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Studying at Shahrood University of Technology

Studying at Shahrood University of Technology


Shahrood Technology University It is one of Iran’s public universities located in Shahrood city in the province Semnan is located. Shahroud is almost in the middle of the road between Tehran and Mashhad, so that its distance from Tehran 412 km and from Mashhad It is 511 km. Studying at Shahrood University of Technology is the desire of most applicants, so stay with us to provide you with complete information about it.


Shahrood University of Technology, which is one of the state universities of the country, was established in 1352 as a high school of mining. In 1354, as a subset of the Ministry of Industries and Mines, it displayed remarkable activity, but it did not take long that in 1361, the management of this high school was handed over to the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.

With the addition of courses such as mining engineering in 1366 and of course the associate course in electrical and civil engineering, this high school was able to become Shahrood Higher Complex and in 1372 it was upgraded to Shahrood University and then to Shahrood University of Technology in 1381. .

This public university admits students annually through the national entrance exam or academic records (admission without examination). I would like to point out that this university is the first university in Semnan province that accepts more than 11,700 students and also has 340 faculty members. You can expect 40 courses for the doctorate level, 76 courses at the master’s level and 30 courses at the bachelor’s level, and with 14 faculties and of course the campus, it is undoubtedly considered one of the best industrial universities in the country.

Studying at Shahrood University of Technology

University rank

Shahrood University of Technology was ranked 34th nationally and 350-350th in Asia in the latest subject ranking of The Times. Also, this university was included in the list of the top 400 young universities in the world based on the “Times” higher education ranking system.

On a global scale, in the latest survey by The Times, it introduced the best universities in the world and Iran based on scientific subjects in 2022, and based on this ranking, Shahroud University of Technology, along with 9 other universities from Iran, ranked 800-601 in the world in the subject of engineering sciences. And they were ranked fifth in Iran.

Tuition fees for studying at Shahrood University of Technology

GradeAnnual tuition


  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
  • Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Faculty of Mining, Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Faculty of Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning
  • Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
  • Chemistry faculty
  • Physics faculty
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences
  • Physical Education and Sports Sciences Faculty


  • Electronic Engineering
  • Information Technology Engineering
  • Aerospace structures
  • Civil engineering
  • Mining exploration engineering
  • Industrial metallurgy
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Food Science and Industry
  • Nanophysics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Geology
  • Physical activity and wellness
  • Petrology
  • Engineering Physics-Plasma
  • Physical Chemistry
  • and …

Studying at Shahrood University of Technology

Laboratories and workshops

  • Thermodynamics laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Dynamics and vibrations laboratory
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Automechanic workshop
  • Machine tool workshop
  • Welding and sheet metal workshop
  • Detection and tracking laboratory
  • Laboratory for determining the mechanical properties of materials
  • Wind tunnel laboratory
  • Laboratory of metallography and microstructure of materials
  • Laboratory of heat treatment of metals
  • Freezing and casting laboratory
  • Laboratory of mechanical properties of materials
  • Advanced Ceramic Laboratory
  • Operation laboratory of chemical engineering unit
  • Chemical Engineering Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Process control laboratory in chemical engineering

Research institutes

  • Research Institute of Automation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Water Resources Engineering Research Institute
  • Biotechnology Research Group
  • Student Research Institute


Student dormitories

Shahrood University of Technology has 6 government student dormitories and 4 rented (self-governing) dormitories. The boys’ dormitory complex in the central campus consists of 5 blocks, in the engineering and modern technologies campus there are three dormitory blocks named Baisarat, Velayat and Hedayat, and a special block for graduate students, as well as the research dormitory is also located in 4 blocks in the university campus.

For the well-being of the second-year students, this university has considered the rented (self-governing) hostels of Ahmadiyan and Agricultural Research Center for boys in 2 blocks, as well as Mirabutaleb self-governing dormitories in 2 blocks for girls.

This university is building a married dormitory for students.

Studying at Shahrood University of Technology

Entertainment services

Despite the high history of this university, it is quite natural that students can expect significant amenities. In any case, due to the provision of engineering courses, the existence of such a laboratory and services is necessary and necessary. Each of the facilities that you can consider in this university is provided with the highest possible quality, which facilities such as the following facilities can be seen in this university and include:

  • Engineering and new technologies campus
  • Store
  • Self service
  • Library
  • Computer center
  • gym
  • sport field
  • green space
  • Dormitories and student facilities

Geographical location

This university is located in Shahroud’s Barq district and on University Blvd. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as police guest house, Bu Ali fruit shop, Sangak bakery, Shahroud terminal, and Khatam al-Anbiya hospital.

Address: Shahrood Haft Tir Square, Shahrood University of Technology


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