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Studying in Urmia

Studying in Urmia


Urmia (it means water city) is one of the big border cities of Iran, which is the capital of West Azarbaijan province (between Lake Urmia and the wall of mountains in the west of the province) located in the northwest of Iran. Our goal in presenting the article on studying in Urmia is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourism, etc. conditions of this city.

Studying in Urmia


The city of Urmia (known as the Paris of Iran) is the tenth most populated city in Iran (according to the census in 1395, the number of people was 736224). This city is located in a mountainous area (Qiz Qala Mountains, Panjah Si Mountain, Jodhaha Mountain, Mah Mountain, Chehl Marshhidan Mountain, Sir Mountain and Ali Iman Mountain) for this reason, the temperature drops in winter and the rainfall in this region is high, in summer the weather is moderate And it is pleasant. This city has several different ethnicities, but the majority of Urmia’s population is made up of Azerbaijani Turks. The dialect of most people is Turkish. Other citizens of this city are Kurds, Christian Armenians and Assyrians. This city is considered one of the richest regions of Azerbaijan due to its natural and human resources, existence of different ethnicities and cultures. Azeri are Muslim and Shiite. Beside them, Hanafi and Shafi’i Sunni Muslims, Assyrians and Christians are also present.

General information of Urmia


There are 40 scientific and academic centers in West Azerbaijan Province. Based on the conducted research, 42549 scientific articles including 6193 journal articles and 22178 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 6193 international articles have been extracted from these centers. One of the prestigious academic centers is Urmia University of Medical Sciences. You can refer to the article of study at Urmia University of Medical Sciences for more information.

Urmia universities


Urmia, the second city with the most traffic in Iran, has strengthened the public transportation system to reduce traffic in the city. For intra-city travel, high-speed buses, ordinary buses and taxis are used by the people of this city. This city is one of the most polluted cities in the country due to high traffic and high production of carbon dioxide.

Recreation and tourism places

Urmia has become one of the tourist destinations due to its special geographical location (located in the vicinity of the valley, forest areas and cool summer cottages). Lake Urmia Nane Maryam Church Lake Marmisho Dalamper Lake Band Village City Hall Se Gonbad Sheikh Tepe Forest Park Sulek waterfall Urmia market Marsargiz Church Sardar Mosque Urmia Museum central Mosque Ansari house Tatameh Cave Douquz Pele refrigerator (Abgineh exhibition) St. Peter’s Church Gooy Hill Hedayat school Shahrbani Building (Great Museum of Anthropology) and etc.

Tourism in Urmia

Health centers

The first modern hospital, the first medical training center, the first local TV channel, the first local publication in Iran and the volleyball capital of Iran have been established in this city. Imam Khomeini Hospital Imam Reza Hospital Shahid Arefian Hospital Hazrat Fatemeh (PBUH) Specialized Polyclinic Shahid Qalipur Bukan Hospital Hazrat Zahra Hospital Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital Khatam Al Anbia Hospital Shahid Motahari Hospital Qamar Bani Hashem Khoi Hospital Seyyed al-Shohadah Specialized Heart Hospital Nabi Akram Hospital Fajr Mako Hospital Shahid Madani Khoi Hospital Abbasi Miandoab Hospital Azerbaijan Hospital Farabi Clinic Dr. Solati Hospital and etc.


Anna Hotel Aria Hotel Park Hotel Kara Hotel Sahil Hotel Iran Park Hotel Urmia Tourism Guest House Mah Kimia Hotel Bahar Apartment Hotel Morvarid Hotel Naser Hotel and etc.


Shahid Bahnar Library central Library Shahid Motahari Library Allameh Tabatabai Public Library Culture Public Library Qaem Public Library Shahid Mehdi Amini Public Library Imam Ali Library Shahid Ebrahim Mazaheri Library Farhand library Quran and Etrat specialized library Bamdad Sobh Library Baba Sai Library etc…

Shopping Centers

Due to the fact that this city is on the border, commercial centers are very prosperous in this area. Milad Noor commercial complex Berlin business complex Turak Mall commercial complex Pardis business complex Berliyan Center Jalali Center Tubi commercial complex Pasaz Tanakura Azerbaijan Center Paku Center Amirkabir commercial complex

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