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Immigration means the movement of people for work or life, who are usually qualified applicants, such as students, researchers, seasonal workers, students, corporate and government employees. Migration has difrent reasons such as education, improvement of living standards, climatic conditions, poverty, disease, war, unemployment and etc. Advantages and disadvantages of immigration:: Immigration benefits depend on the reasons for immigration. People with specific goals decide to migrate and try for it. Based on research, 70 to 80 percent of people who apply for immigration, it is becuase of education. Creating opportunities for life and fair growth, educational and health facilities, security, finding a job or better housing, and mental peace are benefits of immigration. Disadvantages of immigration is a very important issue in contrast with the benefits of immigration, can be a very important and complex issue. Alienation, cultural difference, attachment, psychological dimension and depression are some of the reason that discourage people from migrating. Types of immigration: Seasonal migration Temporary migration Permanent migration In this article, we are going to focuse on educational migration and examine the different aspect of this topic. Conditions for obtaining an educational stay in another country: Acceptance from a higher institution Having enough financial resources to cover living and education expenses during the study period This person should not be a threat to the political and public security of that country Give a language certificate etc. People’s problems and concerns for immigration are language skills, employment, housing, access to services, transportation and finding a reputable and reliable institution. Among the features of the superior and reliable immigration institute, the following can be mentioned:Legal and valid action:In Bahman 1401, Tolo Safiran Noor Company carries out its activity legally and validly by obtaining a license from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran. The company continues its activities in the field of attracting international students and studying in Iran by signing contracts with major and prestigious universities of the country. Also, the presence of active representatives in more than 9 major cities of Iran and the presence of 6 active representatives abroad along with 35 professional marketers in all parts of the world is a part of the capacities and capabilities of the group.Having a work experience and successful cases:Tolo Safiran Noor Company started its work in 1398 and during its activity, it has had 3000 successful cases in the field of attracting international students and obtaining study visas in Iran.Having an official site in your field of expertise:One of the reasons for being successful in today’s business is correct and timely communication with customers, along with providing comprehensive and complete information regarding their needs. Tolo Safiran Noor company is proud to use an experienced and expert team in the field of information technology to create a website to serve international students so that applicants can easily meet their needs in all fields of study. By creating a comprehensive website of information, services and facilities of the country’s top universities, with the ability to register applications for admission online and track applications in the user panel, and the ability to view the various stages of the application along with correct advice in choosing the field and place of study, this company provides a space brought so that the applicants can receive the best services.Having expert and experienced staff in the field of immigration activities:Tolo Safiran Noor company has created a platform for you to achieve the best by employing human resources specialized in the fields of immigration, effective communication, programming, human resource management, etc., with nearly a decade of experience.Providing complete and fast and round-the-clock support:In the process of registration and admission, Tolo Safiran Noor company will be help you so that you can experience your academic course in Iran with full confidence and knowledge. Also, you can benefit from our 24/7 support.etc.
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