_Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
_Oral Health and Social Dentistry
_Iranian Traditional Medicine
_Chinese Medicine and Supplements
_Traditional and Clinical Medicine
and etc.
To get the list of majors , download the following file.

Majors of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Mashhad University of Medical SciencesHonors

_ Wining the top ranking of pharmaceutical and medicine in the country
_ Wining the second place in Shahid Motahari Festival, international ranking .
_ Wining the first and second place in the first national congress on the use of statistics in the health system

Welfare Amenities

Dormitory: In the student campus of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, there are 6 building blocks of student dormitories and 2300 students (1500 female students) are housed there. The largest males ‘ dormitory has been completely rebuilded . The facilities, cooling, heating and water and sewage systems have been completely renovated and are ready for students to use About 3 billion Tomans were spent on improving, renovating and preparing the student dormitories of the University of Medical Sciences this summer.

Studying at Iran University of Science and TechnologyGeographical location

The entrance of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences  (entrance door) is located in  Zakaria neighborhood of Mashhad and Shahid Fakuri Blvd. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as Soltani Kitchen, Mashhad Rescue Hospital, Taleghani Township, Akbar Children’s Hospital, and Shahid Fakuri Knowledge and Health Town Vehicle Vaccination Center. The closest metro station to this place is Salamat metro station and the closest bus station to this place is University of Medical Sciences bus station, which makes access to this place easy for public transportation users.

Address of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

The central organization of the university,
address: Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad, Shahid Fakuri Blvd, between Shahid Javan and Al Shahidi Squares, Danesh and Salamat Shahrek

Central building,
Address: University Street , Mashhad Khorasan Razavi,

Common Questions

  1. What documents are required to register at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences?
    Passport, photo, transcripts, educational certificate, CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter.
  2. Is there an entrance test for people before entering the university?

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