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Studying at Kashan University

Studying at Kashan University


Kashan University is the largest university and the first university in Kashan city, which is located in Ravand city [the central city of Kashan and in Isfahan province]. If you plan to Studying at Kashan University, stay with us.


this University received its establishment license in 1352, and from the month of the following year, 200 students in the fields of mathematics and physics began to operate as the first higher education center. This higher school continued to work under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education until 1357. Until, after the victory of the Glorious Islamic Revolution, in 1358, Kashan Higher School of Sciences under the supervision of Isfahan University joined the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.


In 1362, after the revolution and the re-opening of universities, this center became affiliated with Tarbiat Moalem University of Tehran by changing the nature of its courses to teaching courses and expanding humanities courses. In 1368, with the expansion of academic fields as Kashan Teacher Training University, it continued its activities independently and directly with the Ministry of Science until the establishment of engineering fields in 1373, the comprehensiveness of Kashan University was approved by the expansion council. A year later, the Faculty of Architecture and Art was founded with an emphasis on the necessities, needs and arts and industries of the region.

9000 students, 630 professors and 300 faculty members work in this university. Based on the analysis, 7126 scientific articles were published in journals, 10 internal conferences were held, and 12 specialized journals are the publisher. In addition, 5580 internationally valid articles have been extracted so far.

Ranking of university

The rank of Kashan University based on the ranking system of Shanghai China [known as the scientific ranking of world universities] which was founded in 1998, Kashan University in the 2020 Shanghai ranking system, in three fields (mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, science and energy engineering) ) was ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.

Studying at Kashan University


_Faculty of Human Sciences
_Faculty of Engineering
_Faculty of Architecture and Art
_Faculty of  Chemistry
_Faculty of electronic education
_Faculty of  Mathematical Sciences
_Faculty of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences
_Faculty of  Physics
_Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages
_Kashan University campus
_Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering
_Faculty of Electrical and Computer 
_Women campus

Tuition Fees of Kashan University

TitlesMajorsAnnual Tuition
Bacholar sciences and other majors600$
BacholarEngineering Sciences600$
Masters sciences and other majors575$
MastersEngineering Sciences625$
PhD sciences and other majors1,415$
PhDEngineering Sciences1,650$
Insurance and food-1,050$
Single dormitory450$ yearly
Married dormitory-850$ yearly


_Solid Mechanics
_Mechanical design
_Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion
_Functional design
_Architectural Engineering
_Islamic art
_Statistics and applications
_Applied Mathematics
_Computer Science
_Electrical Engineering
_Computer Engineering
_Natural resources engineering
_Nature tour
_the environment
_Power plant and energy
_Dynamic systems and control
_Heat and fluids
_and etc.

To get the complete list of majors , download the file below.

Majors  of Kashan University

Research institutes

Research institutes of science and nanotechnology
Research Institute of Natural Essential Oils
Carpet research Institute
Energy Research Institute
Kashanology Research Center
Architecture and urban planning research center
Center for scientific research applied water, drought and climate change
Smart network technology research and development center

Studying at Kashan University

Welfare Amenities

central Library: The most famous central library of Kashan city, named after the late Ayatollah Seyyed Mahdi Yatharbi, was put into use in Kashan University with the presence of the representative of the legal guardian and Imam Juma of Kashan, etc. This 4500 square meter library is built on 4 floors. 5 book repositories with an area of 2000 meters, reading room, publications and binding are among the features of this book. This library will provide services to the citizens in order to promote book culture and reading as much as possible.

Dormitory: The project to upgrade Block 5 of Kashan University Girls’ Dormitory began with the participation of benefactors. In this project, all the iron doors and windows are to be changed to double-glazed doors and windows in order to reduce energy consumption, as well as to improve the lighting of all the rooms and corridors, as well as the terraces of the rooms, and to convert them to energy-saving lamps, the wooden doors of all the rooms are to be replaced.

Studying at Kashan University


Kashan University ranked first in research productivity among the country’s universities
Achieving the second rank among Iranian universities and the 109th rank among world universities based on the Green Metric international ranking system in the year
Kashan University is one of the top 10 universities in the country
Kashan University is among the top one percent of universities in the world
Kashan University ranked second among universities in the field of nanotechnology
Kashan University ranked first in the 2019 Asian Times ranking system among the comprehensive universities of the country
First rank of Kashan University in the Leyden ranking system
Designing and inventing the first Iranian programming language “Seyd Ali Mohammadieh”
Kashan University ranked fifth in the European ranking system among the country’s comprehensive universities
and etc.


Kashan University is located in  Kashan city and Qutb Rawandi Blvd and in terms of geographical location, it is near  Shahid Rajaei Ravand Technical University, Kashan University Professors  Guest House,  Shahid Rajaei University Park,  Faculty of basic sciences   and  swimming pool of Kashan University of Medical Sciences are located.

Address of Kashan University

Address: Kashan, km 6 of Qutb Rawandi Blvd

Common questions about Studying at Kashan University

  1. Is education in Kashan University in Arabic? 
    No, it depends on the course an professor and the number of Iraqi students in that course code, and there is no guarantee that the course will be held in Arabic, and on the other hand, the student is required to submit a language certificate approved by the Ministry of Science to the university within nine months.
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