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Studying in Yasouj

Studying in Yasouj


The city of Yasouj, the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, is located on the mountainsides of Zagros and Dana of 1870 heights above sea. Our goal in presenting the studying in Yasouj is to familiarize and describe the cultural conditions, educational conditions, weather conditions, tourism and etc.

Studying in Yasouj


Yasouj (it means a place where jasmine flowers grow in abundance) is known as the nature capital of Iran due to its pleasant weather in four seasons. The dialect of Yasouj people is Lori and they are all Lori and Shiite. In the census of 1395, it has a population of 134532. Boyerahmad city has 4 central reigon called Markazi,Drohan, Margono Lorab, 2 cities and 13 villages. The city of Yasouj is located in the temperate Mediterranean climate region, where the average annual rainfall of this city reaches 865 mm, and it is one of the rainiest cities in Iran after Rasht.

Due to the high rainfall in this area and the good vegetation, animal husbandry and agriculture form the major part of the economy of this city. Kuppe, Gelim, carpets, mirrors and colorful local clothes are a good choice for souvenirs from this city.

Like other regions of Iran, the city of Yasouj has its own culture and customs. The long history of this city has given it a rich and ancient culture. One of the native ceremonies of Yasuj Pand Shekhani during Nowruz Holidays is for this city. In this ceremony, people visit elders members of family and mourners and change the mourner’s black clothes by taking gifts.
Chale Garam Kenon ceremony is another ritual of Yasouj people who perform this ancient custom by cooking local food one day before the New Year. People believe that by warming up their home oven, they will have stability and a blessed table in the new year.

Studying in Yasouj

Studying in Yasouj

There are 16 scientific and academic centers in Yasouj, and 21797 students and 888 professors work in these centers. Based on research, 15160 scientific articles including 2029 journal articles, 8111 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 2029 international articles have been extracted from this center. One of the prestigious academic centers of Yasuj is Yasuj University. You can visit study in Yasouj University ‘s article for more information.

Studying in Yasouj

Recreation and tourism places

Yasuj is one of the scenic cities of Iran which has become one of the tourist attractions due to the presence of two rivers (Bashar and Mehrian), a waterfall, Shah Qasim Dam lake, numerous springs and oak forests, and every tourist who is interested in nature should consider this city as chooses a destination in his journey.
Dana Mountains
Bashar River
Tal Khosrow
Kakan village
Tang Ganjaei
Dena ski resort
Forest Park
Tang Mehrian
Morpiese plain
Moor E Zard Lake
Shah Qasim Dam Lake
Pazen Pir Castle
Khungah copper cave
Aab Nahr Mountain
Imamzadeh Abdullah
Tal Moohrei

Studying in Yasouj

Health Centers and Hospitals

Shahid Muftah Clinic
Martyrs Hospital
Farhangian Clinic
Shahid Beheshti Hospital
Imam Jafar Sadiq Clinic
Sadra Clinic
Shahid Rajaei Hospital
Salman Hospital
Imam Sajjad Hospital
Omid Hospital

Hotels of Yasouj

Azadin Hotel
Eram Hotel
Dal Dana Hotel
Jahangardi Hotel
Bagheri Olympic Hotel
Parsian Hotel


Imam Khomeini Public Library
Public Library of Imam Ali
Markazi library
Professor Mohammad Bahman Begi Library
Shahada Aliabad Public Library
Fatemeh Al-Zahra Library
Shahid Beheshti Margon Public Library

Shopping Centers

Atlas commercial center
Sharafabad Fridays market
Tus commercial center
Mellat Center
Omid Center
Cherry shopping center


Lian traditional restaurant
4 Loghme Kebabi
Ghol Maryam Resturant
Yaghoosh traditional resturant
Bagenagh Ha Resturant
Shandiz Resturant
Bakhtiari Restaurant
Mobin Resturant
Chalukbabi Golpayegani
Zima resturant
Kolbe Resturant

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