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Studying at the Kurdistan University

Studying at the Kurdistan University


Kurdistan province is located in the west of Iran [middle Zagros mountain range], which shares 200 km border with Iraq. The capital of this province is Sanandaj. It is suggested to Studying at the Kurdistan University, which is present in this province; Read this article.


The University of Kurdistan started its work in 1353 affiliated with Tarbiat Moalem University of Tehran [it operated independently in 1370]. Dr. Fereydoun Motamed Waziri [politician and university professor] is the founder of Kurdistan University and Razi University of Kermanshah. Currently, this university is one of the top universities in the country and the world.
This university has 9000 students, 350 professors and 400 faculty members. Based on the analysis, 6315 scientific articles in domestic publications and conferences, the owner and publisher of 12 specialized journals and 3951 international articles have been extracted from this center and 27 conferences have been organized by this university.

University Rank

Kurdistan University was ranked 301-400 in the field of natural sciences and earth sciences and ranked 401-500 in the field of biological sciences and agricultural sciences in the latest subject ranking of Shanghai 2022. It should be noted that Kurdistan University was ranked 301-400 in the field of biological sciences – agricultural sciences in its first appearance in the Shanghai subject ranking in 2021.

Studying at the Kurdistan University


_Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
_Faculty of Language and Literature
_Faculty of Basic Sciences
_Faculty of Agriculture
_Faculty  of natural resources
_Faculty of Engineering
_Faculty of Arts and Architecture
_Bijar Faculty of Engineering and Basic Sciences

Kurdistan University Tuition Fees  

the University of Kurdistan, a non-Iranian student must first pay $75 to start the registration process.

Also, students of Kurdistan University can use the dormitory services of this university by paying 350 dollars for each semester.

University of Kurdistan tuition fee

DegreesMajorsAnnual Tuition ( in Dollars )
BacholarOther majors500$
MastersOther majors1,000$
PhDOther majors1,300$


_Business Management
_Economic Sciences
_Educational Sciences
_Physical Education
_Islamic knowledge
_Shafi’i jurisprudence and law
_Kurdish language and literature
_English language and literature and linguistics
_Arabic literature
_Persian Language and Literature
_Animal science
_Horticultural science and engineering
_Food industry engineering
_Civil Engineering
_Mechanical Engineering
_Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
_and etc.

To find out about the exact majors and degrees , download the file below.

Majors  of Kurdistan University

Research institutes

Nanotechnology Research Institute
Medicinal plants research unit
Toot Farangi research center
Research Institute of Kurdistan Studies
Water Science and Engineering Research Center
Microgrid and Smart Networks Research Center
Forestry Research and Development Center
Technology units growth center

Affiliated magazines and scientific and cultural publications

A research paper on Kurdish literature
Research paper on marketing management
Reading Research Quarterly
Teaching Research Quarterly
Two Quarterly Journals of School Management
Family counseling and psychotherapy quarterly
Urban Studies Quarterly
Runahi Journal (specialized legal and jurisprudential scientific journal)
Geh Shatyar

Studying at the Kurdistan University


The selection of Kurdistan University by the International Cooperation Studies Center as the top university
Obtaining a research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation by a member of the faculty of Kurdistan University
Meeting to conclude a memorandum of understanding on scientific, research and research-executive cooperation between entrepreneurship development management, growth and innovation centers and Biston Chemical Industries Company
Names of four faculty members of the University of Kurdistan were included in the list of highly cited researchers of the top one percent of Iran
Experiences and successful models of Kurdistan University in developing cooperation with society and industry were introduced
The presence of Kurdistan University in the list of top 1 percent most cited universities in the world in 2022
The presence of Kurdistan University among the top universities in Asia
Dr. Hasan Bivarani became a member of the country’s model academic faculty
presence in the global ranking system of universities
Honoring the students of Kurdistan University in the first stage of the 27th Student Scientific Olympiad of the country in 1401
Conclusion of a memorandum of understanding on scientific and research cooperation between the University of Kurdistan and the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kurdistan University Welfare  Amenities

Establishing supplementary medical insurance for faculty members and staff and collecting documents and collecting fees and delivering them to academic colleagues
Organizing tourist and pilgrimage camps
Carrying out all insurance related to the university, including fire, flood, earthquake insurance and all types of liability insurance such as laboratories, sports facilities, student accidents and others
Holding different sports competitions on different occasions
Carrying out matters related to sports accident insurance
Creating facilities for the possibility of using accommodation centers such as guest houses of universities across the country and others
Trying to get new amenities for colleagues
Providing the possibility of issuing automobile insurances (body, third party) in installments
Issuing letters of recommendation for colleagues to use the comfort facilities of other centers
Doing things related to life insurance and group accidents of employees and faculty members

Dormitory: Kurdistan University currently has 10 dormitories for brothers and 12 dormitories for sisters, with a total capacity of 6000 students. All international students live in student dormitories.  Administration of all affairs of student dormitories, supervision of the daily affairs of the dormitories, implementation of the rules and regulations of the dormitories, efforts to promote the qualitative and quantitative development of the dormitories, provision of dormitories for non-native applicant students, supervision of the maintenance of the properties and buildings of the dormitories and other related matters of its duties. It is divided into 2 sections for the mens’ dormitories and the womens’ dormitories.]

Central library: This library started working in 1354 with less than 1000 books in a space of 12 square meters and with one employee. With the passage of time and with the expansion of its space in the faculty of literature and humanities, it provided services with a collection of over 60000 copies of Persian, Arabic and Latin books and other information resources. In the month of 2007, the work of transfer and moving to the new library was done. This library in the new building serves about 8000 members with a collection of over 126000 copies of Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and Latin printed resources as well as electronic resources in different departments.

Studying at the Kurdistan University

Geographical location

The University of Kurdistan is located in Sanandaj and Western Entrance Boulevard, and in terms of geographical location, it is close to  the Social Security Hospital , as well as  the Central Library,  the University of Kurdistan  Faculty of Natural Resources, and  the University of Kurdistan. The predecessor of agriculture   is placed.

The address of Kurdistan University

Address: Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Pasdaran Boulevard, University of Kurdistan

Common Questions about Studying at the Kurdistan University

  1. When are the Persian language courses held?
    You can refer to the menu section of the educational calendar on the website of the Persian language teaching center for non-Persian speakers of Kurdistan University.o
  2. Are Persian language courses held in a virtual way in Kurdistan University?mm
  3. How long can we stay in our country after leaving Iran?
    After three months of stay in your country, you must have an entry to Iran.
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