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Studying at Bu Ali Sina University

Studying at Bu Ali Sina University


Bu Ali Sina University as the largest scientific, research and cultural center, cradle of history and civilization of Iran, in the center of the city Hamedan And it is located at the foot of Mount Setreg Elvand; The quality of scientific productions and the development of post-graduate education in Boali Sina University has a good level. In the following, we have provided explanations about studying at Bu Ali Sina University. Stay with us.


The first step for the opening of Bu Ali Sina was taken in March 1351 based on the joint agreement between Iran and France; A year after that, the permission to establish in Hamedan was approved by the Council for the Development of Higher Education in 1352. The educational activity of Bu Ali Sina started in 1355 with the admission of about 200 students in different study levels from associate to master in four complexes of agriculture, health sciences, environmental sciences and educational sciences.

The educational, educational assistance, welfare-cultural, dormitory and sports spaces of the university are about 250 thousand square meters in the main location and in an area of ​​about 122 hectares, now in the possession of the university.

, this university currently has 440 faculty members, about 700 employees, about 12,000 students, 317 active academic fields in associate, bachelor, master’s and doctorate degrees, as well as about 47,000 graduates in different degrees.

Among the professors and faculty members of the university, who have achieved success in prestigious national and international scientific awards, the selection of the country’s model professor, the top and most effective scientists of the Islamic world, and the top one percent of the most effective and top scientists in the world, include Abbas Afkhami Aghda, Mohammad Ali Zulfi Gol, Daud Nematollahi, Mohsen Jalali, Mohammad Khanjani, Gholamhossein Majzoubi, Omid Tabibzadeh Qomsari.

Studying at Bu Ali Sina University

University rank

In 2021, Bu Ali Sina University has been ranked 1825 in the world, 561 in Asia, 80 in the Middle East and 23 among the country’s universities in terms of webometrics. Also, as the most effective universities in the world based on the Times ranking system, it is ranked between 601-800 in engineering sciences, 801-1000 in physical sciences, 800+ in biological sciences, and 350-301 in Asia in the same ranking. He has defined it.

This university has a rank of 1000 in the Leyden ranking, in terms of the ISC index, it ranks 8th among the comprehensive universities of the country and 50th among all the universities of the Islamic world. In addition, it ranks fifth among the country’s universities in terms of references to articles and in terms of the number of ISI scientists.

Based on the analyzes carried out, this center has published 14193 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. Bo Ali Sina University is the owner of a privilege and the publisher of 2 specialized journals. In addition, so far 979 international articles and 14193 domestic articles have been extracted from this center.


Faculties and disciplines

  • Literature and Humanities Faculty
    • Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
    • Law
    • Arabic language and literature
    • Persian Language and Literature
    • Educational Science
    • French language and literature
    • English language translation
    • Iranology
  • Faculty of Agriculture
    • Water science and engineering
    • Biosystem Mechanical Engineering (Agriculture)
    • Promotion and education of sustainable agriculture
    • Production engineering and plant genetics
    • Horticultural science and engineering
    • Soil science and engineering
    • Animal science
    • Plant
    • Engineering of food industry machines
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Civil engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Material engineering and metallurgy
  • Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Accounting
    • Economics
  • Basic Sciences Faculty
    • statistics
    • Mathematics and applications
    • Physics
    • Geology
    • Plant biology
  • College of Arts and Architecture
    • Archaeology
    • Architectural Engineering
    • video connection
    • Painting
  • Chemistry faculty
    • Applied Chemistry
    • Pure Chemistry
  • faculty of Paraveterinary medicine
    • Veterinary laboratory science
    • Associate of Veterinary Medicine
    • Health Food
  • Faculty of Technology and Natural Resources (Toisarkan Branch)
    • Computer Engineering
    • Science and engineering of food industry
  • Faculty of Technology and Engineering (Kabudarahang Branch)
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Civil engineering
    • Urban Engineering
  • Faculty of Management and Accounting (Rozen Branch)
    • Accounting
    • Business Management
    • governmental management
    • Industrial Management
  • Faculty of Food Industry (Bahar Branch)
    • Science and engineering of food engineering industries (agriculture)


Studying at Bu Ali Sina University

tuition fee for studying at Bu Ali Sina University

educational groupBacholarMastersPhD Tought - ResearchPhD Research
Other educational groups€500€1,100€1,200€900

Research centers

  • Plant Chemistry Research Center
  • Water Research Institute
  • APA Center of Bu Ali Sina University

Research laboratories

  • Central laboratory
  • Residual stress laboratory
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Material laboratory
  • Archaeological laboratory
  • Laboratory of robot intelligence and vision

Entertainment services

  • A library with several thousand general and specialized books
  • Museum of Natural History
  • pool
  • It has 11 sports halls
  • Cycling Road
  • open stadium

This university includes 3 dormitories for men and 10 dormitories for women.

Student dormitories

  • – Ghadir dormitory 1, 2 and 3 (only for boys)
  • – Farzangan dormitory 1, 2 and 3 (only for girls)
  • Baath 1, 2 and 3 dormitory (for female students)
  • Kausar dormitory (only for girls)
  • Bahadarbigi Martyrs’ Dormitory (only for boys)
  • Haqgovian Martyrs Hostel (only for boys)
  • Hazrat Zainab (s) dormitory (or Yas dormitory) (only for girls)
  • Masoumeh dormitory (for girls)
  • Culture dormitory (for boys)

Studying at Bu Ali Sina University

Geographical location

Address:Chaharbagh Shahid Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, Hamedan Bu ali Sina University

University website:

Frequently asked questions about studying at Bu Ali Sina University

What are the advantages of Bo Ali Sina University?

This university is considered to be one of the best public universities in Hamadan city, with top rankings at the national and international levels, which are fully described in the text of the article.

What facilities does Bu Ali Sina University have?

Among the main facilities of this university are laboratories equipped with up-to-date equipment, library, health center, etc., all the facilities of this university are mentioned in the text of the article.

How many faculties does Bu ali Sina University have and how many fields does it accept students in?

This university has 13 faculties and accepts students in 319 fields of study every year, which are fully explained in the text of the article.

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