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Studying in Gorgan

Studying in Gorgan


Gorgan city is the center of Golestan province This city located in north of Iran from 160 meters above sea area Golestan province formation with 4 city-,2 central part and 98 villages Our perpose to present of studying in Gorgan article also Description of cultural condition, educational condition, climate, tourism and etc.. .

Studying in Gorgan


Historians believe that after the migration of Aryan tribes to Iran, some of them settled in a land called Hyrkana (Gorgan) and based on historical evidence, the history of settlement dates back to 6 thousand years ago. Current Gorgan was called Estrabad until 1316.

Gorgan is one of the verdurous city in north. It is bordered by Agh Qola and Turkmen from the north, Semnan from the south, Mazandaran from the west, and Razavi Khorasan from the east.
30% of the population of this city are rural villagers. According to the census in 1395, has 350676 population
Historians believe that after the migration of Aryan tribes to Iran, some of them settled in a area called Hyrkana (Gorgan) and based on historical evidence, the history of settlement dates back to 6 thousand years ago.

Gorgan like another cities have diffrent Souvenirs the most popular Souvenirs of this city are traditional sweets like Zangebilli bread, Khormaeem bread, Halwa Amaj, Sargharbili, Shirmal bread, Padrazi bread, etc. Turkmen carpet, woven silk, are the other souvenirs of this city.
The city of Gorgan has different ethnicities including Estrabadi’s Sadat, Mazanis, Baluchs, Sistanis, Turks (Azeris, Ghazalbash, Turkmen and Kazakhs), and immigrants from other provinces of the country such as Semnan and Khorasan.
The dialect of the people of Gorgan is Tabari Gorgani, Farsi, Ziarat dialect and Katuli dialect.

Studying in Gorgan

Studying in Gorgan

In Golstan province 30 scientifical center and university exist and 60854 students and 2562 professor working in these centers Based on research, 36441 academic article contains 7661Journal article and 21049 article in Internal scientific conferences and 7661 international article had extracted from this center one of the valid university in Golestan province is Golestan university located in Gorgan city You can refer to the study article in Golestan University for more information.

Studying in Gorgan

Recreation and tourism places

In Iran existed lots of natural tourism areas that every one of them exhibit art of nature Gorgan is one of the most beautifui city of Iran which it welcomes a large number of tourists every year. With countless attractions and entertainment, the number of natural attraction of this city compared to other cities more In the following we introduce tourism area of this city
Palace Museum
Mr. Mohammad Khan Qajar palace
Bagheri’s house
Shirdegi house
Madrese Elmie
Amirlotfi House (Gorgan artcraft musiem)
Kazakh caravanserai
central Mosque
Narges Hill
Roshan abad Imamzad
Noor Imamzadeh
Golshan mosque
Ramzan Ali Khorasani house
Baran Kooh waterfall
Naharkhoran Forest Park
Alangdaree Jungle
Ziyarat village
Rangu waterfall
Tooshan waterfall
Numel Dam

Studying in Gorgan

Health Centers and Hospitals

Masood Hospital
Regional Hospital
Talegani Hospital
Daryae Private Clinic
Doctor Mosavi Hospital
Panjom Azar Hospital
phalsafi Hospital
Hakim Gorgani Hospital
Parsiyan Private Hospital
Sayad Shirazi Hospital
Shafa Heart Hospital
Childrent Talegani Hospital
Burn accident Hospital

Hotels of Gorgan

Botanic Hotel
Azin Hotel
Jahan Gardan Nahar Koran Hotel
Ziyarat Hotel
Khayam Hotel
Gol Narges Hotel
Atlas Hotel
Pardis Hotel
Farhangian Hotel
Sheli hotel


Besharet Public library
Hafez Public library
Mir Damad Public Library
Mir Ghalandar Public Library

Shopping Centers

Varcan Shopping Center
Royal Shopping Center
Zartosht Commrcial Building
Kapri Shopping Center
Tandis shopping center
Morsel Shopping center
Silwana Shopping Center
Da sauransu.


Baranak Resturants
Spinas Cafe Resturant
Maykosh Resturant
Gasr Korshid Resturant
Eros Resturant
Behesht Hyrcan Resturant
Baba taher Resturant
shukooh Darya Resturant
Sufi Resturant

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