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Studying in Sanandaj

Studying in Sanandaj


Kurdistan province (consisting of the word Kurd and the suffix Stan meaning the land of the Kurds) is located in the western region of the country, in the plains and slopes of the middle Zagros, and the center of this province is Sanandaj. Our goal in presenting the article on studying in Sanandaj is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourism, etc. conditions of this city.

Studying in SanandajSanandaj

Sanandaj is the second Kurdish city and one of the greenest cities in Iran, the history of living in this city goes back a long time. In 2018, this city was registered by UNESCO as one of the creative cities in the field of music. Kurdistan, with an area of 29137 square kilometers, shares a 200 kilometer border with Iraq. This province has 10 counties and 29 cities according to the latest national divisions of 1390. The ten cities of Kurdistan are: Bane, Bijar, Saqez, Sanandaj, Qorveh, Marivan, Diwandara, Kamiyaran, Sarovabad and Dehgolan. Kurdistan arrives from the north to the provinces of West Azarbaijan and Zanjan, from the east to Hamadan and Zanjan, from the south to Kermanshah and from the west to the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

General information of Sanandaj Due to its favorable climatic and environmental conditions, this province has been one of the settlements of humans, and Sanandaj has a traditional urban fabric in terms of its geographical location and the city-building activities of the Safavid and Qajar eras. In the census of 1395, the population of Kurdistan province was 1603011. The dialect of peoplr is Kurdish. The majority of people in this province are Muslims and Sunnis. In terms of climate, Kurdistan is located in the mountainous region and has a cold and relatively humid climate. The presence of Mediterranean masses in this region has caused a lot of rain in winter.

Studying in Sanandaj

There are 18 scientific and academic centers in Kurdistan and 24617 students and 959 professors work in these centers. Base on research, 20707 scientific articles including 3667 journal articles, 9525 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 3667 international articles have been extracted from this center. For example, the prestigious academic centers of Kurdistan include: Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences The University of Kordestan For more information, you can refer to the article studying in Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences and studying in Kurdistan University.

Universities of Sanandaj

Recreation and tourism places

There are countless nature tourism attractions in Kurdistan and it can be a good option for traveling in this province. Natural caves, unique terraced villages, authentic Kurdish music, strong castles and ancient hills, and historical places and buildings are among the sightseeing and tourism areas of Kurdistan. After the forests in the north of the country, the forests in Kurdistan are very important. These forests are located around the cities of Baneh and Marivan. Khosroabad Gross Mosque Crafto Cave Khosrow Abad Building Sanandaj market Salar Saeed mansion Imam Marivan Castle The Palace of Dez Zivieh Sanandaj Church Glass bathroom Asif Waziri Building Ouraman Stone Inscription(Tangivar inscription) Garan Bridge The two minaret mosque of Saqqez Sanandaj Grand Mosque Farhad Abad bridge Moshir Divan Building Vakil Building Babagargar spring Forty springs Bijar Bazaar Genghis Castle Amjad al-Ashraf mansion in Sanandaj Qajur Bridge Haj Saleh bath Abider amusement park Zarivar Lake and etc.

Tourism in Sanandaj


Kausar Hospital Besat Hospital Sanandaj Social Security Hospital Shahid Ghazi Clinic Shahid Beheshti Qorveh Hospital Imam Hossein (AS) Hospital Sinai Hospital Fajr Hospital Toheed Hospital Imam Khomeini Hospital Bo Ali Hospital Martyrs Hospital Quds Hospital Ara Clinic Hamza Seyyed al-Shohada clinic and etc.


Hotel Shadi Sanandaj tourist hotel Hotel Cord Halle Hotel Davinco Hotel Zarivar Hotel Mad Hotel Arian Hotel Nowruz Hotel Shar Hotel Zana Hotel Hedayat Hotel Azadin Hotel and etc.


Arendan library Avihang Library Baharan Library Hossein Abad Library Mastoorh Ardalan library Sanandaj Central Library Library of Imam Reza (AS) Shahid Motahari Public Library IT library Mulla Borhan Aali Library Imam Khomeini Central Library Mamust Public Library (Hae Jar) University’s library for the blind and visually impaired Khatam al-Anbia library Ferdowsi Library and etc.
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