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ّIran 110 universities' rankingّّّ


Introduction of 110 as the best Iran’s universities ISC (World Science Citation Database): Based on its own parameters, this system analyzes the universities of Iran and the Islamic world based on the quality of education, the number of scientific journals, etc. The head of the Science and Technology Institute (Isc), Dr. Seyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh announced the ranking of 110 universities. said Doctor Fazelzade: The ranking of 110 universities of the country was done by the ISC ranking group, and the results of this ranking were announced on 6 / 11 / 2021 , in the 958th meeting of the Higher Education Extension Council of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to announce the absolute ranking of each university. He added: In this ranking system, general criteria in the evaluation and ranking of universities are evaluated in 6 sections , which are: Education[30%]، Research[25%]، Technology and innovation[20%]، Internationalization[10%]، Economic impact and social services[10%]، Infrastructure and facilities[5%]. This information, which is evaluated by universities and research institutes, is collected in three ways: 1) Research information is the responsibility of the ISC ranking system itself 2) Self-declaration of university centers through an electronic questionnaire by Robin 3) Other information provided to the rating group through the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology or affiliated organizations. The types of universities in the ranking system are as follows: 74 comprehensive universities 25 Industrial University 4 Art University 4 universities of agricultural sciences 3 universities under the system The absolute ranking of the country’s universities is given in the table.
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