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Studying in Qom

Studying in Qom


In this article, we intend to examine and analyze the city of Qom from diffrent aspects and capacities so that you can make the right choice for studying in Qom. Stay with us.

Studying in QomQom

The city of Qom, as the seventh metropolis and the capital of Qom province, is located near the center of Iran. In the last census of this metropolis, its population was 1201158 people. Qom is a religious city and one of the tourist centers of Shiites and Muslims due to the presence of the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (peace be upon her), the sister of Imam Reza (peace be upon her). This city is the largest center of Shiite scholarship in the world, which is visited by about 20 million pilgrims every year.

General information

The proximity of Qom city to Jamkaran Mosque is such that pilgrims and visitors of this city go to Jamkaran Mosque after traveling to this city. Jamkaran Mosque is one of the religious centers of Shiites, and there are different accounts of the presence of Imam Zaman (may Allah be pleased with her), the 12th Imam of Shiites, in this mosque.


If you are planning to travel to this city, it is better to know that for intercity travel, Qom city only has a railway station.

This city has two high-speed railway plans, Arak-Qom and Tehran-Qom-Isfahan National, both of which are currently under construction.

In the city of Qom, on average, 300 buses provide transportation services on 40 urban lines. Currently, there are 8 high-speed bus routes in this city, one of the most frequented of which is the route from Behesht Masoumeh to Jamkaran Mosque.

Qom metro line 1 project started from Jamkaran city and continues to the northwest of Kamkar city. There are 14 stations of this line within the city of Qom, which transports many passengers daily.

Entertainment venues

The city of Qom is one of the very old and ancient cities of Iran that has witnessed impressive events over time; Therefore, these events have caused it to have many historical and natural works. We can mention the important and most visited areas of Qom city, Hazrat Masoumeh Shrine, Jamkaran Mosque, Hoz Sultan Caravanserai, Jame Mosque of Qom, Fayzieh School of Qom and Timche Bazaar of Qom.

Tourism in Qom

Studying in Qom

The city of Qom is one of the important religious centers, which has caused it to attract the attention of students.

One of the most important scientific centers in the city of Qom is the State University of Qom. This university now has 6 faculties and 7 research and technology centers.

Universities in Qom

Health centers

Shahid Fatahi Hospital
Imam Reza Hospital
Ali Ibn Abi Talib Hospital
Kamkar Arabnia Hospital
Waliasr Hospital
Golpayegani Hospital
_Asibitin Shahid Beheshti
Iazidi Hospital

Why study in Qom?

  • If you are planning to study in Qom, without a doubt this city can be a suitable option for you because Tuition In this city, it is less compared to other big cities like Tehran, the accommodation costs of this city are not that high compared to other cities, and you do not have financial problems in this city. It is better to use hostels and guest houses in the city to stay in this city.
  • Qom University is one of the best and most prestigious universities in Iran, and the degree they provide to students at the end of the academic year has a special prestige and status among other countries. These universities have provided the best educational facilities and services for students, including libraries, laboratories, entertainment and sports complexes, restaurants and other educational and welfare facilities.

Studying in Iran

Studying in Tehran

Studying in Mashhad

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