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Studying at Yasouj University

Studying at Yasouj University


Yasouj is the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad province and Boyar Ahmad city. Yasouj is located on the slopes of Zagros and Dana Peak at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level. The people of this city are Lor. There are 16 academic and scientific centers registered in this city and Yasouj University is the only public university among them. Admission and study conditions in Yasouj University is the main subject of this article. 


Yasuj University is a public university in Yasuj city located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province. This university was established in 1362. In the first year of establishment, this university was affiliated to Shiraz University, but in 1375, it was able to become independent by promoting itself. Yasouj University is the only public and comprehensive university in the province.
Currently, 6000 students, 350 professors and 300 faculty members are working in this center. Based on research, [1180 journal articles و 2378 congress articles ]has published 3558 scientific articles in domestic publications and conferences, and 2675 internationally recognized articles. Yasouj University is the owner and publisher of 3 specialized magazines. 12 conferences organized by Yasouj University .

University rank

The Times ranking database is one of the most reliable ranking systems at the international level which in 2013 for the first time, focuse on the issue of ranking and determining the position of the world’s universities. In the recent report of the ranking of Asian universities in 2021, there were 47 universities from Iran, and 7 universities of the country were among the top 100 universities in Asia. Despite the fact that the number of universities in Iran was 40 last year.
The ranking of Yasouj University in engineering sciences, general engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering was ranked 500-401.

Studying at Yasouj UniversityFaculties

Faculty of Literature and Humanities
_Faculty of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Technical Engineering
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Natural Resources and Forestry
Oil and Gas University in  Gachsaran
Facility of Industry and Mining in Cheram  

Research institutes and centers

__Natural Resources Research Institute
Center for Social Studies and Native Linguistics
Medicinal Plants Research Institute
Free and virtual education center

Tuition of Yasouj University

MajorsDegreesDurationAnnual Tuition
Literature and humanities majorsBacholar4 years230$
Literature and humanities majorsMasters2 years350$
Literature and humanities majorsPhD3-4 years875$
Other majorsBacholar4 years252$
Other majorsMasters2 years405$
Other majorsPhD3-4 years1,050$
The amount of dormitory fees for all academic levels for each student in one month
Married Dormitory33 Dollars
Single dormitory (double bed)22 Dollars
single dormitory (four beds)17 Dollars


The cost of food (student self-service) for all academic levels for each student for each meal
Breakfast0.5 Dollars
lunch and dinner2 Dollars

Majors of Yasouj University

_Political Science
_Educational Sciences
English language
Rural construction
Welding mechanics
Road infrastructure construction and mechanics
Water and gas supply facilities
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Materials Engineering
_Electrical Engineering
-Computer Engineering
Agricultural engineering, animal sciences
  Agricultural engineering, agriculture and plant breeding
Forestry, pasture and watershed management
Agricultural entomology
Soil science
Plant Pathology
Rural development
Animal science
Animal gene interbreeding
Promotion of agriculture and science and technology
Physiology of agricultural plants
Applied Chemistry
Welding mechanics
_Da sauransu
To know out the courses and degrees, download the file below.

Majors of Yasouj University


Studying at Yasouj University


Yasouj University is among the top 100 universities in Asia
The placement of the university among  the 26 universities of the country and among the 475 top young universities in the world
Achieving the second place by the student scientific journal of Yasouj University of Medical Sciences in the 7th national festival of student publications

Geographical location

Yasuj State University is located in Zir Tel of Yasuj and on Zir Tel Street, University Street, Golzar Hasht Street. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as Simorgh Sandwich, Kohgiliweh and Boyer Ahmad Governorate, General Post Office, Jahangordi Yasouj Hotel, and Gadami Decorative Group.

Address of Yasuj University

Address: Yasouj University, Yasouj Street, Yasouj, Iran

Common question about studying in Yasouj University

  1. Does Yasuj University have a dormitory for married students?
    Yes, the dormitory for married students is only available for the doctoral degree and for other degrees, it is for top students.
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