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Studying in Hamedan

Studying in Hamedan


Hamedan‘,’Hamadan‘ or by local dialect ‘Hemedan‘ , is one of the Iran’s cities placed in west and mountainous,center of province and town of Hamedan.By reading this article,Studying in Hamedan can seem easier for you.

Studying in Hamedan


This place is located in The slope of Alvand mountain with height of 1,741 meters above sea surface and is known one of the cool cities in Iran. Hamedan is considered one of the oldest cities in Iran. In 1385(2006), the Islamic parliament announced hamedan as “The Cpital City of History and Civilization of Iran”. Hamedan is the first capital city of the first kingdom of Iran known as ‘Mods’. However,The oldest found works are from ancient site of Hegmatane and also Ganjnameh inscriptions belong to Hakhamaneshian era.

Also this city was one of the capital cities of the country in Hakhamaneshian,Ashkanian,Sasanian,Al booye and Saljooghian time. Hamedan Because of having historical centers and sightseeings,It is known as one of the cultural and tourism cities and in terms of academic,By having centers such as Boo-Ali Sina University,Hamedan University of Technology, Islamic Azad University Hamedan unit, Payam Noor University of Hamedan and other centers,is considered one of the academic poles of the country. Boo-Ali Sina tomb is Hamedan’s symbol and also It is known one of Iran background symbols in the culture of universe and knowledge.

In terms of population,This city is ranked in thirteenth crowded city of Iran. In years of 1300 to 1304(1921-1925),An German engineer called ‘Karel Ferish‘has designed a modern pattern for Hamedan which is considered as radial maps type. The municipality of Hamedan is located in Boo-Ali Sina Square. The 6 main avenus of the town are attached to this square. Nowadays,due to population density and radial pattern, There is a lot of traffic in the city center.

Studying in Hamedan


Hamedan Airport

The Hamedan Airport is 5 kiometers from the Hamedan city. In the first half of 2013, 14 flights per week were made through Hamedan airport to Tehran, Mashhad, Kish and Syria.

The executive operation of improving the flight levels of Hamedan Airport has started since October 2013. The purpose of Hamedan airport plans implementation is to prepare this airport for increasing Hamedan-Tehran flights to at least two flights per day, as well as establishing flights to Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Tabriz, as well as making Mashhad flights daily. Also, the increase of Hamedan-Kish route flights and the activation of at least three airlines, Homa, Mahan and Aseman, are among the other goals of the implementation of these plans.

The Iranian pilgrims flight started in 30 December 2013 at Hamedan Airport. Construction operations of this airport continued till the end of the 2015. It has been closed for two years due to the implementation of construction operations for the extension of the airport runway, the construction of the control tower and the airport terminal, but since the beginning of 2013, the flight from Hamedan to Mashhad and Tehran has been running.

Freeways and Highways

The following ways are the main intercity roads of Hamedan City:

  • Tehran-Kermanshah-Khosravi highway that Hamedan is located in the 375th kilometer of this route from Tehran.
  • Tehran-Sanandaj main road that Hamedan is 343 kilometers away.
  • Tehran-Kermanshah-Ilam main road that Hamedan is located in the same path.
  • Sanandaj-Hamedan main road with length of 182 kilometers.
  • Oromie-Kordestan-Arak-Isfahan that Hamedan is placed in this path.
  • Hamedan-Malayer highway with length of 75 kilometers.

Ways from Tehran to Hamedan

Hamedan is located in 360 kilometers southwest of Tehran. The three road routes from Tehran to Hamadan are as follows.

  • The main route of Tehran-Hamedan main road, which passes through Qazvin, is 341 kilometers long, of which 200 kilometers are freeways and highways. This road passes through Avaj Mountain Pass.
  • The Saveh to Hamedan road, which is about 50 kilometers shorter than the main road, is a double and flat road.
  • A road that passes through the Boein-Zahra.

The railway

The construction project of Tehran-Hamedan-Sanandaj railway started since 84(2005) which the length of this rail from Tehran to Hamedan is 267 kilometers and from Hamedan to Sanandaj is 151 kilometers. The Tehran-Hamean railway was put into operation on May 16,2016 with the presence of president Hassan Rouhani.

Hamedan railway station is located in 12 kilometers and center of Hamedan and near Robat-Shorin village and was established with Tehran-Hamedan railway in May 2016 at the same time. Due to the long distance of the station from the Hamadan city, it was decided to build a passenger station inside the city and turn this station into a cargo station.

Hamedan passenger terminals

Hamedan owns 3 passenger terminals:

The huge terminal of Hamedan which is located in Ashoora aquare,this terminal has an area of ​​240,000 square meters. The service of this terminal is to all parts of the country (within and outside the province).

Ekbatan terminal is located in Ekbatan avenu that has an area of ​​15170 square meters. The services of this terminal is outside the province and 3000-2500 passengers move from this terminal daily.

The Sefid-Abi terminal is lacated in Badi-o-Zaman Hamedani and has an area of 14839 square meters. The services of this terminal is whitin the province and 8000 to 10000 passengers move from this terminal daily.

Universities and higher education centers

Hamedan is known as one of the academic hubs because of Boo-Ali Sina University ,Hamedan University of Technology,Islamic Azad University of Hamedan branch,Payam Noor University of Hamedan and other centers.

Studying in Hamedan

Tourism sightseeing

Natural landscapes

Hamedan has many beautiful promenades and sceneries.

  • Moradbeg valley is located in the south of the city, around the villages of the same name, its slopes and gardens are famous.
  • Abas Abad valley is one kilometer from the city. This delightful valley has a pleasant climate.
  • Ganjname valley is 5 kilometers from the town because it is located at a higher position than the city, several natural waterfalls flow around it. Ganjnameh inscriptions, Ganjnameh waterfall, and Bahram fire temple are located in this valley.
  • Imamzadeh Kouh of this valley is located about 12 kilometers southwest of Hamadan city. The Imamzadeh Kouh shrine, whose tomb consists of two relatively short brick buildings with a high turnip-shaped dome, is apparently a work of the Ilkhanid period (8th century AH).
  • Ekbatan dam is located 11 kilometers from Hamadan-Malair road and in a green valley. The surrounding mountains and the river downstream of the dam are generally forested. About 40 species of native plants grow in the area of ​​this dam, including various species of licorice, yarrow, and Alal. Also, all kinds of fish are grown in the Ekbatan dam pond. Ekbatan dam is the landing place of some migratory birds during the migration season. Hamedan is known as “the city of the Atlantics”.

buildings and ancient religious places

In Hamedan some old mosques that are more than a few hundred years old has remained that Hamedan Centeral Mosque, Mirza Taghi Mosque are the most famous ones.

Hamedan is among the first cities where Alavids migrated from Tabaristan and lived there. The Hamedan city has been one of the great bases of Alavids for centuries,from arrival of Abul Qasem Bathai to attack Of Mongol. For this reason some of Shia imams’ children and grandchildren graves that has settled in Hamedan have been preserved in the form of Imamzadeh and shrines in the city, including Imamzadeh Abdullah, Imamzadeh Kouh, Imamzadeh Hossein, Imamzadeh Ahl Ibn Ali, Imamzadeh Ismail, Imamzadeh Hadi, Imamzadeh Yahya, Imamzadeh Isa bin Ahmad and Imamzadeh Khizr.

The brewery of Hazrat Abulfazl, the brewery of Aghajani Beyg are the famous brewery in Hamedan.

Accommodation centers

The hotels of Hamedan city can be mentioned: The Parsian Azadi Hotel(Eram Boulevard), Boo-Ali Hotel(Boo-Ali Street),Baba Taher Hotel(Baba Taher Square),Yas Hotel(Imam Square of Hamedan), Hegmatane Hotel(Shahid Rajei Boulevard), Marmar Hotel(Shariati intersection), Arian Hotel(Takhti avenu), Parsian Eram Hotel(Eram Boulevard) and Khatam Apartment Hotel(Felestin Square).

Hospitals and medical centers

Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Ekbatan Hospital, Fatemieh Hospital, Farshchian Hospaital, Be’sat Hospital, Hamedan Atiye and Boo-Ali Sina Hospital, Farshchian Heart and Vascular Superspeciality Hospital are the medical centers and hospitals of Hamedan city.

Studying in Hamedan

Studying in Hamedan

One of the most prestigious universities of the country is located in Hamedan city. Boo-Ali Sina University is one of the best universities of Iran center which is placed in this city

There are 22 scientific and academic centers in Hamedan province. The universities of Hamadan province have the privilege of 21 specialized scientific journals and have published 538 issues so far. Hamedan province has hosted 47 specialized scientific conferences and 163 scientific lectures. The researchers of the universities and scientific centers of Hamedan province have published 29124 scientific articles including 6005 journal articles and 13120 articles in domestic scientific conferences and 6005 international articles. In 2017, there were 47,806 students studying in the universities of Hamedan province and these centers have 1,583 professors and faculty members.


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