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Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences


Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, due to its facilities, variety of available fields, acceptance of students in all levels of education, makes the opportunity to Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences very valuable and important for people. In this article, we introduced Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.


Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Fars province, Shiraz city was established in 1324 for the purpose of training specialists. The first term of the directorship of this center was entrusted to Zabihullah Gurban who after returning from the American University of Beirut, he also developed many departments of Namazi Hospital. This center is a public university that is covered by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is one of the largest and best universities of medical sciences in Iran and the Middle East, which provides health and treatment services [complex medical activities such as liver, heart, kidney transplant and other advanced treatments] to about 4 million people.
There are 10,200 students, 782 faculty members and 898 professors working in this university. According to the conducted research, 2596 scientific articles have been extracted in domestic publications and conferences, as well as 6605 internationally valid articles. This university is the publisher of 13 specialized journals and 30 conferences have been organized by Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

Ranking of university

Based on the Times ranking system, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences was ranked 801-1000 in 2023 due to its progress and scientific position.

Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Faculties and Centers

_Faculty of Public Health
_ Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
_Faculty of Medicine
_Makarantar Allied Medical Sciences
_ Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
_ Faculty of Rehabilitation
_ Faculty of Pharmacy
_Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of modern medical sciences and technologies
_ Faculty of Management and Information
_Virtual School
Umm al-Binin School of Nursing  Lamard
Estehban Paramedical Faculty 
Hazrat Zahra (S) Nursing Faculty of   Abadeh
Darab Paramedical School
Higher education Complex   Health   Memesni
Bagheral Uloom Higher Health Education Center   Sepidan

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Tuition Fees Table

DegressAnnual TuitionDuration (in years)
Doctor of Medicine6,000$7
Doctor of Dental Medicine6,000$6
Bachelor's Program4,000$4
Master's Programs5,000$2-3

Other Costs

  • The registration fee in this university is only 20 dollars for the first time
  • Furnished residence $3,500 per year
  • Student insurance $100 per year

Majors of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

medical emergency
Occupational health and safety engineering
pregnancy health
Medical entomology and vector control
Nursing for special care of newborns
Medical nanotechnology
_ Medicine
_General Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Neurological diseases
Pediatric orthopedics
Spine surgery
Digestion of children
Reconstructive plastic surgery and burns
Allergy and clinical immunology
Blood and children’s cancer
Endocrine glands and metabolism of children
Eye pathology
Ear, throat and nose and surgery
Download the following file to learn about other fields and their study areas.

Majors  of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Research Centers

Allergy Research Center
Clinical Education Research Center
Orthodontic Research Center
Cibiyar Bincike akan HIV/AIDS ta Iran
Bone and joint diseases research center
Non-communicable diseases research center
Kidney Disease Research Center
Research Center for Maternal and Fetal Diseases
Breast Disease Research Center
Oral and dental diseases research center
_Anesthesiology and Special Care Research Center
Center for Basic Research in Infectious Diseases
Transplantation and organ repair research center
_Trauma Research Center
Medical Imaging Research Center
Nutrition Research Center
_Minimally Invasive Surgery Research Center
_ Ophthalmology Research Center
Protection research center against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
Autoimmunity Research Center
Psychiatric Research Center
Biomaterials Research Center
Aging Research Center
Oncology Research Center
Burn and wound healing research center
Substance Abuse Research Center
Autophagy Research Center
Health policy research center
Medicinal and herbal chemistry research center
Traditional Medicine and History of Medicine Research Center
Neuroscience Research Center
Health Sciences Research Center
Rehabilitation Science Research Center
Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center
Laboratory diagnosis science and technology research center
Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center
Medicinal plant processing research center
Stem cell technology research center
_Cardiovascular Research Center
Colorectal Research Center
Gastroenterology and Liver Research Center
Otorhinolaryngology Research Center
Community-oriented mental care research center
Health Human Resources Research Center
Skin Molecular Research Center
Clinical microbiology research center
Infertility Research Center
Nanotechnology research center in drug delivery
Nanotechnology research center in biological and medical sciences
Clinical Neurology Research Center
Neonatal Research Center
Hematology Research Center
Histomorphometry and stereology research center
Biotechnology Research Center


The affiliated hospitals of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences are:
Ibn Sina Psychiatric Hospital
Ostad Mohrhari Neurological and Psychiatric Hospital
Amir Oncology Hospital
Abu Ali Sina Organ Transplantation Hospital
Hafez Hospital
Hazrat Ali Asghar Hospital
Khalili Hospital
Hazrat Zainab Hospital
Shahid Faqihi Hospital
Dr. Chamran Hospital
Shahid Dastgheib Hospital
Qutbuddin Shirazi burn hospital
Amir-al Mominin Burn Accident and Rehabilitation Hospital
Namazi Hospital
Shahid Rajaei Hospital
Alzahra Heart Hospital
Shahid Hijazi Hospital
Shushtri Mother and Child Hospital
Imam Jafar Sadiq Hospital (Sadat Shahr)
Imam Hassan Askari Hospital (Zarkan)
Imam Hassan Mojtabi Hospital (Darab)
Imam Hossein Hospital (Ardakan)
Imam Khomeini Hospital (Abadeh)
Imam Khomeini Hospital (Estehban)
Imam Reza Hospital (Kamfirouz)
Imam Sajjad Hospital (brick and board)
Imam Mohammad Bagher Hospital (bitumen)
Imam Musa Kazem Hospital (Hajiabad)
Imam Mahdi Hospital (Darian)
Imam Hadi Hospital (Farashband)
Imam Hadi Hospital (Abadeh Tashk)
Bethat Hospital (Ashkanan)
Javad Alaimah Hospital (Khorameh)
Haj Haider Hospital (Lamard)
Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra Hospital (Kovar)
Hazrat Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital (Mehr)
Hazrat Vali Asr Hospital (Arsanjan)
Hazrat Vali Asr Hospital (Euclid)
Hazrat Vali Asr Hospital (Bowanat)
Hazrat Vali Asr Hospital (Safashahr)
Hazrat Vali Asr Hospital (Kazron)
Hazrat Vali Asr Hospital (Noorabad)
Seyd al-Shohda Hospital (Qadrabad)
Shahada Hospital (Korhe-i)
Shahada Hospital (Sarostan)
Martyrs’ Hospital (Niriz)
Shahid Rezazadeh Hospital (Qaimiyeh)
Shahid Motahari Hospital (Morodasht)
Ghaem Hospital (Firouzabad)
Qamar Bani Hashem Hospital (Beyza)


The placement of the International Journal of Community-Based Nursing and Midwifery in the SNIP ranking list   Journals in 2019 and 2020 to receive a grant to publish articles in the top scientific journals, for the first time in the history of publishing journals of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1400
Achieving numerous positions in the international Simorgh festival in the country
Authorship of the selected scientific book based on the score obtained by the General Publications Council of Management and Safety Engineering, Dr. Mehdi Jahangiri and his colleagues, by Dr. Ismail Soleimani, Faculty of Health
Memorial plaque in line with the establishment of clinical governance and quality improvement

Welfare Amenities 

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences provides various amenities to professors and students, for example:
Sports facilities that available in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences like soccer field, multi-purpose sports hall (futsal), volleyball, basketball, badminton, chess room, ping pong hall, wrestling hall, gym in student dormitories, two outdoor swimming pools in medical schools and hospitals. There is prayer hall, indoor swimming pool, riding club (under construction) that students can use these facilities.
Dormitory:  The dormitory affairs department has 97 personnel and 3,500 people live in the dormitories. This university has 9 single dormitories for girls, 4 single dormitories for boys, and 2 dormitories for married couples, totaling 15 dormitories.

Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Geographical location

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is located in Neshat neighborhood of Shiraz and Karim Khan Zand Blvd. In terms of geographical location, it is near important centers such as Shafa Hospital  and   Pars Computer Passage ,  Pars Hotel,  Neshat parking lot,  Hafez Higher Education Institute,  . Bagh Farzaneh  and  Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra Mosque (pbuh) is located.

Address of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Address: Shiraz, Zand Street, in front of Palestine Street, central building of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Common questions for Studying at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

  1. What documents are required to register at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences?
    Passport, photo, transcripts, degree, resume, motivation letter, recommendation letter.
  2. Do students who intend to withdraw from their studies have to pay a fee?
    Yes, students who decide to permanently withdraw from their studies at any level of education are required to pay all fees (including application fees, tuition fees , dormitory fee, insurance fee, etc.) will be.
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