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Studying at Shahed University

Studying at Shahed University


Shahed University is one of the prestigious public universities in Tehran, which started its activity in 1369 under the supervision of Shahed Foundation. This university accepts students in bachelor’s, master’s, professional doctorate and specialized doctorate degrees. Studying at Shahed University will be a beneficial choice for you.


Shahed University follows the historical decree of the 6th of April of 1365 by Hazrat Imam Khomeini “Radwan Allah Ta’ala alaihihi” regarding the need to deal with the cultural and educational affairs of the children of the martyrs, freedmen, missing persons and veterans of the Islamic Revolution and the forced war in order to create the necessary educational and research field at the level Ali University started its activities in October 2019, by accepting 165 students in 7 academic fields. This university is the only comprehensive university in the country that operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and through entrance examination. It recruits students nationwide and in a semi-centralized way.

Currently, 5,000 students and 325 professors are working in this center. Based on the analysis, this center has published 7,139 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. Shahed University is the owner and publisher of 13 specialized journals and so far The conference was organized by Shahed University. In addition, so far 5052 international articles have been extracted from this center. In 1402, Shahed University researchers have published most of their articles with the keywords “students” and “self-motivation”.

Studying at Shahed University

University rank

The ranking of Syamago is related to the ranking of American, Chinese, and Japanese universities, but due to the high practical level of this university, it was also ranked. Thus, Shahid University of Tehran ranks 36th among Iranian universities and 2793rd among prestigious universities in the world.

In the ranking of the Times website, which is one of the most reliable global ranking systems, in the 2020 ranking table of the world’s top universities, 1396 universities from 92 countries are seen as top universities. This ranking is grouped in 5 functional areas, education, research, citations, international outlook and industrial income, where Shahed University is ranked 1000+.

Tuition fees for Studying at Shahed University


Faculty of Engineering

The Technical and Engineering Faculty of Shahed University started its activity since 1373 with the aim of training the specialized and committed forces needed by the country in the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering and medical engineering under the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and has had 13 student admission courses and 8 graduate courses so far. Is.

Faculty of Basic Sciences

The Faculty of Basic Sciences of Shahed University has started its official activity since 1369 with the aim of training dedicated and expert forces in the Department of Mathematics under the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and with the establishment of the Department of Biology in 1372 and the Department of Physics in 1379. He expanded in the expert level. In addition, since 1385, it has increased its activity by accepting students in the field of applied mathematics and animal sciences in the field of physiology in the master’s degree, and in 1387 by accepting students in the field of microbiology in the doctoral level.

Humanities science faculty

Faculty of Humanities of Shahed University started its official activity since 1369 with the aim of training experts in humanities according to the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Shahed University was established in 1370 and now in the field of agricultural engineering in the expert level with the orientation: It operates in agriculture and plant breeding, horticulture, plant medicine and soil sciences and in the master’s degree in agriculture, entomology and agricultural biotechnology by accepting students.

Medical school

Shahed Medical College started its activity in 1371 with the aim of training general physicians under the permission of the Ministry of Health, Medical Education and Training by accepting 48 students.

The faculty has 78 faculty members. Including 36 members of the scientific faculty of basic sciences, 42 members of the scientific faculty of clinical sciences. Also, prominent and committed professors of other universities are invited as invited and teaching rights to use their experiences in educational and research matters.

Art Department

The Faculty of Art of Shahed University started its activity in 1369 with the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology through the Organization of Assessment and Education of the country with the aim of training specialized and committed experts needed by the cultural society of the country with the policy of identifying and analyzing Iranian Islamic art.

dental College

Shahed School of Dentistry started its official activity in 1370 in order to train dental students in the field of prevention and treatment of oral and dental diseases at the professional doctorate level under the permission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Based on the evaluations carried out in theoretical and practical training, the graduates of this school are among the top skilled dentists of the country who are engaged in providing scientific services in domestic and foreign institutions. Currently, this school is engaged in 7 specialized fields. Education of students is a specialized course.

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Shahid School of Nursing and Midwifery started its official activity in 1369 with the aim of training experts in the field of nursing and midwifery according to the permission of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. The educational period of this school is 8 semesters.

Studying at Shahed University

Research institues and research centers

  • New Science and Technologies Research Institute
  • Immune Response Regulation Research Center
  • Neurophysiology Research Center
  • Molecular Microbiology Research Center
  • Molecular Microbiology Research Center
  • Medicinal Plants Research Center
  • Geriatric Care Research Center
  • Acoustic Research Group
  • Family Health Research Group


  • Pharmacy
  • Iranian traditional medicine
  • Medicine
  • Health Economics
  • Immunology
  • History of medical sciences
  • medical Physiology
  • bacteriology
  • Geriatric nursing
  • Special care nursing
  • _Operating Room
  • Nursing
  • Dental
  • Specialized assistance
  • Oral and maxillofacial diseases and dental prostheses
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Dentistry-endodontics
  • Orthodontics dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Clinical Psychology)
  • Law
  • Information science and science
  • social Sciences
  • Educational Science
  • Political Science
  • Islamic jurisprudence
  • Librarianship
  • Business Management
  • Industrial Management
  • Physical education-physical education and sports science
  • Theology and Islamic Sciences
  • Agricultural Biotechnology (Major)
  • Agricultural-Ecological Engineering (Agroecology)
  • Agricultural Engineering – Plant Breeding (Senior)
  • Agricultural Engineering – Seed Technology (Senior)
  • Agricultural engineering – soil science
  • Entomological Agricultural Engineering (Master)
  • Agricultural engineering, horticultural science, fruit work
  • Agricultural Engineering (Major)
  • Agricultural engineering, entomology-ecology and biological control
  • Agricultural engineering entomology-toxicology
  • Agricultural engineering entomology-systematics of insects
  • Agricultural engineering, entomology-entomology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • electrical control engineering
  • Electrical-electronic engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electrical engineering telecommunications
  • Medical engineering -bioelectric
  • civil engineering
  • hardware computer engineering)
  • Mathematics and applications
  • Computer Science
  • Cell and molecular biology (genetic and biotechnology trends)
  • animal life
  • public life
  • Solid state physics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Art Research (P.H.D)
  • Comparative and Analytical History of Islamic Art (P.H.D.)
  • video communication (senior)
  • Art research (master’s degree)
  • Illustration (Master’s Degree)
  • painting (senior)
  • Islamic art-painting (major)
  • Writing and painting

Entertainment services

One of the features that attract and interest students and volunteers is the special conditions and facilities that are considered for students at different entrances. In accordance with the main purpose of establishing this university, which is the scientific and cultural education of students, the following facilities are provided for the students of Shahed University:

  • Full provision of educational facilities, including holding specialized and scientific workshops at a high level
  • Increasing the quality of the academic level in different levels of education to educate educated and useful students for the society
  • Employing students to conduct and test applied research at the country and world level to gain more experience
  • Holding free, part-time and evening trainings for other students
  • Providing sports facilities for interested students to work in specialized sports fields and the possibility of participating in provincial and national competitions
  • Granting equipped dormitory with full facilities to other students
  • Providing a valid certificate in case of attending and passing the final exam of specialized courses

Studying at Shahed University

The library of university

Shahed University of Tehran has established a specialized library in order to increase the access of students and scientific professors to the best scientific resources in the country and the world. The central library of Shahed University has all the specialized books for various fields in the university, and the possibility of accessing, reserving and borrowing these books is provided for students. Shahed University Library has provided the possibility for other students to access and read the theses of students of previous years by registering and creating a username and password.


Shahed University of Tehran, like other public universities in Iran, has well-equipped dormitories with special facilities for non-native students, undergraduate students up to 4 years equivalent to 8 academic semesters, continuous master students up to 2 years equivalent to 4 academic semesters, and professional doctoral and master’s degree students They can live in the dormitory of Shahid University continuously for 6 years equivalent to 12 semesters for dental fields and 7 years equivalent to 14 academic semesters for medical fields.

Geographical location

Shahed University is located in Islam Shahr and on Dhramari Street. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as Aftab Shahr International Exhibition, the first door of Shahdeh University and Aftab Shahr Post Office. The closest bus station to this place is Shahr Aftab bus station of Kaveh terminal, which makes access to this place easy for public transportation users.


Tehran, Persian Gulf highway (the beginning of Tehran-Qom freeway), in front of Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine, Shahid University


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