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studying in ardabil

studying in ardabil


Ardabil city (an Iranian word that has its roots in Avestan) is one of the coldest cities in Iran, located in Ardabil province, which is in the northwest of the country. this city has 5 thousands year antiquity. Our perpose of writing this subject( studying in ardabil) is to being Familiar and description of the cultural conditions, educational conditions, weather, tourism and etc of this city.

studying in ardabilArdabil

Based on the 1395 census, Ardabil has 529374 population and it is one of the metropolis In Iran. People of this city speaks Azeri-Turkish But the administrative correspondence and educational program are in Farsi language. The area of ​​Ardabil is equal to 17951.4 square kilometers.
The climate of Ardabil becuase of being in a high latitude and being on the slopes of Sabalan Mountain, this province in the list of cold and mountainous provinces. Avrage annual temperature is less than 6 degrees.

The main reason of coldness of this city becuase it is surrounded by mountains. This city has temperate summer. In contrast, it has cold and rainy weather (The most rain is in spring and autumn). Due to heavy rain, this area has high vegetation cover. The presence of volcanic mountains in this area has caused the emergence of hot water springs.
The souvenirs of this city are honey, sour cream and butter, halva, sunflower seeds, carpet weaving, jajim weaving, traditional instruments, etc.

General information about Ardabil

studying in ardabil

There are 24 scientific and academic centers in this province, and Mohaghegh Ardabili University is one of the most prestigious academic centers in this city. for more Information, you can visit Studying at Mohaghegh Ardabili University article.
Ardabil universities have the privilege of 18 specialized journals. 33326 scientific articles and 5050 journal articles, 21241 articles in domestic congress and 5050 international articles have been extracted in the university centers of this province.

Universities of Ardabil


This province is far away from the southern, eastern and central provinces of Iran. The closest province to city is East Azerbaijan Province. It is possible to travel to this city by air and land, but unfortunately, the railway network has not been built. To explore the city, you can use the buses , which usually end in the city center. Also private and public taxis( yellow) make your trip easier.

Recreation and tourism places

Aadabil is one of the most important parts of Iran which has lots of natural attractions, Historical attractions and etc… . Most of historical attractions belongs to Safavid era. The recreational and touristic places of this city are:
Shorabil Lake
Fandogllo Jungle
King Smaeel Tomb
Sheikh Safiuddin Ardabili Tomb
_ Museum of Anthropology
Manafzadeh House
Sadegi historical house
Soha Lake
_ Haft Cheshme bridge
_ Oltan Moghan Castle
_ Sareen springs
_ Neor Lake
_ Heyran
_ Bolaglar promenade
_ Balkhlo River
_ Baliqlo tea
_ Alvares village
_The stone statue of Baba Dawood

Tourism of Ardabilclinics

Ardabil hospitals and clinics are:
_Dr. Fatemi Hospital
_ Sablan Hospital
Imam Khomeini Hospital
Mirza Hosseini Clinic
Imam Reza Hospital
Waliasr Hospital
_ Alavi Hospital
Imam Sajad boarding hospital
Arse Parse Abad Hospital
Bo Ali Hospital
Isar Clinic
_ Farhangian 24hrs clinic
Shok bording clinic
Mahdoode Noor surgery clinic
Arta private hospital
Da sauransu…

Hotels and residences

_ Shorabil Hotel
_ Sablan Hotel
_ Hossein Apartment Hotel
_ Darya Hotel
_ Ideal guest house
_ Negin Hotel
_ Sarai Hotel
_ Hayat Guest House
_ Ideal boutique hotel
_ Yakamoz Hotel
_ Bum Qom Gardi Qasr Wooden Khalkhal Residence
_ Khaneh Habib eco-tourism Residence
_ Nissan residential complex
_ Simorgh residential complex
_ Hayat Guest House


Sheikh Safiuddin Ardabili Library
Ershadi Librarie
Shahid Behzad Mohammadi Library
Nieaz Library
_Holy Library
Fadak Library
Metaphysics group of professors Rinko Library
Ketab Shahr Iran Library
Imam Ali Library
Shahriar public library
Sheikh Sharafuddin public library
Da sauransu…

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