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Studying in Bushehr

Studying in Bushehr


Bushehr is one of the port cities of Iran, which is considered the capital of Bushehr province and Bushehr city. Studying in Bushehr may have a special attraction. Stay with us.

Studying in Bushehr


In 2015, Bushehr had a population of 223,504 people, which makes it the most populous city in Bushehr province and the fourth most populous city in southern Iran. This city, which is actually a peninsula in the central part of Bushehr city, is connected to the land only from the east side. Bushehr is 18 meters above sea level and has a warm semi-desert climate.

Bushehr It is about 5,000 years old and was one of the important centers in different governments, including Elamite, Sasanian, and Afsharian. During the period of the second caliph (Umar), Roimhir (old Bushehr) was conquered by Muslims in a war called “Roimhir incident”. The current Bushehr was established by “Abumehiri” who was the son of “Sheikh Naser Khan Al-Malada” in 1114 AH. Due to the great importance of this city in the past centuries, many actions were carried out for the first time in Bushehr. For example, the first stone printing house, electrical industry, ice making, and the first telegraph line were set up in Bushehr.

The name of Bushehr has been recorded in historical books and documents under different names such as “Ram Ardeshir”, “Abushehr”, “Bokht Ardeshir”, “Lian”, and “Rishehr”.
Most of the people of Bushehr speak Persian with Bushehri dialect. Bushehr port has gained economic prosperity due to factors such as fishing, the existence of a nuclear power plant, shipbuilding and exports.

Studying in Bushehr



Bushehr Martyrs International Airport was established in 1298 AH, and now a century has passed since its establishment. In the past, this airport was one of the two main airports of the country, so that it was the first host of the world’s largest and most important airlines, such as British Airways. And KLM Holland has been in Iran. It is said that the first shipment of airplanes purchased for the Imperial Army of Iran was delivered to Bushehr port in 1303 AH and was sent from this airport to other parts of the country.

International flights from Bushehr Airport to Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates.

Domestic flights from Bushehr airport are currently being carried out to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Kharg, Tabriz, Rasht, Bandar Abbas, Kish.

Sea travel and tourism

Bushehr has an international passenger and marine tourism terminal, which is also used for the Kharg-Bushehr route. Also, the provincial authorities are still pursuing the establishment of the Bushehr-Qatar shipping line, but this has not yet been achieved.

The railway

Around the year 1298 AH, the British created a railway line between Bushehr and Barazjan with the help of Hindus to use it for military purposes. The British offered Bushehr municipality to sell this railway line; But since the municipality could not afford to buy it, they collect the railway line materials and take them to Basra.

Out-of-town bus and taxi

Currently, the city of Bushehr has a bus terminal for out-of-town and out-of-province destinations, which is located in the southern part of the city on the Barazjan – Bushehr road. Eleven passenger companies with 120 buses and 110 taxis are serving passengers in this terminal. In 1401, the construction of the Shiraz-Bushehr railway was resumed on the condition that the construction of the Shiraz-Bushehr-Aslaviye railway route required 40 thousand billion tomans of credit. May it be approved to be done from the oil clearing place within a period of 3 years

Bus and taxi in the city

Currently, despite the corona pandemic, 30 city buses are operating on 11 routes. There are also about 400 city yellow taxis in Bushehr, of which only 200 are in use due to wear and tear. Other public taxis in Bushehr can be He pointed to the wireless taxi.

Studying in Bushehr

Higher education centers and universities

  • Persian Gulf University
  • Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
  • Al-Zahra University
  • Bushehr University of Applied Sciences
  • Islamic Azad University, Bushehr, Alishahr branch
  • Islamic Azad University, Branch of Science and Research, Bushehr Province
  • Payam Noor University, center of Bushehr
  • Bushehr Boys Technical College
  • Teacher Training Center Bint Al-Hadi Sadr Bushehr
  • Lian Bushehr non-profit institute
  • Kherd Bushehr non-profit organization
  • Sama Bushehr Technical and Vocational School
  • Allameh Tabatabai University of Education, Bushehr
  • Allameh Tabatabai University of Education, Bushehr
  • Bushehr Applied Scientific University of Culture and Art


Some of the hospitals in Bandar Bushehr are:

  • Bushehr Persian Gulf Martyrs Hospital
  • Fatima Zahra Hospital
  • Bushehr Heart Hospital
  • Bint Al Hadi Bushehr Hospital
  • Air Base Hospital (Amirul Mominin Hospital)
  • Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Hospital
  • Salman Farsi Hospital (Social Security) Bushehr
  • Ali Asghar Bushehr Children’s Hospital
  • Dai. Surgery Center
  • Ghaem Hospital
  • Khatam Al Nabiya Hospital

Hotels and accommodation centers

  • Siraf Hotel (Reza, former); Imam Khomeini St. (stone)
  • Delwar Hotel: Rais Ali Delwari square
  • flight hotel: Beach Street, opposite Marjan Park
  • Asman Apartment Hotel: Bushehr. South Hafez St
  • Pasargad Apartment Hotel: Bushehr. Khomeini St
  • Iran Guest House: Safavi St
  • Saadi Guest House: Hafez Street
  • Kasri Guest House: Nader St
  • Golden Palace Guest House: Lian St
  • Yas Apartment Hotel: Ashuri St
  • Island Apartment Hotel: coy Bandar
  • Sport Hotel: Sports Street
  • Hotel Plus: Shipping crossroads

Studying in Bushehr

Tourist Attractions

  • reyshahr
  • Consistency reservoir
  • ghazi house
  • Dehdashti mansion
  • Golestan School
  • The texture of Bushehr city
  • Kolafrangi Bushehr mansion
  • Golshan mansion
  • Gregory’s Armenian Church
  • Cemetery of British invaders
  • General’s grave
  • Kuti Mansion
  • Saadat School
  • Malek Bushehr mansion
  • Isfahani tomb
  • Sea God Temple
  • Holy Christ Church
  • Dutch castle
  • Jewish synagogue
  • Haj Rais mansion

Studying in Bushehr

As said, there are many first-class universities in this city, one of which is Persian Gulf University.

There are 23 scientific and academic centers in Bushehr province. The universities of Bushehr province have the privilege of 5 specialized scientific journals and have published 130 issues so far. Bushehr province has hosted 15 specialized scientific conferences and 0 scientific lectures. The researchers of the universities and scientific centers of Bushehr province have published 16,203 scientific articles, including 2,555 journal articles, 9,544 articles in domestic scientific conferences, and 2,555 international articles. In 2017, there were 51,902 students studying in the universities of Bushehr province, and these centers have 970 They were professors and faculty members.


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