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Studying at Shiraz University

Studying at Shiraz University


One of the ways to immigrate to Iran is to study in this country. Shiraz Public University is an international university located in Shiraz city. Every year, this university receives students from all over the world, among them are Iraqi students. Therefore, for people who intend to study at Shiraz University, read this article and obtain practical information about Shiraz University .


Shiraz University is one of the oldest universities in Iran. This university was established in 1964. At that time, this university was founded as a health school with the aim of training specialists in medical sciences and medicin Then gradually other majors and faculties were added to this collection. The name of this university before the revolution was Pahlavi University. Finally, after the revolution, the name of this university was changed to Shiraz University.

Shiraz University, with a history of more than half a century, is one of the largest and most important universities in the country, which is also considered the research center of the country. It has 670 faculty members and more than 16,000 students. In this university, there are 80 bachelor’s degrees, 183 master’s degrees, 102 specialized doctoral degrees and one professional doctorate. A matsayinta na babbar jami’a, Jami’ar Shiraz tana da alhakin horar da ƙwararrun malamai don gudanar da bincike da kuma manyan cibiyoyin ilimi a kasar. Now Shiraz University has 16 faculties and one higher education center and some faculties will be opened in the near future.
As a mother university, Shiraz University has successfully completed the responsibility of setting up Hormozgan, Bushehr, Yasouj, Shiraz Industrial University, Kazerun Higher Education Center and Darab College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and now all these higher education centers are operating independently. Shiraz University is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating 166 universities and institutions of higher education in Fars province.


To study at Shiraz University, it is better to know that Shiraz University has published many articles at the domestic and international level. The number of domestic articles of Shiraz University is 21801 articles and the total number of articles is 24087 ISI articles.

Also, specialized scientific publications and magazines that are published in universities are one of the most reliable sources for publishing the latest scientific achievements. According to the data registered in the reference database of Iranian journals, Shiraz University is the publisher of 21 scientific journals.

University rank

. According to the latest report announced by the Ministry of Science of Iran, Shiraz University is ranked 68th in the ranking list of Iranian universities. Also, this university has been ranked 6th among non-medical universities.

It should be noted that Shiraz University according to Qs  ranking system is ranked 751th and 5th among Iranian universities and is the second best comprehensive and mother university in Iran after Tehran University, which is an important issue regarding studying in Shiraz University.

Studying at Shiraz UniversityFaculties

• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Science
• Faculty of Materials Engineering and Construction
• Faculty of Literature and Humanities
•Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Sciences
• Faculty of Law and Political Science
• Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies
• Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources na Darab
• Faculty of Modern technologies
• Faculty of Arts and Architecture
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Scientific poles

• Scientific pole of optical electronic switching devices
•The scientific pole of reproductive studies in high-yielding dairy cows
• Scientific pole of Persian cultural and literary researches
•Scientific pole of plant virology
• Scientific pole of water management in the farm
•Scientific pole of studies of natural antimicrobial compounds
•Scientific pole of environmental geology risks
•Scientific Gas Pole

Master’s degree majors at Shiraz University

 PhD degree majors at Shiraz University

Studying at Shiraz UniversityWelfare Amenities

University cultural and welfare complex

This complex was established in the solar fifties and the purpose of building this large cultural welfare complex was to hold various ceremonies and congress, sports activities, welfare, etc. In this regard, the following bulding have been constacted :
Amphitheater hall with a capacity of 550 people, ceremony hall with a capacity of about 250 people, a collection of conference halls, a collection of restaurants and guesthouses, sports halls, tennis and squash courts, etc.

The vice-chancellor of social culture of the university in order to expand the field of thinking and discussion and proposing various issues and topics in the university environment by setting up a house of university publications from the publication and development of quantitative and qualitative university publications in cultural, social, political, economic, religious, scientific, artistic fields. Literary, sports, professional support within the framework of rules and regulations.
Shiraz University has more than 150 licensed publications in the following sectors: It is general, cultural, social, political, economic, artistic and literary, and more than 107 active periodicals are printed and published in the form of quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, occasional, weekly, fortnightly and special issues.

Tuition fee 

At Shiraz University, a non-Iranian student must pay $150 for the master’s degree and $200 for the doctoral degree in order to start the registration process.

Also, students of Shiraz University can use the dormitory services by paying 640 dollars for each year  and by paying 560 dollars the nutrition and food services of this university.

When registering, non-Iranian students, if they fail to get a passing score in the Persian language level test, must participate in the Persian language course for Shiraz University. The amount of this course in the first half year of study is 850 dollars

DegreesAnnual TuitionDuration


The history of the establishment of the central library and document center of Shiraz University goes back to the years 1986-1987. Before that, this library was considered a part of the science school library (Molla Sadra Library). During the mentioned years, the collection of resources related to humanities, social sciences and educational sciences of Mulla Sadra library was separated from other sources and transferred to Mirzai Shirazi library, which was later known as the central library and university document center. The current building of the central library covers an area of ​​nearly 11,000 square meters in three floors. The first floor is dedicated to the study hall, the second floor is dedicated to reference sources, the collection of Persian, Arabic and Latin books, the collection of demographics, the collection of educational sciences, the loan desk and the review desk, and the third floor is dedecated to periodicals, theses, databases, and the order section. The article is the Iranology collection of Professor Pope, the use of Ghadir and Amin designs, the collection donated by Mr. Abbaspour and the children’s and adolescent collection and the technical sections of the library. The central library and the university’s document center are currently aimed at meeting the information needs of students, professors and Other clients tries to meet the information needs of clients by collecting and providing printed and electronic resources in the fields of social sciences, humanities and educational sciences. Apart from the central library, which is the biggest library of Shiraz University, there are 9 other libraries in this university.

Studying at Shiraz University

University Address 

Address: Shiraz, Islamic Republic Blvd., Shiraz University Management Area

Frequently asked questions about studying at Shiraz University

  1. What is the language of study at Shiraz University?
    All courses are held in Persian and non-Iranian students must have a Persian language certificate.
  2. What is the main requirement for translation of academic degrees in Shiraz University? 
    In Shiraz University, documents are approved in the Sajjad system only if the student is current and has a choice of units.
  3. Is the doctoral degree in Shiraz University research-oriented?
    Yes in some fields and no in other such as educational psychology. Contact us for more information.
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