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Studying at Golestan University

Studying at Golestan University


Gorgan is one of the cities of Golestan province in Iran, which is located in the north of Alborz mountain range and south of Caspian lake. In the article of Studying at Golestan University, we introduce Golestan State University, one of the universities of Gorgan.  


Golestan University is a state university founded in 1387, which is located in Golestan province.

Studying at Golestan University

3700 students, 230 professors and 170 faculty members are working in this educational center. Based on the research, 3104 scientific articles have been published in [1036 journal articles  و 2068 congress articles ]publications and domestic conferences and 1286 international articles have been published. Also, Golestan University is the owner and publisher of 3 specialized magazines. 7 conferences have been held in this center. 
Golestan University ranked 51st in the ranking of state universities in 1401.


School of Science
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Technical and Engineering
Aliabad School of Engineering and Technology
Gorgan Technical and Engineering School is located on Al-Ghadir Street 

Studying at Golestan University


Mathematics and Applications
Mathematical Statistics
_Business Management
_Electrical Engineering
_Civil Engineering
-Computer Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
_Mechanical Engineering
Natural hazards
Shia studies
Geography and Urban Planning
The history of the Islamic revolution
_Sports Science
Persian Language and Literature
_English Language and Literature
Chemistry Physical 
Applied Chemistry
To get the list of courses of Golestan University and the degree you want, download the file below.

Majors of Golestan University

Golestan University tuition fee

MajorsDegreesDurationAnnual Tuition
Literature and humanities majorsBacholar4 years550$
Literature and humanities majorsMasters2 years746$
Literature and humanities majorsPhD3-4 years-
Other majorsBacholar4 years550$
Other majorsMasters2 years812$
Other majorsPhD3-4 years-
ScienceBacholar4 years550$
ScienceMasters2 years812$
SciencePhD3-4 years-

Entertainment services

Dormitory: Unfortunately, Golestan University does not have a dormitory, but it has non-governmental boarding houses in Aliabad and Gorgan. There are 3 boarding houses for males and 4 boarding houses for females in the Gorgan, and two boarding houses for females in the city of Aliabad. boarding houses have facilities such as beds, refrigerators, heating and cooling devices, etc.
Central Library: The central library of the university was opened in Bahman 1388 at the same time as the Fajr decade. Currently, the central library in Shahid Beheshti Street campus  provides services to students.

Studying at Golestan University


Winning the championship title in the athletics competition in the 100×4 meter relay event and winning the quota of the 14th Sports Olympiad of universities across the country. 
Winning the second title in the chess tournament hosted by Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Winning the fourth title in the volleyball tournament hosted by Gilan University
Winning the third title by a student of Golestan University in the international  competition of Russia


Address: Golestan – Gorgan – Shahid Beheshti St. – Golestan University

Common Questions about Studying at Golestan University

  1. Is it possible to get a study visa in this university?
  2. Is there a married dormitory in this university?
    No, dormitory is only for single students.
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