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Studying at Najaf Abad Azad University

Studying at Najaf Abad Azad University


Isfahan [the third most populous city in Iran] is a historical metropolis in the center of Iran and south of Tehran. Najafabad Azad University is located in this place. If you are one of the people who are thinking about Studying at Najaf Abad Azad University, then join us.


Najaf Abad Azad University is an Azad university in the city of Najaf Abad, Isfahan, which is the largest, the most proud, and the most established among the units of Azad University in Isfahan province. This university was established on Dey 14  in 1364 under the presidency of Seyyed Mohammad Amiri [for 16 years], with the initial capital donated by the personal property of Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mirdamadi, and with the support of the elders of the city such as Ayatollah Yazidi, the late Imam Juma of Najaf Abad city. started
Currently, 24702 students and 487 professors are working in this center. Based on research,10953 scientific articles in domestic publications and conferences and 3033 international articles have been extracted from this center. 31 conferences have been organized by Najaf Abad Azad University.

Ranking of Najaf Abad Azad University

The Times ranking is one of the most famous and reliable international ranking systems and based on the 2022 edition of this ranking; 58 Iranian universities are among the top 1662 universities in the world, and Najaf Abad Azad University, as the only representative of Islamic Azad University, is one of these universities. 

Studying at Najaf Abad Azad University

Faculties Najaf Abad University

Faculty of Electrical Engineering [with 60 faculty members, 43 laboratories, 7 workshops]
Faculty of Computer Engineering [with 36 faculty members]
Technical and Engineering School[with 58 faculty members, 34 laboratories, 30 workshops]
Faculty of Materials Engineering [with 35 faculty members, 14 laboratories]
School of Civil Engineering [with 30 faculty members]
Faculty of Medical Sciences [with 52 faculty members, 10 laboratories]
School of Art, Architecture and Urban Planning [with 17 faculty members, 5 laboratories, 26 workshops]
Faculty of Humanities [with 64 faculty members]
College of Nursing and Midwifery [with 22 faculty members, 9 laboratories]
Faculty of Law, Theology and Islamic Studies [with 19 faculty members]

Tuition Fees of Najaf Abad Azad University

MajorsDegreesDurationAnnual Tuition
Literature and humanities majorsBacholar4 years400$
Literature and humanities majorsMasters2 years900$
Literature and humanities majorsPhD3-4 years1,500$
Other majorsBacholar4 years500$
Other majorsMasters2 years1,000$
Other majorsPhD3-4 years2,000$

Majors  of Najaf Abad University

_Mining engineering
_Electrical Engineering
-Computer Engineering
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
_Civil Engineering
_Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace engineering
Nuclear engineering
Textile engineering
_Biomedical Engineering
_Optics and laser engineering  
_General practitioner
_Health sciences
_Surgery Room
_Industrial Management
_Tourism Management
_Physical Education
_Persian Language and Literature
_History of Islam
_Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
_Business Management
Nuclear physics
_Cellular and Molecular Biology
_History of Islam
For more information about Najaf Abad Azad University majors , download the file below.

Majors of Najaf Abad University

Studying at Najaf Abad Azad University

Research institutes and scientific research centers

_Advanced Materials Research Institute
_Mehdade Research Center
_Research Center for New Manufacturing Technologies
_Digital processing and machine vision research center
_Tourism Research Center
_Research center for the development of nursing and midwifery sciences
_Smart Microgrids Research Center
_Sports Medicine Research Center
_New horizons research center in architecture and urban planning
_Human environment research center and sustainable development
_Research institutes and scientific research centers
_Clinical Science Development Research Center
_Medical equipment manufacturing growth center

Conference hall

_Shahid Hojaji hall have two floors,1425 square meters with a capacity of 1350 people
_Shahid Chamran hall with a thousand square meters and a capacity of 750 people
_Shahid Mirdamadi hall with 500 square meters with a capacity of 250 people
_Shahid Avini hall with 250 square meters and a capacity of 170 people
_Central library hall with 320 square meters with a capacity of 200 people
_Ferdowsi hall with 308 square meters with a capacity of 130 people
Sheikh Baha’i hall
_Sama’s deputy hall with 350 square meters and a capacity of 100 people


The acceptance of graduates of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and obtaining top ranks in the graduate courses in the best domestic and foreign universities
Membership of graduates of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in research and decision-making institutions inside and outside the country
Carrying out research projects with government organizations
The first rank of statistics and articles of Isfahan province’s free universities in the international   ISI database
Scientific research journals approved by the central organization
Achieving the top rank in the 6th exhibition of research achievements and the 3rd national technical market of Iran at the Tehran International Exhibition
First rank in the country for the article of the human rights student magazine in the special section of the country’s periodicals festival by presenting an article focusing on peace and peace
Publication of about 1800 articles in domestic prestigious magazines
Publishing 4950 articles in prestigious international journals
Implementation of 113 extracurricular  projects with a total amount of more than 60 billion Rials
Obtaining the license of 14 research centers from the central organization of Islamic Azad University
Obtaining a license for the Advanced Materials Research Institute from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
The first winner of the 2018 Asian design competition with the design of the ergonomic bench of Wave and Rock
Winner of 4 gold medals from the American IDA competition for the design of the ergonomic wave and rock bench
Making a methadone mechanized dispensing device for the first time in the world
323 research projects are being implemented and terminated

Welfare Amenities 

Has a set of dormitories for males and females with all amenities (study hall, high-speed internet, etc.)
Providing student welfare services in the field of commuting
Has a counseling center and student psychological services
Dormitory capacity of 1400 people for students
Sports facilities include grass fields, volleyball, handball, basketball, gymnasiums, gymnasiums

Studying at Najaf Abad Azad University

Geographical location

Najaf Abad University (University and Institute of Higher Education) is located in Isfahan Province, Najaf Abad City and Molavi Blvd. It is geographically close to the university’s self-service and Melli Bank ATMs.

Address of Najaf Abad Azad University

Address: Isfahan, Najaf Abad, University Boulevard, Najaf Abad Azad University

Common asked questions of Najaf Abad Azad University

  1. What is the language of study in this university?
    It is 100% in Persian language, which means that applicants must participate in the Persian language course.
  2. Do it need a study visa to participate in the exams?
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