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Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences [located in Tehran] as one of the public universities of Iran and the scientific position of this university compared to other centers encourages people to search about the history of the university and its resume. This university is related to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education; Stay with us .


Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services is one of the public universities of Iran under the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education  in  Tehran province and is a survivor of Dar al-Funun Medical School and it is considered as the oldest academic medical science institution in Iran.
Since its establishment, Tehran University of Medical Sciences has been moved to two other locations and finally moved to its current location in 1938. Dr. Ali Jafarian was founded in 1935 and the current president of this university is in charge. In 1987, the faculties of medical sciences of Tehran University were officially separated from each other by the new government directive and Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was formed.
Currently, this university has 13300 students and 1650 professors . Based on the research done, this center has so far produced 9718 scientific articles in domestic publications and congress, the owner and publisher of 31 specialized magazines, the holding of 56 congress and 74356 international valid articles.

Ranking of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

According to the public relations report of the International Vice President, Shanghai is one of the three  internationally recognized ranking systems, the results of which are published by Shanghai Jiaotong University. Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Sharif University of Technology are ranked 601-800 and won the second place.


Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences


_Faculty of Public Health
_ Faculty of Pharmacy
_Faculty of Medicine
_Faculty of Dentistry
_ Faculty of Rehabilitation
_ Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
_Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
_Faculty of Iranine Traditional Medicine
_ Faculty of Modern Medical Technologies
_Faculty of Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics
_Virtual Faculty


In total, Tehran University of Medical Sciences has 16 teaching hospitals with 4000 hospital beds, which are:
_ Arash women
_ Imam Khomeini Hospital
_ Amir A’alam Hospital
_ Cancer Institute
_ Bharlo
_ Bahrami children
_ Poste Razi
_ Rospeh psychiatry
_ Yas women
_ Sina
_ Ziya’eyan
_ Farabi Ophthalmology
_ Children’s Medical Center
_ Heart center of Tehran
_ Vali-Asr

Research Centers

_ Education and research center for skin diseases and leprosy
_ Science and technology research center in medicine
_ Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation Research Center
_ Immunology, Asthma and Allergy Research Center
_ Center for trauma research and surgical research
_ Valiasr Reproductive Health Research Center
_ Sports Medicine Research Center
_Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center
_ Environmental Research Center
_Cancer Research Center
_ Student Scientific Research Center
_ Dental Research Center
_ Transplantation Bank Research Center
_ Endocrine and Metabolism Research Institute
_ Rheumatology Research Center
_ Brain and Nervous Diseases Research Center
_ Ethics and Medical History Research Center
_ Cerebrospinal Lesion Repair Research Center
_ Ear, Nose and Throat Research Center
_ Medicinal Plants Research Center
_ Psychiatric Research Center
_Psychiatric Research Center
_ Tehran Heart Research Center
_ Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases Research Center
_ Ophthalmology Research Center
_ Children’s growth and development research center
_AIDS Research Center
_ Nanotechnology Research Center
_ Nuclear Medicine Research Center
_ Social Development and Health Promotion Research Center
_ Demographic Research Base
_ Pediatric Urology Research Center
_ Molecular Immunology Research Center
_ Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center
_ Quran, Hadith and Medicine Research Center
_Laser Research Center of Dentistry
_ Vesicular Autoimmune Disease Research Center
_ Basic Electrophysiology Research Center
_ New and invasive radiology research center
_ Center for the development of brilliant talents
_ Biotechnology Research Center
_ Drug Design and Development Research Center
_ Nephrology Research Center
_Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Research Center
_ Research Center for Occupational Diseases and Occupational Medicine
_ Health Knowledge Exploitation Research Center
_ Traditional Pharmaceutical Research Center
_ Nursing and midwifery care research center
_ Molecular Cell Research Center
_Institute of Medical History Studies, Islamic and Complementary Medicine
_Razi Institute for Drug Research
_ ENT and head and neck research center
_Immunology Research Center
_ Iranian Ophthalmology Research Center
_ Nursing care research center
_ Center for Mental Health Research
_Rehabilitation Research Center
_ Pathology and Cancer Research Center
_Occupational Research Center
_ Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases Research Center – Iran
_ Burn Research Center
_Physiology Research Center
_ Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center
_ Occupational Health Research Center
_Center for Educational Research in Medical Sciences
_ Microbial resistance research center
_ Gland Research Center, Endocrine Institute
_ Breastfeeding Research Center
_ National Center for Addiction Studies

Tehran University of Medical Sciences Tuition and Fee Table

DegreesAnnual Tuition (in Dollars )Duration ( in Years )
Doctor of Medicine6,000$7
Doctor of Dental Surgery3,750$6
Bachelor of Dental Sciences3,500$5
Doctor of Pharmacy3,000$6
Master of Pharmacy3,000$5
Bachelor of Science2,000$4
B.Sc. in Life Science2,000$3
M.Sc. and Master's Programs3,000$2-3
Ph.D. Programs5,000$-

Faculty of Dentistry tuition fee table

Restorative Dentistry15,000$-11,000$-
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery--11,000$6,000$
Dental Biomaterials-13,000$--
Pediatric Dentistry11,250$-7,000$6,000$
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology11,250$-7,000$-
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology11,250$-7,000$-
Oral & MaxillofacialMedicine11,250$-7,000$-
Community Oral Health6,000$5,000$--

Other costs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Expensesin DollarsPayment Period
Registration cost50$Just once
The first time from Tehran airport (upon request)25$Just once
Furnished accommodation (upon request)70$-$100Each month
Student family insurance (health)10$For each person and each year
Student insurance20$For each person and each year
Visa (one-year residence)6$Each year
visa (student entry)50$Just once
The first Persian languagelevel test15$Just once
Persian language classes (if it necessary)400$160 sessions
The first English language level test15$Just once
English language classes (if it necessary)475$150 sessions

Language courses of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The desired courseLevelsHoursPrice (in Dollars)
English language course tuitionbeginner60757$
English language course tuitionelementary 140505$
English language course tuitionelementary 240505$
English language course tuitionpre ielts 155694$
English language course tuitionpre ielts 255694$
Persian language course tuitionLevel 180495$
Persian language course tuitionLevel 280495$
Persian language course tuitionLevel 380495$
Persian language course tuitionGeneral80495$
Persian language course tuitionGeneral level20100$
Persian language course tuitionConversation20100$
Optional Persian language course for thesisWriting beginner level20100$
Optional Persian language course for thesisWriting and phrasing20100$
Optional Persian language course for thesisSimple writing20100$
Persian language testplacement test-15$
Persian language testrepeating the placement-50$
Persian language testenglish & persian-50$

Majors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The majors available in Tehran University of Medical Sciences are:
_Psychiatric Nursing
_Biomedical Engineering
_Occupational Therapy
_Speech Therapy
_Medical Biotechnology
_Librarianship and Medical Information
_Cardiac anesthesia
_Kidney transplant
_Cancer Surgery
_Heart Failure
_Pediatric Surgery
_Vascular Surgery
and etc.
To get detailed information about majors and the possibility of studying in the desired degree, download the following files.

Majors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Master’s degree

Majors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, fellowship level

  Subspecialty majors of Tehran University of Medical Science      

PhD majores of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Research institutes

_Endocrine Clinical Sciences Research Institute
_Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute
_Institute of Neurological Research
_Digestive Diseases Research Institute
_Research Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
_Research Institute for Reducing Risky Behavior
_Cancer Institute
_Environmental Research Institute
_Endocrine Demographic Sciences Research Institute
_Research Institute of Advanced Medical Technologies and Equipment
_Research Institute of Cell and Molecular Sciences of Gland
_Research Institute of Dental Sciences
_Family Health Research Institute

Welfare Amenities 

Among the services offered to students are education loans, housing loans, emergency loans, housing deposits, Alavi Foundation loans, Tabsara 2 (tuition-paying students), Tabsara 2 (international unit), accident insurance, specialized student insurance, and Ph. Day and student work pointed out.

Residence: The university has provided the necessary facilities for students who are not resident in Tehran, which is the responsibility of the management of student-cultural affairs. The dormitories are located in the college campus, which consists of several residential complexes (intended for students in all levels and disciplines). It has welfare, service and cultural facilities such as reading room, book store, mosque, meeting hall, sports hall, cinema hall, etc.. 11 dormitories for boys, 6 dormitories for girls and one dormitory for married people have been prepared. he total capacity of the dormitory is 1450 for girls and 1860 for boys. The capacity of the dormitory for married couples is 130 families. The transportion service from the doors of all the dormitories to the central campus of the university, colleges and various hospitals facilitates and speeds up the movement of students.

Nutrition: Various self-services of the university, located in different colleges and hospitals and in the university district, provide suitable food for different meals at a minimum price to students and employees. The buffets in the faculties also meet the needs of the students by supplying food items throughout the day.
Physical health of students – The Student Health Center: This center provides health and treatment services to students with the use of experienced university professors in the form of general and specialized clinics, dental clinics and vaccination services.It provides emergency medical services to students living in the university.
Mental health of students – Counseling and guidance center for students: This center uses various experts, including clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, social workers, etc…. Among the activities of this center, it is possible to provide counseling in the field of emotional, intellectual and behavioral issues of students and help them to acquire social skills and make appropriate decisions; marriage counseling and help to solve family problems; Creating the necessary facilities for students to solve economic and welfare problems; Holding workshops and training classes on various topics such as learning, concentration and memory and teaching study methods; Help to solve educational problems of students; Correspondence counseling with the students’ families and holding psychological educational lectures.

Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences


_ The success of the Drug Economics and Management Department in winning the International Society of Economics and Medicine (ISPOR) award
_ Tehran University of Medical Sciences won the gold medal of RUR international ranking system.
_ Introducing the health faculty professors as exemplary researchers in the 29th research and technology festival of Tehran University
_ The award of the third National Women and Science Festival (Maryam Mirzakhani Award) was awarded to Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Geographical location of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

This university is located on Porsina St. And in terms of geographical location, it is located near important centers such as Aria Hospital, Iranian Cat Museum and Javidan Mehr and Plataksazi, as well as Weisland Fast Food, Boulevard Hotel, Panjere Cafe, Boulevard Hotel Restaurant and Tehran University Mosque.

Connection with Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Address: Tehran University of Medical Sciences Headquarters, Qods St, Keshavarz Blvd, Tehran, Iran.

Frequently asked questions about Studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

  1. What documents are required to register at Tehran University of Medical Sciences?
    Passport, photo, transcripts, educational certificate, CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter.
  2. What is the method of paying tuition fees?
    Tuition fees are paid in foreign currency in this university.
  3. Is it possible to attend classes with a student visa?
    Yes, students who attend classes are required to have a student visa. 
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