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Studying in Kashan

Studying in Kashan


Kashan, the cradle of Iranian civilization and culture, known as Darul Mominin, the city of flowers and roses, the city of houses and historical monuments, and the carpet capital of the world, is located in Isfahan province, in the northern region of Isfahan province, among the Vulture mountains in Natanz, Isfahan, and the central desert of Iran. Our goal in presenting the article on studying in Kashan is to familiarize and describe the cultural, educational, weather, tourism and conditions of this city.

Studying in Kashan


Kashan (Ki Ashian means the seat of the rulers) is the birthplace of the oldest civilization in the world. Silk, which is 7000 years old and is considered one of the first civilizations of urbanization and settlement. With 2700 hectares of farms, this city is the largest producer of roses with a production of 4 tons per hectare. Kashan, which has population of 305000 people, is one of the most populated cities in Isfahan province.
This city has a different climate: Mountain climate, desert climate (desert areas prevail in the northern and eastern parts, as well as mountainous areas in the southern and western parts of this city.)

Traditions of the people that have been preserved over the past years are the ceremony of rose water (starts from the beginning of May and continues until the end of June), the carpet washers of Mashhad, Ardahal (held on the second Friday of October) and Nakhel Gardani (a religious ceremony on the day of Ashura, which a wooden structure is carried in the streets of the city as a symbol of the coffin of Imam Hossein (AS). All these ceremonies have been preserved by the people in the past years and they are held magnificently according to their specific dates. The souvenirs of this city are carpets, Neshalji Givah, cookies, Haji Badami and Gulab Qamsar. The local dishes of Kashan are Gheme Rize, Koofte Chogondar, Gosht Adas Bademgan, Gosht Lobiya Serke Shire, Gosht Kalam, pumpkin, lentil rice and raisins, Ashkeneh.
Kashan is a small city, but tourists can use them to get around. It also has air, rail and terminal transportation facilities.

General information of Kashan

Studying in Kashan

The valid educational centers are Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Kashan University. For more information, you can refer to the article studying in Kashan University of Medical Sciences and studying in Kashan University.

Kashan universities

Recreation and tourism places

When the name of Kashan is mentioned, contrary to the mentality of the general public, which mentions historical and cultural monuments, this city is also rich in natural attractions. 333 works in Keshan are in the national register, and Bagh Fin was added to the list of UNESCO’s international works in 1389. Fin Garden is one of the most important tourist attractions with national fame.

_Abyaneh village
_Abu Zaid Abad desert
_The Abbasid House
_Finn’s garden
_The underground city of Nooshabad
_Niaser waterfall
_The historical house of the Tabatabais
_Sialk Hill
_The historical house of Boroujerdis
_Timcheh Amin al-Dawlah
_Karkas Mountain
_ Agha Bozor Mosque and School
_Sultan Amir Ahmad bathroom
_Harpak fire temple
_Niaser square (Niaser fire place)
_Historic house of Ehsan
_Joshghan Qali
_Museum of toys and marquees
_Jalali Castle and Seljuk Wall
_Qadri’s house
_Bakuchi House
and etc.

Tourism in Kashan

Health Centers and Hospitals

Naqvi Hospital
Shahid Beheshti Hospital
Ayatollah Yathrabi Hospital
Karganjad educational and therapeutic medical center
Akhwan special clinic
Matini Hospital


Sabaghian Hotel
_Amir Kabir Hotel
_Shirin Apartment Hotel
_Rose Hotel
_Yasmin Rahab Hotel
_Baba Afzal Hotel
_Khademi Hotel
_Nagaristan Hotel
_Sarai Taqi Khan Hotel
_Ariana Hotel
_Wanda Hotel
_Amirza Hotel
_Falahi Hotel
_Manochehri Hotel
_Kasian Hotel
_Ameri Hotel
_House Morshidi Hotel
_Giwak Hotel
and etc.


Faiz Kashani’s library
_Zarrabi library
_Library of Ali Ibn Imam Muhammad Baqir
_Ayatollah Sabouri Library
_Library of National Artifacts Association
_Meraj Al-Salehin cultural and artistic center
_Markazi library
_Amir Kabir Library
_Dini library
_ Ayatollah Gharavi Library
_Abolreza Library
_Etrat Library
and etc.

Shopping Centers

_Safavia Bazaar
_Sefid commercial complex
_Sabz commercial complex
_Shafaq Commercial Complex
_Kashan Mall
_Saif Passage
_Friday Market
and etc.

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