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Studying at the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences

Studying at the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences


The beautiful and green city of Qazvin is one of the best cities of Iran, which is so attractive and big that it is the destination of many people, both Iranian and foreign tourists, in different days of the year. Qazvin University of Medical Sciences is known as the best university in this city.


All over Iran, high-ranking universities of medical sciences are engaged in training active and educated personnel in medical and therapeutic fields. Qazvin University of Medical Sciences is one of the best universities in Iran. It was founded in 1363 through the efforts and contributions of the people and the elected board of trustees, and its main activity was in 1364 with the admission and recruitment of 75 The student started.

This university is affiliated to the Ministry of Health-Treatment and Medical Education, which accepts students every year in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc., in the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. This university now cooperates with 9 educational and therapeutic hospitals and currently has 2800 students and 295 professors. Currently 2800 students and 295 professors are working in this center.

Based on the analysis, this center has published 1274 scientific articles in domestic journals and conferences. Qazvin University of Medical Sciences is the owner and publisher of 1 specialized journal, and so far 4 conferences have been organized by Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. In addition, so far 3063 international articles have been extracted from this center.

Studying at the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences

University rank

The Times ranking is one of the most famous and prestigious global rankings. Qazvin University of Medical Sciences was ranked 401-500 in the 2023 ranking of this institution.


Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
_Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
_Faculty of Public Health
_ Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery

Research institutes and centers

Health technology development group
Medical microbiology research center
Health Products Safety Research Center
Dental caries prevention research center
Diseases and Health Consequences Registration Unit
_Comprehensive university research laboratory
Research development units
University staff cohort center
Laboratory animal maintenance and reproduction center
_Unit of international scientific interactions with researchers
_ Student Research Committee
_Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Research Institute which includes these research centers:

_ Center for research on social factors affecting health
Child development research center
Metabolic Diseases Research Center
Cell and Molecular Research Center

Qazvin University of Medical Sciences tuition

Levele/ProgramYearly Education Fees
Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine(Specialty)5,500$
General Surgery(Specialty)5,500$
Medical Microbiology(M.Sc.)4,000$
Geriatric Nursing(M.Sc.)2,500$
Midwifery Counseling(M.Sc.)2,500$
Health Education and Health Promotion(M.Sc.)3,538$

Medical Training Centers

_Bu ali Sina educational and therapeutic centers
Quds Educational and Medical Center
Kausar educational and therapeutic center
Shahid Rajaei educational and therapeutic center
_Educational and therapeutic center on 22 Bahman
_Provincial Educational and Medical Center
Amir al-Mominin Hospital
_Asibitin Shafa
_Rahimian Hospital
Shahada Hospital
Specialized and sub-specialized clinic of the university

Health networks

Abeek health network
Auj health network
Alborz health network
Shahid Blandiyan health network
_Boyin Zahra Health Network
Vineyard health network


Studying at the Qazvin University of Medical SciencesEducational Departments

Faculty of Medicine :

Basic Science Departmaent :
Biochemistry and genetics group
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Department of Physiology and Medical Physics
_Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Pathology group
Islamic Studies Group

Clinical Groups :
_ Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Heart group
_ Department of Psychiatry
_ Department of Anesthesia
Children’s group
_ Internal group
Surgery group
Infectious group
Social and family medicine group
Medical ethics group

Faculty of dentistry:

General education groups:
Diagnosis of oral and dental diseases
Oral and dental radiology
Pathology and oral pathology
General endodontics
General periodontics
_Dental Prostheses
_ Repair and beauty
_Pediatric Dentistry
_ Oral and Maxilla Surgery

Specialized training groups:
Am-endodontics specialized and specialized groups:
Specialized periodontics
Specialized orthodontics
Specialized prosthesis

Phantom section
Autoclave unit:

Faculty of paramedicine:

New Medical Technologies Group:
Master’s degree in medical biotechnology
Master’s degree in medical nanotechnology

surgery room:
Continuous Bachelor of Operating Room

_ Continuous Bachelor of Intelligence

Laboratory sciences:
_ Continuous Bachelor of Laboratory Sciences

medical emergency:
Continuous Bachelor of Emergency Medicine
_ Bachelor’s degree in emergency medicine

Faculty of Health:
Public health and health education (specialized research doctorate, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
_ Management of healthcare services (Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree)
_Environmental health engineering (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
_ Occupational health engineering (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
_Health and food safety (Bachelor)
Health sciences in nutrition (master’s degree)
_Epidemiology and biostatistics (all sections)

Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery:

Special care and emergency nursing group:
Master’s degree in special care
Master’s degree in nursing and emergency
Bachelor of Nursing

Psychiatric and geriatric nursing department:
Master’s degree in geriatric nursing
Master’s degree in psychiatric nursing

Midwifery group:
Master’s degree in midwifery counseling
Bachelor of Midwifery

Entertainment services

Student welfare fund facilities: For the welfare of students who need to receive student loans, a credit has been allocated by the welfare fund of the Ministry of Health to be provided to students under the title of student loan.

Nutrition: A person who has been accepted to study according to the educational regulations of the university, and whose employment is approved by the educational structure of the university, is considered a student who can use the nutritional facilities according to the designated years. A student living in one of the student dormitories of the university (both civil and non-civilian) can fully use the nutritional facilities of the university provided to him. In the university, a multi-purpose card has been designed that students can use for identification, nutrition, dormitory and other university services.

The Nutrition Department of the Cultural and Student Affairs Vice-Chancellor is in charge of handling and following up and implementing matters related to student nutrition based on the indicators and welfare standards determined by the Student and Cultural Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry. This university provides students with meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) through the feeding automation system. Students can get their username and password from the Nutrition Unit of the Student and Cultural Vice-Chancellor. With the student card, it is also possible to charge an amount and make a reservation. With the student card, it is also possible to charge an amount and make a reservation.

Sports services: provision of physical education lesson unit, request for faculty training to plan the day and time of physical education lesson presentation – coordination of the administration according to the agreed plan to recruit teachers – sending grades at the end of the semester to teachers’ training and performance in order to receive fees. The Physical Education Department is available for students every day from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Presentation of extra sports program in different disciplines of all sports disciplines according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health for which competitions are held throughout the year according to the schedule (specified day and time) for the use of male and female students and recruiting coaches for each The field and information of students through the site – channels and links can be used to organize various sports competitions and send sports teams to competitions.

Student camps: Student camps are collective trips of a group of students that are organized with the permission of the university’s cultural council and are divided into two categories:

A Cultural camps: including pilgrimage, sports, art, tourism and participation in cultural and artistic festivals.

B Scientific camps: Including participating in exhibitions and specialized visits, conferences, meetings and scientific visits and educational-research trips, all institutions, organizations, associations and centers with activity licenses, as well as administrative units of the university, in line with their duties, can obtain permission to hold camps. to receive

The Cultural Management of the Student and Cultural Vice-Chancellor organizes camp programs with cultural, religious and recreational purposes throughout the year in order to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, along with creating better learning and knowledge-raising opportunities. By participating in these programs, students develop their personal and social skills.
Dormitories: registration
of the dormitory request onl
ine and settlement of the dormitory account, provision of the dormitory according to the ministerial regulation of accommodation to non-native students based on the names of those accepted by the country assessment organization. By applying in person to the dormitory affairs office, completing the application form and submitting a photograph to file a case and issuing a letter of introduction to the specified dormitory.

Student counseling:
_Organizing life skills workshops
_Consultation and guidance sessions
_Nerofeedback service provision
Providing psychiatric services
_Providing assistance services
Holding meetings of counseling core, psychological committee
_Organizing life skills workshops for mental health assistants and the health center

Studying at the Qazvin University of Medical SciencesGeographical location

Qazvin University of Medical Sciences is located in Sheikh Abad neighborhood of Qazvin and on Bahoner Blvd. In terms of geographical location, this place is located near centers such as the Justice Building, Bahonar Natural CNG station, Qazvin General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, Saipa Kermani authorized agency, and Payam Noor Central University of Qazvin.

Contact With University

Address : Qazvin – Shahid Bahonar Boulevard – Qazvin University of Medical Sciences.
Official website:

Frequently asked questions about studying at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences

Is the request of married students to receive a dormitory accepted?

Due to the limitation of the units, it is not possible to give it to all married students.

In what areas does the counseling office provide online counseling?

Responding to counseling and psychological needs in the fields of:
Counseling in emotional issues
Counseling in the field of marriage
Family counseling and couples therapy
Psychological, behavioral, educational services, etc.

What should a student do if he forgets their username and password?

Refer to the person responsible for feeding automation.

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