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Reference for introducing scholarships in Iran

Reference for introducing scholarships in Iran


What is a scholarship? Who gets scholarships? Do you need guidance on scholarships in Iran? Read this post to get the answers to these questions and get complete information about the study allowance in colleges in Iran.

What is a scholarship?

The clearest answer to the question of what is a scholarship is that: If you were accepted by a university and you were given a scholarship to have less expenses in the university, including for buying books, dormitory and other student and academic matters, you have been given a scholarship, which of course Over time, the word educational scholarship has replaced scholarship.

Scholarships in Iran

Procedures for obtaining  scholarships in Iran

Once you find the scholarship you want to apply for, start preparing your documents. Application for scholarship is as follows:

  1. Look for the right scholarship for you.
  2. At this stage, you must write an academic resume (CV) to convince the professors of the relevant college in Iran. In your resume, you can write your own published articles, language certificates, talents or anything that brings you closer to receiving a scholarship, following the rules of academic and professional writing.
  3. After sending your resume and motivation letter, translate and send all necessary university documents. Also, if you have proof of low income for you and your family, you must provide it at this stage.
  4. By submitting your application, follow up on the acceptance or rejection of the scholarship.
  5. Wait for the documents to be checked and get ready to travel to your desired country
  6. If you received the scholarship; The college acceptance letter should also be sent to you.

Iranian universities for low-cost studies (similar to scholarships in colleges in Iran)

UniversityTimes ranking
Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University601-800
Kerman Shahid Bahonar University1201-1500
Hakim Sabzevari University1001-1200
Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences501-600
Tabriz University601-800
Maragheh University1001-1200
Golestan University of Medical Sciences351-400

Documents required to apply for a scholarship

The amount required to receive various types of scholarships while studying in many prestigious colleges in Iran depends on the type of scholarship you are applying for.

  • Send passport photo
  • personal photo
  • Send a picture of transcripts (all sections) translated into English
  • Recommendation letter and motivation letter
  • (CV) resume

Your resume actually represents your academic level and abilities and will have a significant impact on the scholarship acceptance result.

Pay attention to prepare all the documents that are asked of you so that you don’t get into trouble. If you do not have a document, be sure to inform our company so that you can receive the desired guidance

Scholarships in Iran

Universities approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Science

As you know, for Iraqi students to study in Iran, the Iraqi Ministry of Science has announced a list of accredited and approved universities. In this list, some universities are known as scholarship colleges and some others are known as special support universities. In the following, we have placed the announced list in the following tables for you to choose your scholarship destination in relation to the approved college.

Table of 2023 scholarship universities

SequencingThe name of the scholarship university in ArabicThe name of the scholarship university in English
1جامعة طهرانUniversity of Tehran
2جامعة طهران للعلوم الطبيةTehran University of Medical Sciences
3جامعة تربية مدرسTarbiat Modares University
4جامعة أمير كبير الصناعية(التكنولوجية)Amirkabir University of Technology
5جامعة شريف الصناعية(التكنولوجية)Sharif University of Technology
6جامعة شهيد بهشتي للعلوم الطبيةShahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
7جامعة علم وصناعة إيرانIran University of Science & Technology
8جامعة مشهد للعلوم الطبيةMashhad University Medical Science
9جامعة فردوسي مشهدFerdowsi University of Mashhad
10جامعة إيران للعلوم الطبيةIran University of Medical Sciences
11جامعة تبريزUniversity of Tabriz
12جامعة غلستان للعلوم الطبيةGolestan University of Medical Sciences
13جامعة كردستان للعلوم الطبيةKurdistan University of Medical Sciences
14جامعة مازندران للعلوم الطبيةMazandaran University of Medical Sciences
15جامعة أراك للعلوم الطبيةArak University of Medical Sciences
16جامعة بابل للعلوم الطبيةBabol University of Medical Sciences
17جامعة نوشيرواني بابل الصناعية(التكنولوجية)Babol Noshirvani University of Technology
18جامعة قزوين للعلوم الطبيةQazvin University of Medical Sciences
19جامعة قم للعلوم الطبيةQom University of Medical Sciences
20جامعة أرومية للعلوم الطبيةUrmia University of Medical Sciences
Last updated in August 2023

The table of special allowance college in 2023

SequencingThe name of the special allowance university in ArabicThe name of the special allowance university in English
1جامعة آزاد – نجف آبادIslamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch (IAUN)
2جامعة كاشان للعلوم الطبيةKashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
3جامعة كرمانشاه للعلوم الطبيةKermanshah University of Medical Sciences
4جامعة شيراز التكنولوجية(الصناعية)Shiraz University of Technology
5جامعة جندي شابور أهواز للعلوم الطبيةAhvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences (AJUMS)
6جامعة شهيد مدني آذربايجانAzarbaijan Shahid Madani University
7جامعة إيلام للعلوم الطبيةIlam University of Medical Sciences
8جامعة كاشانUniversity of Kashan
9جامعة كردستانUniversity of Kurdistan
10جامعة المحقق الأردبيليUniversity of Mohaghegh Ardabili
11جامعة تبريز للعلوم الطبيةTabriz University of Medical Sciences
12جامعة كرمان للعلوم الطبيةKerman University of Medical Sciences
13جامعة شهيد بهشتيShahid Beheshti University
14جامعة شيرازShiraz University
15جامعة شيراز للعلوم الطبيةShiraz University of Medical Sciences
16جامعة الحكيم السبزواريHakim Sabzevari University
17جامعة إصفهان للعلوم الطبيةIsfahan University of Medical Sciences
18جامعة إصفهان التكنولوجية(الصناعية)Isfahan University of Technology
19جامعة خواجة نصير الدين طوسي التكنولوجية(الصناعية)K.N. Toosi University of Technology
20جامعة لرستانLorestan University
21جامعة مراغةUniversity of Maragheh
22جامعة مازندرانUniversity of Mazandaran
23جامعة سهند التكنولوجية(الصناعية)Sahand University of Technology
24جامعة سمنان للعلوم الطبيةSemnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
25جامعة شهركردShahrekord University
26جامعة شاهرود التكنولوجية(الصناعية)Shahrood University of Technology
27جامعة الرعاية الإجتماعية وعلوم التأهيلUniversity of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences
28جامعة أروميةUrmia University
29جامعة ياسوجYasouj University
30جامعة أراكArak University
31جامعة بو علي سيناBu-Ali Sina University
32جامعة دامغانDamghan University
33جامعة إصفهانUniversity of Isfahan
34جامعة خوارزميKharazmi University
35جامعة الخليج الفارسيPersian Gulf University
36جامعة سمنانSemnan University
37جامعة شاهدShahed University
38جامعة شهيد باهنر كرمانShahid Bahonar University of Kerman
39جامعة شهيد جمران أهواز​Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
40جامعة تربية معلم شهيد رجائيShahid Rajaee Teacher Training University
41جامعة البترول التكنولوجية(الصناعية)Petroleum University of Technology
Last updated in August 2023

Requirements for receiving a scholarship

One of the most common issues facing applicants is how to increase their chances of receiving a scholarship. The scholarship process is completely competitive. One of the most important effective factors in this matter is a high grade point average, essays and language score, etc.

  • Age of scholarship candidate: One of the necessary conditions is appropriate age. The younger you are, the more chances you have to receive a scholarship in the bachelor level . For master’s degree studies, the appropriate age for scholarship is 24 years and for doctoral studies, it is almost 30 years.
  • Studying in prestigious colleges: Usually, the universities of each country, based on global standards, recognize the first-class and top universities of other countries and give them special points in their ranking. Therefore, studying in prestigious universities can play an important role in obtaining a scholarship from the desired university.
  • International Articles (ISI) and Research Plans: Undoubtedly, presenting international articles published in high-quality prestigious journals significantly increases the chances of international students to receive a scholarship from the desired colleges. Also, presenting a research resume related to the field of study will be very effective.
  • GPA and Persian or English language certificate: The GPA requirement is usually one of the main and mandatory documents required to receive a scholarship. Usually, people who have an average of A (above 17) will have more chances to receive a scholarship. One of the main documents required by students to receive a scholarship is the Persian or English language certificate.
  • Interaction with professors: One of the influential factors in receiving a scholarship is the interaction with the target professors at the destination university. University professors select and attract talented students based on the limited budgets allocated to them annually. If you want to interact with the supervisor in a specific field and receive a scholarship. Be sure to prepare a suitable research proposal and send it to professors.

For what degrees is it possible to get a scholarship?

It is possible to get more scholarships for PhD and Master’s degrees.

Is the age requirement important for getting a scholarship?

Yes, it is important in Iran.

Is it possible to apply for several scholarships from different universities at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for multiple college scholarships at the same time to increase your chances of success.

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