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Studying at Qom University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Qom University of Medical Sciences


Qom University of Medical Sciences is one of the medical universities located in Qom province. In this article, we are going to talk about studying at Qom University of Medical Sciences, so stay with us.


Qom University of Medical Sciences is one of the universities of Qom province, which officially started its activity as a university at the end of 2005. After Qom became a province in 2000 and with the promotion of the Qom health and treatment network, which until then was operating as one of the affiliated centers of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and was in charge of Qom health and treatment affairs, as the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services Qom therapy was formed. At the same time, the principle agreement of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education was announced with the establishment of nursing and health faculty , until in 1376, with the admission and medical training in the bachelor’s degree in nursing, the educational activity of the faculty officially began.

n the early years of its establishment, Qom University of Medical Sciences only accepted male students, but after the dissolution of Fatemieh Qom University of Medical Sciences, which only accepted female students, it accepted both male and female students at the same time. Qom University of Medical Sciences trains specialized assistants in internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, neurology, gynecology, cardiology, and vascular medicine.

Currently, 2294 students and 206 professors are working in this center. Based on the research done, this center has published 743 scientific articles in domestic publications and congress (228 journal articles and 515 conference articles). Qom University of Medical Sciences is the owner and publisher of 4 specialized journals and so far 1 congress has been organized by Qom University of Medical Sciences. In addition, so far 1889 international articles have been extracted from this center.

Studying at Qom University of Medical SciencesUniversity rank

In the latest ranking published by the Times Institute in 2023, this university was ranked 401-500.


_Faculty of Medicine
_Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
_Faculty of Dentistry
_Faculty of Public Health
_ Faculty of Health and Religion
_ Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
_Faculty of Traditional Medicine

Research Centers

_ Center for basic research and cognitive medicine
_ Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases Research Center
_Neuroscience Research Center
Manavi Health Research Center
Manavi Health Research Center
Cell and Molecular Research Center
_ Environmental Pollutants Research Center
_ Pediatric Clinical Research Development Unit
_ Shahid Beheshti Clinical Research Development Unit
_ Khairin Salamat Clinical Research Development Unit

Tuition fee of Qom University of Medical Sciences

DurationU.S. DollarsFieldDegree
4 years2,420All coursesBSc
2-3 years3,630Laboratory-basedMSc
2-3 years3,267Non-LaboratoryMSc
7 years4,840MDGeneral Doctorate
7 yearsUp to the Basic Sciences Exam (The first two academic years): 4,840 After the Basic Sciences Exam: 5,566DDSGeneral Doctorate
4-5 years5,203Laboratory-basedPhD
4-5 years4,477Non-LaboratoryPhD
3-4 years4,840All coursesSpecialty

_Educational and Medical Centers

_ Shohada educational and therapeutic center
_ Kamkar Medical Training Center – Arabnia
_ Khairin Salamat Medical Research Educational Complex
_ Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH) educational and therapeutic center
_ Shahid Beheshti educational and therapeutic center – Amir al-Momenin (AS)
_ Masumieh School of Iranian Medicine
_ Specialized dental center

Educational groups

Faculty of Medicine :
_ Biochemistry and Genetics
_ Physiology and pharmacology
_ Microbiology and immunology
_Anatomical sciences
_ Tissue engineering and applied cell science
_ Islamic teachings
_ Medical education
_ Elderly Science
_ Surgery
_ Neurology
_Obstetrics and Gynecology
_ Social and family medicine
_Emergency Medicine

Faculty of paramedicine:
_ Anesthesia group
_Operating Room Technology
_Medical emergency
_Laboratory Sciences

Faculty of dentistry:
_ Oral, jaw and facial diseases
_ Oral, jaw and facial surgery
_ Endodontics (root canal treatment)
_Pediatric Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
_Dental Prostheses

Faculty of Health:
_Environmental health engineering
_Occupational health and safety engineering
_General Hygiene
_ Health education and health promotion
_ Epidemiology and biostatistics

Faculty of Health and Religion:
_Quran and Hadith sciences in health
_ Health philosophy and ethics
_ History of medical sciences

Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery:
_ Internal surgery
_ Children’s nursing
_ Psychiatric nursing
_ Community health

Faculty of Traditional Iranian Medicine:
_Traditional Medicine

Studying at Qom University of Medical Sciences

Welfare Amenities:

Dormitory: Dormitory amenities include (refrigerator, carpet, cupboard, gas stove, computer, chair, study table, etc.) and provision and expansion of infrastructure equipment for student houses. The capacity of the rooms of Girls dormitory is 4 people.
According to the size of each room, the capacity of the rooms of Boys varies from 4 to 10 people Among the dormitories of this university, the following can be mentioned:

_ Kosar Girls Dormitry: Kausar (Girls) dormitory is located on Ghadir Blvd., in front of Yadgar Imam Stadium, University of Medical Sciences campus.
_ Imam Khomeini Boys Dormitry : Shahid Beheshti St. is located in front of the city health center.

Nutrition: Maintaining the health and hygiene of students’ food is one of the most important goals of student affairs management, therefore, for this purpose, the nutrition department is responsible for supervising the preparation, cooking and distribution of students’ food for breakfast, lunch and dinner using fresh ingredients. Quality and hygiene, as well as reservation and distribution of food in self-services and dormitories through the feeding automation system

Welfare Amenities: The welfare amenities of the university include: Sports services (shooting, darts, hand football, bodybuilding, martial arts, ping pong, badminton, basketball, volleyball and football), psychological and counseling services, scientific and recreational camps.

Geographical location

The University of Medical Sciences and Healthcare Services is located in Bajak neighborhood of Qom and on Zair Blvd., Lavasani Street. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as Ayatollah Golpaygani Hospital, Esteghlal Hotel, Radiology Imaging Center, Alzahra Mobile Commercial Complex, and Kamkar Arabnia Hospital.

Address: Qom University of Medical Sciences

Qom – Shahid Lavasani St. (Saheli) – Qom University of Medical Sciences and Healthcare Services

University Website

Frequently asked questions about studying at Qom University of Medical Sciences

How is the dormitry reservation process?

1- Preparation and completion of dormitory accommodation forms from the university website and delivery to the dormitory office located in the university campus of medical sciences.
2- Preparation of a notarized commitment according to the template available on the university website and delivered to the welfare office located in the University of Sciences campus.
Medicine or payment of the dormitory fee in coordination with the dormitory administration

Are the counseling services provided by the Student Cultural Vice-Chancellor free of charge or for that?
Is there a fee?

All counseling services, including counseling-follow-up and support topics and assistance-types of psychological tests
It is free for all students at all levels.

How is the transportation service for students?

Services are available for students to travel between dormitories and their colleges .
Students are available in dormitories and faculties .

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