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Studying at Imam Reza University

Studying at Imam Reza University


Imam Reza International University in Mashhad is under the supervision of Astan Quds, which has been able to attract many volunteers due to its favorable educational quality and educational-research facilities. In this article, we discuss the topic of studying at Imam Reza University. Stay with us for information about registration and tuition fee of Imam Reza University.


Imam Reza University with an area of ​​30,000 thousand was founded by Ayatollah Tabasi (Khorasan Razavi Trust). Due to gender separation in Imam Reza University, female students study in Rezvan campus and male students study in Asrar campus.
this University started its activity in 1999. 5900 students, 52 professors, 61 faculty members are working in this center. Based on the research done , 2278 scientific articles[413 journal articles و 1865 congress articles] have been published in domestic publications and congress and 301 internationally valid articles. Also, 6 congress have been organized by Imam Reza University.
Studying at Imam Reza University


_Faculty of Human Sciences 
Faculty of Technical Engineering
_Faculty of Management and Accounting
_Faculty of Islamic Art and Architecture

Studying at Imam Reza University

Majors of Imam Reza University 

The majors of this University are as follows.
_Electrical Engineering
_Sports Science
_Financial Management
_Business Management
_Industrial Management
_Insurance Management 
_Urban Design
-Computer Engineering
English Language Translation
_Biomedical Engineering
_Sports Science
_Mechatronics Engineering 
_Business Management
Download the following file to get the full list of Imam Reza University majors and the study level you want.

Majors of Imam Reza University

Honors of Imam Reza International University

_ Level one in the ranking of non-governmental universities by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran
_ Acquiring the first position among the universities and non-governmental higher education institutions of the country according to the ranking system of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology 
_ Compiled and translated 58 book titles
_Carrying out 37 research projects
_ Earning the title of the second academic publisher of the country
_ Mr. Mohammad Sarei  won the first place in the theater section of the second regional festival of Pak University
_ Winning the runner-up position by the volleyball team of Imam Reza International University among the universities of region 13
_ Obtaining the first rank among the country’s non-governmental universities based on the ranking of Civilica (ِDansh Reference)

Tuition fee of Imam Reza University

MajorsDegreesDurationAnnual Tuition
Literature and Humanities majorsBacholar4 years400$
Literature and Humanities majorsMasters2 years720$
Other majorsBacholar4 years472$
Other majorsMasters2 years842$

Entertainment services

_ Educational and laboratory supplies : Connecting to the national internet network through optical fiber and free access to the internet for students, equipping public computer , equipping the conference hall with audio and visual systems, equipping classrooms with video projectors and computers, equipped laboratories with network and microprocessor and network security, library and study hall and…
Dormitory:  Female student dormitory  with a capacity of 300 students, male student dormitory (for international students) with a capacity of 70 people [*with transportation service for students lived in the dormitory]
_ Astan Quds Library
_ Gyms

Studying at Imam Reza University

Geographical location

Imam Reza University is located in Sanabad neighborhood of Mashhad and in Razavi Khorasan province, University street. In terms of geographical location, this University is located near important centers such as Three-way Literature Park, National Garden, Dr. Sheikh Hospital, Zair Sarai Gol Narjes  and Bint Al-Hadi Hospital. The nearest metro station to this place is Saadi metro station, the nearest bus station to this place is Saadi square bus station, which makes it easy for public transport users to reach the University.

Address of Imam Reza University

Address: Mashhad, University Street, University 21, Asrar Street (special for boys_Esrar)
Mashhad, Palestine Square (special for girls_Rizvan)

Frequently asked questions for studying at Imam Reza University

  1. Are Iraqi students able to study at Imam Reza University?
    No, this university is out of the list of universities approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Science.
  2. How is the tuition fee paid?
    The tuition fee in this university is paid in Tomans and increases by approximately 25% every year.
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