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Studying at Sharif University of Technology

Studying at Sharif University of Technology


In order to choose the place of study and field, people are required to know and obtain information so that they can make the best choice in the most important stage of their life. The subject of this article is studying at Sharif University of Technology, where we are trying to introduce the university and its scientific position.


This university was ordered by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1965 [until the  revolution of 1978 , it was officially addressed  as His Highness Homayouni, Shahanshah Aryamhar,  the second king of  the Pahlavi dynasty ,and the last  king of Iran  from 1941 to 1978] After the resignation of his fathe r, Reza Shah, he became the king with an oath  in the National Council and after the 1978 revolution, he was dismissed and under the supervision of Professor  Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi Gilani , it was founded under the name of  Ariyamehr University of Technology .

In 1979, Aryamhar University of Technology  was renamed Sharif University of Technology after one of its graduates , Majid Sharif Waqefi [a former member of  the People’s Mojahedin Khalq Organization],  who was separated from the organization and killed.
Currently, This university has 10,242 students and 480 professors working in this center. According to research conducted, Sharif University of Technology has published 16,198 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences, out of which 2,637 are journal articles and 13,561 are conference papers. Additionally, 26,999 internationally recognized articles have been published. This center owns and publishes 6 specialized journals and has also organized 111 conferences.

University rank

Sharif University of Technology is ranked 334th among world universities in the QS ranking system, and it is also ranked 84th among universities in Asia. On the other hand, Sharif University of Technology is ranked 401-450 according to subject-based rankings.

According to the Shanghai Ranking system, Sharif University of Technology is ranked 701-800. This is while Sharif University of Technology is ranked 301-350 in the Times ranking system

Studying at Sharif University of Technology


Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
_Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science
_Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science Engineering
_ Faculty of Physics
_Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
_ Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Industrial Engineering
_Faculty of Civil Engineering
_Computer Engineering
Department of Philosophy of Science
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Faculty of Management and Economics
Faculty of Energy Engineering

Student Groups

Imam Ali People’s Student Aid Society
Poetry and Literature Center of Sharif University
Deep Scientific Association
Student Mobilization of Sharif University
Mountain Group of Sharif Students
Sharif University Music Center
Group of Environmentalists
Sabz Charity
Yarigaran Center
Islamic Student Association
Sharif Islamic Society
Students Union Council
Sharif International Association of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Kimia  Scientific and Cultural group
Mahdavian Assembly of Sharif University

Educational Centers

Department of Philosophy of Science
Center for Languages and Linguistics
Research Institute of Science and Nano Technology
Physical Education
Graphic Center
Center for Islamic Education and Sciences


Sharif University of Technology includes the central library and 10 specialized libraries that started their work with the establishment of the university:
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Library
Engineering and Materials Science Library
Library of Philosophy of Science Department
Aerospace Engineering Library
Mathematics and Industries Library
Biochemistry Library
Management Library
Physics Library
Civil Engineering Library
Electrical Engineering Library

Sharif University of Technology tuition fee

DegreesAnnual TuitionDuration
Bacholar€4,0004 years
Masters€4,2002 years
PhD€4,2003-4 years


Electrical Engineering – Electronics
Electrical Engineering – Power Systems
Electrical Engineering – Control
Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications
Civil Engineering Structural
Civil Engineering – Earthquake
Civil Engineering – Soil Mechanics and Foundations
Civil Engineering – Roads and Transportation
Civil Engineering – Water Engineering
Civil Engineering – Transportation Planning
Mechanical Engineering – Applied Design
Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion
Mechanical Engineering – Aerodynamic
Aerospace Engineering – Aerodynamics
Aerospace Engineering – Flight Dynamics and Control
Aerospace Engineering – Propulsion
Marine Engineering
Electrical Engineering – Bioelectric
Faculty of Industrial Engineering
Computer Engineering – Computer System’s Architecture
Computer Engineering – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
_ Software engineering
Information Technology (IT)
Computer Engineering – Algorithm
Energy Engineering – Reactor
Energy Engineering – Energy Modeling
Energy Engineering – Energy Systems
Nanotechnology – Nanomaterials
Nanoscience Nano-electronics
_Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Material Engineering and Metallurgy
Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Inorganic
Chemistry Physical
Chemistry Analytical
_Pure Mathematics
_Applied Mathematics
Nanoscience – Nanophysics, Nanostructures
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Nanoscience – Nanochemistry (Nano-Inorganic Chemistry)
Computer Science
To get the complete list of programs and study levels, download the file below:

Sharif University of Technology study programs

Studying at Sharif University of Technology


Winning first place in  student math competitions  for 21 consecutive years
Rank 200-250 among the top universities in the world based on QS ranking
More than 46,000 gratuate students at different levels of study
Having the largest number of members  of the Culture of Sciences  among Iranian universities
Obtaining the first place among institutions in the annual festivals of the best nanotechnology from 2007 to now
The presence of the most graduates from Sharif University of Technology among the faculty members of universities in the country
Getting the first place in the country’s student math competitions
Obtaining the first rank among Iran’s universities of technology based on the ISC ranking
Receiving the Fields medal by the outstanding scientific graduate of the university Mrs. Maryam Mirza Khani (2014)
5th place in the international student mathematics competition (Hungary)

Welfare Amenities

Dormitory: Tarsht 2 Girls’ Dormitory, Shahid Shourideh and Tarsht 3 Boys’ Dormitory, Shahid Ahmadi Roshan, Mosli Nejad, Shahid Vazaoi, Shahid Heydartash and Shadman. The girls’ dormitory has suites for four, six and eight individuals, while the boys’ dormitory has rooms for four and six individuals. In all dormitories, study hall, gym and gym, supermarket, playground, green space, hairdresser, sewing and dry cleaning are available to students. Religious, cultural and sports programs are held in the dormitories. The shuttle service is available and can be used from the university to the dormitory and from the dormitory to the university during the prescribed hours. On Thursdays and evenings, food is distributed in the dormitory, although they must make a reservation in advance and be present at the kitchen in time to receive the food.

Studying at Sharif University of Technology

Geographical location

Sharif University of Technology is  located in Timuri neighborhood of Tehran  and Azadi St, Habibzadegan, Nishiba. In terms of location , it is adjacent to Digi Skull  and also  Mahdi Restaurant , Setak , Sharif Plus , Sharif Technologies building  and  Jisoo fast food cafe  are located.

Address of Sharif University of Technology

Address: Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, Tehran, Iran

center name: Sharif University of Technology

university website:

Frequently asked questions about studying at Sharif University of Technology:

  1. What documents are required to register at Sharif University of Technology?
    Passport, photo, transcripts, degree, CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter.
  2. Does this university accept non-Iranian students in the doctoral program?
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