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Studying at Amirkabir University of Technology

Studying at Amirkabir University of Technology


Amirkabir University is one of the best universities in Iran and the first technical university of this country. In this article, we are going to discuss the conditions of studying at Amirkabir University of Technology so that you can continue your education in the best way. Stay tuned for more…


Amirkabir University of Technology was established in Tehran in November 1956 as the first university of technology in Iran. The main and elementary core of this university named “Tehran Polytechnic” was created to develop the activities of two technical institutes of the same period, “Institute of Technology” and “Higher Art Gallery“. In the year after the establishment of this university, students were accepted through an internal exam . Since 1958, the main and educational activity of the elementary core is with five majors in the field of engineering, which include: “Electrical and Electronics Engineering”, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Textile”, “Chemistry” and “Road and Construction”

After the revolution, the name of this Tehran Polytechnic educational complex was changed to Amir Kabir University, and after that, different faculties and buildings were added to it in cities such as Bandar Abbas, Garmsar, Mahshahr, etc.
Currently, 7000 students, 148 faculty members and 10 members are working in ministerial positions in Amir Kabir University of Technology
It should be mentioned that Amir Kabir University of Technology has 1000 patents, 31100 articles and conferences and 16300 articles in ISI, which statistically has a good position among other universities in Iran.

Rank of Amir Kabir University of Technology

In 2023, Amir Kabir University of Technology was ranked 601-800   among Iranian universities in the Times ranking system, higher than Sharif University of Science and Technology, and Khawaja Nasir University, and in the Shanghai ranking ranked between 401 and 500. Now this university is between 601 and 700 in the Shanghai ranking system.

Studying at Amirkabir UniversityFaculties and Departments of Amirkabir University

Amir Kabir University of Technology currently has 16 faculties, 6 independent educational groupsand 3 educational units in the cities of Bandar Abbas, Garmsar and Mahshahr. Also this university has an international campus and an E-learning center.
Tafresh University was also a subsidiary of this university in the past.

These Educational Centers Include:
Industrial Management and Engineering Campus
Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
Faculty of Management, Science and Technology
Institute of Management and Industrial Engineering

Electrical, Computer and Medical Engineering Campus
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Medical Engineering
Research Institute of Information and Communication Technology and Power Network

Mechanics, Aerospace and Marine Campus
Mechanical engineering faculty
Aerospace engineering faculty
Faculty of Marine Engineering
Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Advanced Materials and Processes Campus
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Textile Engineering
Faculty of Polymer and Paint Engineering
Materials engineering and metallurgy faculty
Advanced Materials and Processes Engineering Research Institute

Oil, Civil and Mining Campus
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Mining Engineering
Faculty of Petroleum Engineering
Civil Research Institute

Science Campus
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Physics and Energy Engineering
Chemistry faculty
Science Research Institute

Campuses and departments outside the center
Bandar Mahshahr Educational Center
Hormozgan Educational Center (Bandar Abbas)
Garmsar University Branch
International Campus
Kish International Campus

Independent Educational Departments
Department of Foreign language Teaching
Department of Education and Human Sciences
Department of Physical Education
International Language Center

Interdisciplinary Departments
Space and Avionics Engineering
Corrosion Engineering and Protection of Materials
Energy Engineering
Information Technology Engineering
Engineering of Coastal, Ports and Marine Structures

Amirkabir University of Technology tuition fee

DegreesAnnual TuitionDuration

University Achievements

Over time, this university expanded a lot in terms of quantity and quality, so that today this university is considered as the “mother of the country’s industrial universities” and has been able to gain a superior position among scientific research centers by developing educational, research and student activities.

University Achievements:

  • Obtaining the title of scientific pole in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, textile engineering, medical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering and computer engineering and information technology.
  • Obtaining a distinguished rank in the Khwarazmi Festival and receiving dozens of prizes in this festival and top titles in national and international student Olympiads.
  • Winning valuable titles by elite and creative students from various scientific student competitions in the world; including chemistry and robotics.
  •  Obtaining the first research rank among technical and engineering universities of the country in several evaluation courses of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  •  Obtaining the first rank in relation between the industry and the university and carrying out important national projects.
  • International scientific academic communication and signing memorandums with prestigious universities in the world. Attracting elites and brilliant talents and providing them with facilities, including the possibility of simultaneous study of two university courses for distinguished students and entry to master’s and doctoral degrees without entrance exams.
  • Having modern and well-equipped laboratories and carrying out national flagship projects, including the construction of the fastest supercluster supercomputer and the design, construction and launch of satellites.
  •  Holding various scientific conferences, seminars and conferences at national and international levels.
  • A leader in nuclear research and the role of professors and students in the success of the country to achieve the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • The honor of benefiting from “enduring faces”, professors and “model” students of the country.

Studying at Amirkabir UniversityWelfare Amenities

  • Science and Technology Tower  of Amir Kabir University of Technology
    , Technology Management and Innovation Development of Amir Kabir University of Technology is one of the sub-categories of the Research and Technology Vice-Chancellor of the University. The purpose of this tower is to transform innovations and scientific achievements into technologies and products needed by the country and to form knowledge-based companies. This management consists of three departments of entrepreneurship centers, growth and guidance of knowledge-based companies and While promoting the culture of entrepreneurship at the university level, it tries to provide the necessary preparations for turning them into a successful knowledge-based company by identifying elites and catching pure ideas and providing material and spiritual support. Also, by creating the necessary infrastructure along with the effective support of knowledge-based companies, help them in the successful commercialization of their products and services, so that both the university and the entrepreneurs benefit from the material and spiritual benefits of the results.
  • University Central Library
    The central library and scientific document center of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) was established in 1958 and in 1961 it was expanded due to the progress of science and technology and the need to increase the collection and standardize its resources. In 1998, a mechanized book loan system was launched in the central library using barcode. And in 2005, the plan to mechanize the lending desk of academic libraries was also implemented and now the members are served in a completely mechanized way.
  • Central Laboratory of Amirkabir University of Technology
    The laboratory service system of Amirkabir University of Technology is a unique collection of modern laboratory equipment that has been developed with the support of more than half a century of scientific and research experience of the professors of this university, with the purpose of providing research services to students, faculty members, researchers and various industries of the country. It has the ability to provide modern, quality and economic laboratory services needed by researchers in accordance with the most up-to-date national and international standards.
  • Sports facilities
    include swimming pool, grass field and multi-purpose hall and sports complex which includes karate hall, table tennis hall, girls gym, boys gym, fencing hall and table tennis hall.

Studying at Amirkabir University

  • Address of Amirkabir University of Technology
  • The new address of the university: No. 350, Hafez St., Valiasr Square, Tehran, Iran
  • Previous address of the university: No. 424, Hafez St., Tehran, Iran 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Amirkabir University accept PhD students?
    No, this university does not accept non-Iranian students in the doctoral program.

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